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Date: 3/26/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Hatto v Branco 


image Live from the Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom

Welterweight European Title

Matthew Hatton v Gianluca Branco

Round 1

Here we go, Branco looks in great condition. Hatton starts behind the jab but Branco is quick and lands a couple of solid counter punches. Good right hand from Hatton sees Branco stumble a little, good combo from Hatton, and a right hand in return from Branco and Hatton appears hurt and holds on, another right hand sneaks through but Hatton seems to recover quickly, Hatton dominated most of the round but those two right hands may have pinched it for Branco.

Hatton 9 Branco 10

Round 2

Hatton comes out behind the jab and seems to has initally listened to his corner who have asked him not to stand in front of Branco. Good left upper cut from Hatton, good movement from Hatton in this round and his work rate is better in this round. Wild right hand from Hatton misses wildly. Little coming from Branco in this round he seems to be trying to line up another big right hand but it doesn't come, Hatton levels the contest.

Hatton 10 (19) Branco 9 (19)

Round 3

Branco comes out a little faster in this round and works well beind the jab in the opening minute, Hatton is firing back good first half of the round and difficult to seperate them, good work behind the jab from Hatton, Branco unleshes a 6 punch assault which puts Hatton on the back foot, again Hatton fires back, great body shot. Good one two from Hatton, and avoids a wild left hook, good round Hatton edged it.

Hatton 10 (29) Branco 9 (28)

Round 4

Slower start to the 4th, Hatton is dominating behind the jab, little from Branco again who jumps in with a right hand but misses by miles. Good right this time that does land from Branco but Hatton fires back with interest. Good left hook from Branco, another right hand slips through from Branco again, Hatton again fires back a close round, Hatton was busier and may have stolen it.

Hatton 10 (39) Branco 9 (37)

Round 5

Good start from Hatton, jab, double jab, double jab right hand, again little in return from Branco. Solid left hook from Hatton, he is dancing rings around Branco in this round there is very little coming from him. Another combo burst from Hatton sees Branco take a step backwards. Good right hand from Branco but Hatton walks through it good burst to finish the round for Hatton as he pulls clear.

Hatton 10 (49) Branco 9 (46)

Round 6

Great work behind the jab from Hatton he is growing stronger and more confident as this fight goes on whereas Branco seems to be slowing down and showing his age. Very little from Branco in this round, good right hand from Hatton and again, good display here from Hatton, Branco digs deep he needs something or this fight will slips away, good burst but it is short lived as Hatton nails him with a left hook. Another good round in the bag for Hatton.

Hatton 10 (59) Branco 9 (55)

Round 7

Hatton out of the blocks quickly again, Branco seems unable to live with this pace and accuracy from Hatton and seems to have gone into his shell. Hatton is throwing combo's then moving out of range leaving Branco no other choice than to chase him around the ring. A good right hand from Branco lands flush and it seems to give him a confidence boost as he follows up with a left hook. Hatton takes them well and finishes strongly to take a closer round.

Hatton 10 (69) Branco 9 (64)

Round 8

Good left hand from Hatton opens his account in the round, rest bite for Branco as Hatton a bit of tape on his glove that came lose retaped. Hatton is quickly back on the case and moving and boxing well. Branco is looking frustrated, but good action as the pair exchange in the centre of the ring, this is not where Hatton needs to be as he takes another right hand that snaps his neck back, a close round, Branco may have stolen it with the final burst.

Hatton 9 (78) Branco 10 (74)

Round 9

Branco seems to have a new lease of life and slips three of Hattons shots, but again Hatton shows a great workrate behind the jab. Branco goes quiet again, and Hatton piles on the pressure. Good right hand from Hatton and Branco misses a left hook. Hatton for the first time looks a little tired but he is still working hard, the snap seems to have faded a little from his punches. Branco chases but loses the round.

Hatton 10 (88) Branco 9 (83)

Round 10

Branco comes out quickly but a clash of heads stops him in his tracks, good right hand to the body from Hatton, and a nice left hook to the head. Getting a little bit scrappy in this round mainly due to Branco trying to close the gap but Hatton has a great work rate and is winning another round, Branco needs the stoppage here at the moment it is not looking like it is going to happen for him and Hatton is dominating.

Hatton 10 (98) Branco 9 (92)

Round 11

Branco needs a huge effort here and he comes out quickly, Hatton keeps a high work rate and shows good defence, Branco is winding up every punch desperatly looking for that one big shot that will turn this fight around. Good right hands from Branco this is a good round for him, Hatton is looking a little flat footed in the final minute of this round. A close round Branco may have taken it but if Hatton stays on his feet he should win this fight.

Hatton 9 (107) Branco 10 (102)

Round 12

Last round for Branco to get the stoppage, Hatton is looking tired and Branco is out quickly. Hatton is digging deep and still pressing forward and Branco is missing with a lot of the power shots. Hatton bites down on his mouth piece and keeps pressing on, Branco is fighting back but with a minute left looks a desperate man. Good right hand from Hatton, 30 seconds from victory for Hatton, 20 seconds, Branco tries but Hatton keeps battling and it's over Hatton surely has claimed the European title.

Hatton 10 (117) Branco 9 (111)

Here we go the judges decisions are in the scores are as follows 117-111, 115-113 and 116-112 all for the new champion Matthew Hatton, a little closer than I had it from 2 judges but a great performance from Matthew Hatton.