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ARCHIVED BOXING REPORTS Records 1 to 10 of 1243



 Lucas Martin Matthysse v Carlos Adan Jerez 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Estadio Héctor D'Annunzio, Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PREDICTION: Matthysse points win


imageUnbeaten puncher Matthysse faces a tough test in Jerez who although his record doesn’t shine out he has shared the ring with some decent fighters and has pushed them all the way, the only one who has really managed to hurt him was world rated Sebastian Andres Lujan who took 7 rounds to get rid of him back in 2003. Matthysse’s record is mainly manufactured and how good he really is, is not really know, after this fight we will see how far he will go, Matthysse is the obvious favourite but he could fall short he if he is not the prospect that many think he is.


 Carlos Manuel Baldomir v Jackson Osei Bonsu 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium

PREDICTION: Baldomir points win


imageAfter being out of the ring for over a year tough veteran Baldomir returns, and faces a tough challenge in the form of Bonsu, Bonsu is a good European fighter but has not really branched out to world class yet, and has already lost twice. Baldomir is the former WBC champion and has also fought up as high as light middleweight, and more than held his own. He can be out boxed and is a little slow but he is one of the toughest guys around, the majority of his losses came earlier in his career. The big question is how much has he got left, how much have wars with Zab Judah, Vernon Forrest, Floyd Mayweather and Arturo Gatti taken out of him, also he will be dropping back 10 pounds since the last time he entered a ring and 37 years old that may too have taken a lot out of him. Should Baldomir be able to compete somewhere near his best he should come out the winner in this fight.


 Joan Guzman v Ameth Diaz 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Coliseo Carlos 'Teo' Cruz, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

PREDICTION: Guzman mid round stoppage


imageProbably the biggest question here is whether Guzman can make the weight, last time out he failed miserably, he is one of the most talented guys around and if he can get his act together he is potentially one of the pound for pound best in the world. Diaz is a decent fighter but should be no match for Guzman, he has lost on the occasions he has stepped up in class and they don’t get much bigger steps up than Guzman. This one could be over well inside the distance.


 Randy Suico v Ichitaro Ishii 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

PREDICTION: Suico points win


imageA potentially explosive encounter, both men can punch and both can take a decent shot, Suico is the favourite to win he has competed at a higher level and pushed some world rated fighters very close. Ishii will put up a decent fight and has never been stopped if he can stand up to Suico’s bombs it could go either way but Suico is the better fighter of the two, although marginally.


 Humberto Soto v Francisco Lorenzo 

DATE: 12/20/2008

TITLE: WBC Super Featherweight Title

VENUE: Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

PREDICTION: Soto mid round stoppage


imageFinally Soto gets a chance to avenge one of the worst boxing decisions I have ever seen, Soto was battering Lorenzo and already had him down and badly hurt, Lorenzo was allowed to carry on but backed into a corner and in Soto’s flurry he was caught on the top of the head as he was dropping to the canvas. The referee Joe Cortez after debating with everyone including members of the crowd in the front row disqualified Soto, to his and everyone else’s disbelief. The 1st fight was so one sided so I find it hard to imagine that this one will be any different and as long as Soto is careful not to make any big mistakes he should win and win well.


 Nikolay Valuev v Evander Holyfield 

DATE: 12/20/2008

TITLE: WBA Heavyweight Title

VENUE: Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

PREDICTION: Valuev late stoppage win


imageEvander Holyfield has managed to pull off yet another title fight, Valuev is the current champion and has proved himself quite well up at this class since initially he was labeled as no more than a circus freak, his boxing ability has improved considerably and because of his size it is very difficult to get inside him, the only person that has managed it so far is Ruslan Chagaev. Holyfield is way past his best and although still a decent fighter is a shadow of how he was. I would be very surprised if he is able to pull this one off and is likely to be stopped in the later rounds.


 Francesco Pianeta v Johann Duhaupas 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

PREDICTION: Pianeta late stoppage


imageBattle of the young undefeated heavyweights, Pianeta is however by far the hotter prospect and has already competed at a much higher level, Duhaupas’s record is mainly manufactured with very limited opposition. Pianeta is one of the best Italian heavyweight prospects for a long time and should come through this one fairly well, probably inside the distance.


 Eileen Olszewski v Nadia Raoui 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

PREDICTION: Raoui Points win


imageTough American female fighter Olszewski faces yet another tough challenge, she has lost her last 2 fights and this one could be another loss, Raoui is currently 9-0 but this will be a decent step up in class to what she has faced so far. It is likely to be decided by the judges over the distance, Olsewski is not without a chance but Raoui is the favourite.


 Roman Karmazin v Bronco McKart 

DATE: 12/20/2008

VENUE: Hollywood Park Casino, Inglewood, California, United States

PREDICTION: Karmazin Points win


imageFormer IBF light middleweight Roman Karmazin returns to the ring since his last outing when out boxing Alex Bunema every round before being caught with a savage left hook that he never recovered from and was knockout out in the very next round. He is now fighting at middleweight and faces a tough challenge in the form of veteran Bronco McKart, who is himself a former Light Middleweight world champion and has shared the ring with some of the best fighters around, including the likes of Winky Wright, Kelly Pavlik and Enrique Ornelas, and holds wins over some great fighters. He is however starting to show signs of wear and tear and although is not without a chance here Karmazin should get back onto the winning trail and a good win here will get him right back into contention.


 Gianluca Branco v Juho Tolppola 

DATE: 12/19/2008

TITLE: European Light Welterweight Title

VENUE: PalaLido, Milan, Lombardia, Italy

PREDICTION: Branco Points win


imageNewly crowned champion Gianluca Branco gets a relatively easy first defence of his European title he picked up against Colin Lynes recently; Tolppola has actually faced Lynes and was soundly out boxed for the duration of the fight not even winning a round on many people’s score cards including the 3 judges at ringside. Branco should do a similar job and a walk over on the cards is the safest bet.

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