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Well the fight didn't go to plan. Things were going well and we had the first 2 rounds in the bag then the worst thing happened, Yusaf came back to the corner at the end of the 2nd and said "J I don't know whats happened, I can't lift my arm" He signalled to his left shoulder, as soon as I looked I was filled with dread, you could see where the muscles had separated, indicating the best case senario was a torn muscle. I told him not to worry and to just box and move, but by the the end of the 3rd round I knew we were in a lot of trouble as Johnson was starting to come on strong. Yusaf showed a lot of heart to keep going but he couldn't keep Glen off with one arm and got drawn into a fire fight. By the middle of the 6th round the pain had become too much and Johnson was landing with solid accurate shots, Yusaf was dropped 3 times and the referee signalled the end of the fight, we were all disappointed, Yusaf had worked really hard and was in great shape but had been robbed of victory through injury. The worst thing for me, was that to the people watching, who didn't know about the injury, thought Yusaf had just quit. Things got worse over the last few days as Yusaf was advised at the hospital that he would need to have his shoulder rebuilt, that he would be out for 2 years if he had the surgery and the likelihood was, that he would never box again. Yusaf has an appointment with a specialist next week and hopefully there might be some more positive news as he is currently refusing to have the operation. It would be a real shame for his journey to end here, he has a lot to give and had already beaten 4 of the top guys in the division, we will see, but to be honest, I fear the worst.


What do you thank of the whip jab and body jab? These are two tools used by RJJ and Money Mayweather.
Demoandre Rollins 

Let's not forget the triple left jab. Also, the safety feature of the jab when closing a series of combinations. Another, tool is to use a power jab following a right hand feint,
Brian Zelley 

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