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12 Rounds with Homer Lee Gibbins  Author: John Tandy

Fights:59 Wins:44 Loss:15  Draws:  N/C:

image 1) You have been in the ring with some of the toughest guys around including the likes of Hector Camacho and George Scott, you pushed both of them all the way, both were close, we all know the problems with judges scoring bouts do you think either decision was a bit favoured towards the other man ?

The problem is with the politics, they control the if you win or lose. Scott I beat but because Dundee was the manager the politics were in his favour. Camacho was a great fighter, the fight was even but they were trying to set up a Camacho v Whitaker show down, people were not going to pay to see Homer v Whitaker. It all comes down to the all mighty dollar and who is getting a part of yours.

2) You fought Jean Pascal early in his career, he has gone on to do very well and should be fighting for a title very soon, did you think when you fought him he had the potential to be a world champion ?

He is a good fighter, I fought him over weight and not in shape. I was a round shape looking to open the door to my career again. It was suppose to be a exhibition not a fight but when I was there I was in the mix. He will make a great fighter. I donít back down from any one.

3) There has been some terrible points decisions as of late and you were involved in a few close decisions do you think there is a better way to score a boxing match than the current way that is more fair, as losses these days can have a major impact on a fighters career ?

The problem is money, the old fighter didn't care about the losses because they knew every one had their ups and downs, you win some you lose some, that's life. It is what you do with the losses that make you great. Most fighters today want to wait on big money fights, they could care less about the public and what they want to see. They fight bums, hand picked opponents that give them the upper hand. I mean you have to build your fighter but let them prove themselves as well. Today it is all about the money....that is the problem.....

4) Out of your 44 wins which of them do you rate as your best performance and which did you get the most pleasure from?

I loved fighting that is why we fought any one and every one. I think the titles that I won speak for themselves, but I was gracious to have the opportunity to fight Camacho and go the distance when I was out weighed, out classed, and over looked. I did the best I could and got to fight on a few great under cards. My life is more than the ring so I feel being handicapped from birth I over came and God used my desire to be a fighter since birth.

5) Which moment of your boxing career amateur and professional are you most proud of?

Every fight was a proud moment in my life, I have over came physical limitations to be who I am. The titles are great trophies of honour and the scars I wear with pride.

6) What is the best question you have ever been asked in an interview?

I don't know about best but funniest was if i felt I was the Elton John of boxing because of the crazy customs I wore in the ring.

7) What is you favourite fight you havenít been involved in?

I love to watch Evander and being there to watch him verses Bowe was great. He is a great champion who will go down in history for the heart he showed.

8) Who do you think is the best pound for pound boxer around today?

Today the champions haven't proved much to me. The greatest fighters are those that are slugging it out just to get the chance to make a showing in the spot light. Oscar, Floyd, and all the others are over priced actors.

9) What is your first boxing memory?

Ali......hated him at first but after spending time with him grew to love the man. The fighters of today owe him some respect because he sold boxing to the people and he is the reason they get paid today.

10) Now you are retired how would you like people to remember you?

I am a Christian Husband and father first and foremost, I hope they remember that I gave my heart to the sport even knowing that I was limited by my own body. I am a fighter, now I am fighting for God's people to take a stand.

11) Who is the toughest guy you have ever been in a ring with?

Any one who steps in that ring is tough, if you under estimate them they will have you wishing you weren't in there with them. My hat is off to any one that has the courage to step in that ring.

12) Which boxer has inspired you the most in your career?

With out a doubt Evander Holyfield, as a friend I watched him over come so knowing my own limitations I believed that I could over come too. I did what I did and now my fight rages on just in a different is now spiritual.......God bless