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Interview with Yusaf Mack  Author: Harry Mast

Fights:32 Wins:28 Loss:2  Draws:2  N/C:

image1. The Mack v Johnson fight has finally been given the green light and will be shown as the main event on February 5th in Florida, you must be glad, how are you feeling still focused?

I am certainly ready, this is my time, I am more focused and in better shape than I have been in my whole career, I have been waiting for a fight like this for over a year now, when i beat Henry i thought the big fight would come but I have had to be paitent and stay focused and no I am ready to explode onto the scene, I think that a big win over someone like Glen Johnson will show everyone what I am all about.

2. The fight is taking place in Johnson's home town of Florida does this change anything regarding your approach to the fight?

I love being the underdog, it makes me more focused, I know that I can't leave it in the judges hands, but in regards to my approach it is no different than it would have been in Vegas. I fought Judah in his home town, at the end of the day we are in a 20x20 foot ring, it could be on the moon for all I care, I just want to get in there and do my thing.

3. You first had a fight lined up with Karo Murat, now Johnson, do you think this is a better fight for you?

Yes to show the world that I can beat the best, Murat is a good fighter but he is not as well known as Johnson, if I beat him they would just have said well he had never been tested and he was over rated etc, they can say that with Johnson, he is a world reknown fighter, he has shared the ring with the best Roy Jones, Antonio Tarver, Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson the list goes on and he has never been even down. I am now the main event on ESPN so everyone needs to tune in and see who the new light heavyweight king is.

4. Rumour has it you have been in camp for a long time for this camp, how you feeling, have you managed not to burn yourself out and remain in shape?

I feel great, my training is very well balanced in order for me to peak at the right time, we have been fairly lucky even with all the distractions and changes that we have had time to make minor ajustments in order to keep me on track. I am stronger, faster and in the best shape of my life and ready to show the world.

5. How have you found spending so much time in camp you must miss your family

I talk to them on the phone everyday, they know and i know these are the sacrifices I need to make in order to become the best and give them all a better life, I used to cut corners but not any more, i am a dedicated professional and I am doing my job, I am lucky to have an understanding wife and family who support me.

6. You often talk about the new Yusaf Mack, you have expressed that you are not the same guy that fought Andrade and Berrio, what has chanced and what improvements can we expect from you?

My all around game has improved, I have a very close bond with my trainer John Tandy and we work together in order to make these improvements. My stamina is great and I feel that I can do what I want in the ring now without the worries of gassing out, it brings a whole new confidence. My skills are a lot sharper I always had good reactions but with the new level of fitness they have also improved, as I said before I am now a professional boxer doing everything that I need to do to get to the top, I eat right train right and as you will all see on the night fight right.

7. Is it a little frustrating that Chris Henry has jumped into a title shot ahead of you, do you think there will be a Mack v Henry 2?

Hell yes, very annoying I have worked hard over the last 2 years to get back to where I am, I have beaten Judah, Pittman, Henry and Abron who are all highly regarded fighters and I still have to fight Johnson to get where I need to be, guys like Henry lost to be beat Shaun George and suddenly he has a title should, Campillo lost then got a title shot, Pascal lost and then got a title shot, Roy and Hopkins are still demaning the big paydays but they are losing, but I know that if I keep winning then I will get my chances and the money and titles will come with that.

8. How do you see things unfolding for you in the next 12 months?

I will hopefully be living good and sitting on top of the pile, I think after Johnson they are talking about fighting Cloud in May, then who knows bring them all on, I will fight anyone anywhere I am a fighter I beleive in my ability and I know I can beat anyone out.

9. The super 6 at Super Middleweight has been really successful, if they made a light heavyweight super six who would you like to see in it?

Obviously me, then Dawson, Cloud, Henry, Pascal and Shumenov, Shumenov actually hired me to come down and spar with him and I played with him, I would love the chance to fight him especially if he has a title, but I think that line up would make for some great fights.

10. Do you have any messages out there for your fans?

The Mack Truck is full of diesel and is ready to rampage over the light heavyweight division, I have been a fan of Glen Johnson for years now and I am sorry it has to be me that puts an end to him, but he has had his time, now it's my time, PS much Love to all the supporters, Mack Attack.