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Allan Green Uncensored  Author: Travis Hartman

Fights:28 Wins:27 Loss:1  Draws:0  N/C:0

imageAllan Green (27-1, 19 KO) is ranked 8th among super middleweights by the WBO, 10th by the WBA, 12th by the IBF, and 13th by After nearly a year layoff, during which he switched promoters and teamed up with Lou DiBella, Green knocked out cagey veteran Carl Daniels in the seventh round. Other notable boxers to KO Daniels (50-15-1, 32 KO) include current undefeated world champion Chad Dawson and legendary future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins.

Green is a true testament to all professional boxers, a real throw-back. Boxing is not only his profession, it is his life. Ask him to name the best team in the NBA or NFL, and he'll give you a blank stare. The fighter who calls himself "Ghost Dog" and "Sweetness" eats, sleeps and breathes boxing.

Green represents what is pure and great about professional boxing, with his hard work and determination to be the best in the world.
“When a man works hard taking care of his family, then comes home from working at the steel mill,and sits down on a Saturday night, he deserves to see a good fight ... (and not one in which) he already knows who is going to win before the fight starts,” Green said. “As a true fan of boxing, I believe we owe the steel mill workers of the world great fights. I mean, they pay to see us with their hard-earned money. We owe this to them.”
I would like to thank Allan for taking the time to sit down with me. I asked him a wide variety of questions, ranging from his future in boxing to his favourite Play Station video game. Enjoy.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: Congrats on your latest win over Carl Daniels. How did you feel coming off of your longest layoff to date—318 days?

ALLAN GREEN: I felt a little rusty, but it felt good to be back in my element. It was good to be back under the lights again. Doing what I love to do. My body felt great but I felt a little rusty.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: What are your future plans?

ALLAN GREEN: We are currently in talks to fight Sakio Bika in February, then possibly going after Lucian Bute. There are a lot of names out there in the division -- Jermain Taylor, Mikkel Kessler and Sakio Bika. Bika’s name came up first, so that is who we are looking at for my next fight in February.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: How do you feel about your most-recent career move in switching promoters?

ALLAN GREEN: It was a big career move when I switched promoters and went with Lou DiBella. I feel like my career is taking off already after just one fight. I am making a lot of headway, and being with Lou ... he is one of the superpowers in boxing and has all the connections. I just feel like that it is in my best interest to be with him. I've had some dealings with some unscrupulous people. Real treacherous shit went on with my last promoter.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: What was the reason for your recent layoff?

ALLAN GREEN: Yeah, about 318 days. I had some dealings with a lot of unscrupulous businessmen. I was wrongfully suspended. Their was a lot of treachery going on. That’s what happened.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: Would you like another crack at Edison Miranda?

ALLAN GREEN: The fact that I was about 50 percent for that fight ... you know, I was ill. So, of course I want that fight again. No disrespect to Edison, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it should have been an easy fight for me. At this point in my career it would just be a novelty fight -- something to have on my record to say that I have beaten every opponent I have ever faced. I mean, what has Edison done since? He just got knocked out by Arthur Abraham.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: You cited major medical problems after that fight, with 85 percent of your colon being removed. How is your health now?

ALLAN GREEN: I feel great. I feel terrific. I feel better than I did when I first turned pro. I am still a vegetarian and have not had a pop since I was 15.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: Do you have any fights coming up that you can talk about?

ALLAN GREEN: We will gauge in February for Bika. The name came up, but if not against him, it will be against somebody in February, for sure.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: What's been the most-memorable fight in your professional career?

ALLAN GREEN: (laughs) I think everybody knows my most-memorable fight (the great knockout victory over Jaidon Codrington). But, the fight I really had the most fun in was when I fought Anthony Bonsante. I felt like everything was going great for me in that fight. I was peaking at the right time and it showed in the fight. It was just a smooth camp. I felt happy about boxing at the time.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: If you could change one thing about professional boxing, what would you change and why?

ALLAN GREEN: Oh. my god. It wouldn’t be a buddy system in boxing. Fighters wouldn’t get on networks just because how well-known they were after the Olympics. There just wouldn’t be any favouritism. Fighters who deserve to get on certain networks would get on certain networks. It would be a union, like it was in the old days. If a guy was ranked No. 5, he had to fight No. 4. You couldn’t jump from No. 10, or not even being ranked in the top 10, to fighting for a world title. I wouldn’t let that happen. In basketball, if the Knicks are good and the Lakers are good, they play in the finals. Boxing is the only sport that's not like that. I would make it more like a football- and basketball-type thing. where 1 and 2 fight each other according to the rankings. Cut the politics out.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: Who is your favourite boxer of all time and currently?

ALLAN GREEN: Sugar Ray Robinson and in the past 15 years, Roy Jones Jr. But as for right now I don’t really have any. It is hard for me to get into a lot of these guys because a lot of them are smoke and mirrors. Most of them just have a lot of hype built up around them. Its like this: If you have 10 people to say one guy is great, regardless of how shitty he looks, everybody else will start believing it. Prime example: No disrespect to Floyd Mayweather, but despite all that pound-for-pound shit they talk about him, he's never fought an A-Class fighter. Lets go down the line. I respect him and think he is a great talent, but when he fought De La Hoya, De La Hoya was B class. De La Hoya hadn’t been a (top) fighter for five years. (Floyd) has never fought Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito. He skipped around all those names. He was smart and fought Gatti. I mean, come on! Gatti? Then he fought Hatton, and an old De La Hoya. He could have been a real champion and fought Cotto, Mosely and Margarito, but he didn’t fight any of them.

TRAVIS HARTMAN:What is your favorite sport. Allan?

ALLAN GREEN: Boxing -- that’s it man. I do like to watch dog sports, also. I like to see them do agility drills ... stuff like that.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: How do you feel about this recent talk about UFC is taking over boxing?

ALLAN GREEN: It is just a fad. It will die out long before boxing will. Boxing had a consistent fan base long before UFC ever came about.

TRAVIS HARTMAN: How do you feel when you hear people say UFC guys are tougher than professional boxers?

ALLAN GREEN: They need to check their sources. If they (UFC) were so tough, then why weren’t they boxing before UFC came around? Because they were not talented enough, that’s why. Prime example is when my trainer, John David Jackson, who is 46 years old, knocked Tito Ortiz out cold in sparring. He is 46 years old and they were just sparring. I mean, come on man!

TRAVIS HARTMAN: What is your favorite video game; Playstation or Xbox?

ALLAN GREEN: Play Station II. I have an Xbox and a PS2, but I like to play my Play Station more. I am into the games that you can play for a while, like Resident Evil. Those are the types of games that I am really into. Something most people also don’t know either that I'm also into comic books.