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BOXING REPORTS Records 11 to 20 of 744



 Yuriorkis Gamboa v Jonathan Victor Barros 

DATE: 3/27/2010

TITLE: WBA Featherweight Title

VENUE: Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Hamburg, Germany

PREDICTION: Yuriorkis Gamboa


imageBarros comes into this fight unbeaten his record currently stands at 28-0-1, and on paper he looks likes a worthy opponent however he has only fought in Argentina and Uruguay, and he has never faced an opponent anywhere near world class. So when Gamboa knocks this kid out in 2-3 rounds it will look great on his record but I really doubt Barros will put up much resistance, I think he will be outclassed very quickly. There is the occassional guy who comes out of smaller countries who turn up on the world scene and shock everyone, Edwin Valero is one of those guys, so don't rule out a big performance from Barros completetly but he hasn't beaten the limited opponents he has faced as convincingly as a world class fighter should, for example Guillermo de Jesus Paz 15-18-3 he narrowly beat on points, were as 24-3 Bruno Horacio Godoy knocked him out in the opening round, I will look forward to a good fight but I doubt this guy will be able to keep up with someone of the class of Gamboa.


 Marcos Rene Maidana v Victor Manuel Cayo 

DATE: 3/27/2010

TITLE: Interim WBA Light Welterweight Title

VENUE: United States

PREDICTION: Marcos Rene Maidana


imageNot the fight that Maidana wanted, I am not sure how he is not fighting for a much larger purse against the WBA champion Amir Khan, Maidana won the WBA title in June, he should in theory get a shot at the champion within 6 months of picking up that interim belt, Khan won the full belt in July 2009, he then made a defence in December against Dmitry Salita, now he should be facing the mandatory champion, but for some reason the rules are not applying here, now Khan is fighting Paulie Malignaggi who is the NABO title holder, he has not fought for a WBA belt (NABA) nor an eliminator, I would love for the WBA to explain themselves in how they are sanctioning these fights to occur. I fully understand why Khan is avoiding Maidana and that is because he will get knocked out but surely he should be stripped and the full belt be awarded to Maidana. These are the reasons why people are losing respect for the title belts, Malignaggi is a decent opponent and has competed on a world class level but he has lost 2 of his last 4 fights. Anyway apologies for the rant going back to this fight, Cayo has the record of a worthy challenger, but again he has not fought any contenders, or eliminators, there he picked up the WBA Fedecaribe light welterweight title last time out so I guess that is why he is now here. He is an undefeated fighter and holds a couple of decent wins, last time out against unbeaten (14-0) Julio Reyes and prior to that a very close points win over faded veteran Julio Diaz, but he is taking a huge step up in class against big punching Maidana, Maidana was desperatly unlucky not to already have the full WBA strap when he was robbed out of a deserved points decision against former champion Andriy Kotelnik in Germany, since then he knocked out the highly tauted Victor Ortiz in one of the fights of the year which saw both men hitting the canvas 3 times. Never rule out an undefeated fighter especially someone with the ability of Cayo but I think he may just fall short, look for the power of Maidana to take over in the mid rounds and get a mid to late round stoppage


 Joan Guzman v Ali Funeka 

DATE: 3/27/2010

TITLE: vacant IBF lightweight title

VENUE: United States



imageAfter the discraceful decision last time these two faced Funeka has to do it all again, he won the first fight very convincingly but was robbed out of victory by some horrible judging which some how called this fight a draw. Now the second time around Funeka will have to raise his game and put on another career best performance in order to win this fight. Guzman has made some changes to his team which included bringing in new trainer Lee Beard, but I think this rematch may have come around a little too quickly for him, he looked in pretty bad shape last time out and despite a fast start last time out after 2 rounds he faded badly, and only just hung on. He may come in in better shape this time but for me he hasn't looked the same fighter since he shot through the weight divisions from 120-5lbs up to 135lbs now, he has not stopped anyone in 5 years and has been lucky a few times to remain undefeated. Funeka has a 7" height advantage and as he proved in the first fight has the ability to beat Guzman, it will be interesting to see how much Guzman can improve from the first fight but I am sure Funeka will up his game and I think he will win this fight and get the win he should have got in the first fights, the only concern I have is the judges, they robbed Funeka first time they might do it again, but hopefully after the horrible decision first time round the eyes of the world will be on this fight and how the judges score it, I just hope the first result hasn't taken too much out Funika, I remeber Damaen Kellys fight with Simone Maludrottu, Kelly took Maludrottu to the cleaners in the first fight but was robbed on the cards and granted the rematch and turned up half the man he was and was stopped early, I hope Funeka gets what he deserved first time around.


 Oleydong Sithsamerchai v Yasutaka Kuroki 

DATE: 3/27/2010

TITLE: WBC minimumweight title

VENUE: Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan

PREDICTION: Oleydong Sithsamerchai


image33-0 Sithsamerchai should have another fairly routine defence, Kuroki has never fought anywhere near this level, he has a decent record but don't rule out a big performance and a shock but the champion should come through on the cards.


 Koki Kameda v Pongsaklek Wonjongkam 

DATE: 3/27/2010

TITLE: WBC Flyweight Title

VENUE: Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan

PREDICTION: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam


imageKameda exploded on the scene recently winning the WBC title against Daisuke Naito in a surprisingly one sided contest, now he faces another huge test against 78 fight veteran Wonjongkam, who is desperate to get his belt back, Wonjongkam has actually faced Naito 4 times himself, winning 2 losing 1 and 1 draw. The victories span back to a 1st round Ko win in 24 seconds back in 2002, in the rematch 3 years later saw a cut end the bout prematurely in the 7th and Wonjongkam won a technical decision, In 2007 Naito stormed to a great points win, and in the final fight between the two it ended in a controversial draw. It is a very tough fight to call, Wonjongkam has all the experience and I think this might be the major factor in this fight, I am going for Wonjongkam but this could go either way.


 Raul Garcia v Nkosinathi Joyi  

DATE: 3/26/2010

TITLE: IBF Minimumweight Title

VENUE: East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

PREDICTION: Nkosinathi Joyi


image5th defence for long time champion Garcia, he does however face his toughest test of his career to date against the unbeaten hometown hero Joyi. Garcia has had a number of very close decisions go his way and could quite easily have 3-4 defeats. They have both faced Florante Condes, Joyi destroyed him over the distance winning every round whereas Garcia limped to a split decision win. I think with the home town advantage Joyi has a great chance of snatching the title, don't rule out the champion he is the more experienced and is the favourite coming in, but I think Joyi might get a fairly close decision on the cards.


 Matthew Hatton v Gianluca Branco 

DATE: 3/26/2010

TITLE: European Welterweight Title

VENUE: Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom

PREDICTION: Matthew Hatton


imageA very interesting contest, former European light welterweight champion Branco steps up in weight to face Matthew Hatton, Hatton is unbeaten in the last two years the only mark on his record a rather debatable draw against Lovemore N'dou when many thought Hatton had done enough in the later rounds to take the contest. I have never regarded Hatton as a real contender he has always lived in the shadow of his more famous brother and has been carefully matched on the undercards of his brothers big shows. He has however started to come into his own, and looked a lot better winning over the likes of Ben Tackie and Ted Bami. Branco spent a lot of early career being very easily matched, not really seriously tested in his first 28 fights despite picking up a draw. Branco lost his first fight in a WBC Title clash with Arturo Gatti, he also lost out in his other world title challenge at the hands of Miguel Cotto. Since then his only real opponent of note is Colin Lynes who he beat on a narrow split decision, many believing Lynes won the fight. At 39 years old and stepping up in weight this might be too much of an ask for Branco, I think in his prime he would have beaten Hatton but now I think Hatton's size and work rate will be too much for him.


 Joe Murray v Yuri Voronin 

DATE: 3/26/2010

VENUE: Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom



imageA very interesting step up in class for unbeaten young prospect Joe Murray, Voronin has been around the block a few times and has given a number of top prospects very tough nights, he has shared the ring with the likes of Nicky Cook, Bernard Dunne, Mzonke Fana and Scott Quigg and has never disgraced himself. He has however generally lost when stepping up in class, Murray will certainly have his hands full here, will will certainly get a good judge of how far the youngster will go after this fight, if he is not the prospect that people think he is this might be too much too soon, but from what I have seen of Murray he looks pretty good so i am going to go for a points win for him but I think he will be tested a lot further than ever before.


 Mike Mollo v Billy Zumbrun 

DATE: 3/26/2010

VENUE: UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, United States



imageI like Mollo he has some good skills and his work rate is impressive, he is however just too small and doesn't hit hard enough to really compete with the giants in the heavyweight divison. He has fallen short against the likes of Andrew Golota and Jameel McCline, when there size just got too much for him and he tired severly in the later rounds and lost both fights on points. This time out he faces a man of similar stature, Zumbrun is becoming a bit of a gatekeeper for the heavyweight division, he weeds out the guys who have no chance of making it and loses to the better guys, I think Mollo will be too busy and too good for Zumbrun, but I think he may have to consider moving down to cruiserweight if he really wants to make an impression in this sport.


 Anthony Small v Sam Webb 

DATE: 3/26/2010

TITLE: British & Commonwealth Light Middleweight Titles

VENUE: Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom

PREDICTION: Anthony Small


imageAt first glance this looks like an easy defencde for Small, however there are a number of potential pit falls in this fight for him. Firstly which I think is the most important is that Small may take this fight lightly, and may not be as fit as he should be he is well known for cutting corners and I think if underestimates Webb he may get a shock. Especially as Webb has been stopped before you may see Small rushing out for the KO and if it doesn't come he may gas out. They have both faced Thomas McDonagh and both won very close points decisions so this fight may be a lot closer than people think. I think if Small performs to the level he is capable of then he wins this fight 99 times out of 100 but any less than that Webb might cause a big shock.

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