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imagePaul McCloskey is former British & current European Champion. He has a record of 20-0 and is aiming to snatch Amir Khan's WBA World Title. We had a little Q & A and this is how the Interview went.

What’s happening Paul. I have been training with you for just over a week and been impressed with your Boxing skills. I think you are undervalued in the Boxing World as the Ring magazine had you as the most protected fighter last year. Did you see that and what do you think of their article

I actually thought it was a bit stupid because why would you protect someone who hasn't even established himself even back then i hadn't won any domestic Titles. So obviously that is an opinion of some journalist and everybody has a right to an opinion whether its right or wrong. If i was being so protected why did my trainer & management team let me take on Colin Lynnes at 5 days notice for the British Title in his own backyard.

What made you get into boxing?

My Father was helping out in my local Amateur Boxing Club & my older Brother was Boxing for the club aswell. I went down along with my Father around the age of 5 or so & it all went from there.

John Breen trains you. He has had eight World Champions and many British & Commonwealth Champions. What do you make of Breen’s gym?

What I love about John Breens gym is that everybody is equal nobody gets any special treatment. Its a gym where you have to work extremely hard as there are a number of excellent fighters trying to persue there ultimate goals in the world of Professional Boxing. John makes sure all his fighters are in peak condition when fights are approaching.

What’s been the most memorable fight in your career so far?

Two stand out. The first one is when i went over to Dagenham & beat Colin Lynnes when he retired after 9 Rounds. Obviously my most memorable was just last Friday 6th of November when i won the Vacant European Light Welter Weight Title with a 9th Round KO of Daniel Rasilla. I had around 3500 supporters going crazy it was an Amazing experience.

Who is your favorite boxer of all time and you’re current favorite one?

My favourite fighter is Parnell Whitaker & current favourite is Floyd Mayweather. I just love fighters with intelligence when fighting.

Are you sponsored by any companies and if so have you found it hard to gain support from companies in the past?

I do have a sponsor at the minute. Earlier in my career i had no sponsorship which was difficult because if you live the life properly & do everything by the book its expensive being a Professional Boxer. So sponsorship helps me with my long 10 & 12 weeks full time preparation for any fight. What ever i require as part of my preparation will be gained by part of sponsorship.

Tell us what something people in the Boxing business do not know about you?

I am a cousin of Eoghan Quigg who got to the Final of X Factor last year.

If you could fight anyone in the World, who would it be?

There's a lot of fighter's I'd love to fight. Right now I'd really like to fight Amir Khan he got something that i want & that's a World Title but I'd also fight any of the other Light Welter Weight World Champions.

Will you know when its time to hang up your gloves?

I definitely will. I'm not in this business for the Craic.

What is the worst part of being a Boxer for you?

I suppose we all complain about the sacrifices & the dieting but we choose to be fighters so to be successful you have to do things the average Joe Bloggs wouldn't dream of. The worst thing possibly is preparing for a fight & then it gets canceled at the last minute that's definatley a hard pill to swallow its happened me on one occasion.

I wish you the best for the future. Is there anything you wish to say before we wrap this up?

I would like to apologise for my late replying to you Ash as I've been real busy since my European Title Victory. I hope you find my experiences helpful & i enjoyed your staying over in Belfast helping me with my preparation for my European Title Fight. Let me know if your going to be fighting over in America in December. Keep in touch & hopefully we may be in training together sometime soon. Take care & speak soon.