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Donatella Hultan Interview  Author: Chris Akers

Fights:Wins:1 Loss:1  Draws:0  N/C:0

imageDuring the last decade, Scandinavia has produce some of the best fighters in the world.  Mikkel Kessler and Amin Asikinen been two examples.  But now there is a third example.   Donatella Hultin has the potential to be one of the best boxers in the sport.  Despite been a neophyte as a professional, she has learned and more than boxers with more experience.  Managed by two of the top managers in the United States, trained by a former world champion and sparring with a current world champion have given Hultin the platform to move her career along.  Aided by a steely drive and determination, Hultin is adamant that she will achieve her goals while in the sport.  And with the natural talent she possesses, who would bet against her. 

1 – What first attracted you to boxing? 

I love contact sports, I like that it is just me and my opponent in the middle of the ring. I love boxing because it is a one on one sport, I get charged when I am able to connect combinations on my opponent.
2 – You are managed by Butch Gottlieb and Mary Ann Owen. How did the link up with them occur?    

I saw a photo of Butch & Mary Ann on   Butch has managed several female World Champions so he is very familiar with female boxing. Mary Ann does all my photos & PR for me. They are not only my managers but are family.

3 – Your trainer is the former world light heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad.  In what ways has he improved you as a fighter?

Eddie is improving me in every way, I am learning how pros fight and it is different from what I learned in the amateurs. You cannot learn boxing fast, it is a long process, everyday I learn something new. Eddie treats me like a fighter, not like a girl. He is tough when he has to be and understanding when he sees I need it. 
4 – You moved from Sweden to the United States to further your career.  Just describe the boxing scene in Sweden and what you think it lacks in order to make a huge impact worldwide?

It's a big difference, I never trained in a gym with any professionals boxers or ever sparred with pros. In Sweden we trained in groups up to 20-40 people...So, I didn't have a one on one with my trainer, we work most in pairs and we didn't spar too much. Now, I am around all professionals and I have the opportunity to excel to the best of my ability.
5 – For people who have not seen you fight, how would you describe your style of fighting?

I don't know, I only had one Professional fight so I don't know about my style yet. Maybe in the future I will have  a special style. I feel strong, but I don't want to depend on strength. I want to be able to to box correctly and have both good defence and offense.
6 – You sparred with Vic Darchinyan before his bout with Jorge Arce earlier this year.  How did the opportunity to spar him come about & how do you rate Darchinyan as a fighter? 

He's a incredible fighter, I never seen a boxer train like he does. He trains different then most boxers. He has really inspired me to be my best. I like to watch his fights, he has a very special style.
7 – Who is your favourite fighter and what is your favourite fight?

My favourite fighter has always been Floyd Mayweather Jr. My favorite fight is Mayweather vs Castillo or Tyson vs Holyfield or Rafael Marquez vs Israel Vasquez, all great fights.
8 – What is the toughest part of being a boxer?

Everything, a fighter always has to be in good shape, eat right, road work, it is a job. A fighter has to have a schedule with eating, road work, training and it is everyday. 
9 – Finally, it is early days in your career, but what would you like to achieve in the next twelve months?

To become a much better fighter.

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