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Date: 3/20/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Klitschko v Chambers 


image Live from the ESPRIT arena, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

IBF & WBO Heavyweight Title

Wladimir Klitschko v Eddie Chambers

Both guys are in the ring and we are moment away from this fight getting underway.

Round 1

Here we go, Klitschko holds the centre of the ring, and pushes the jab into the face of Chambers, Chambers is looking for a way inside but he is falling short with his own jab. Right hand from Chambers sneaks through, Klitschko comes back and unloads on Chambers against the ropes, Chambers holds and picks up Klitschko. Good right hand from Klitschko, Chambers takes it well and fires back with a right hand, he is here to fight. Klitschko takes the opening round but Chambers looks like he might get into this fight.

Klitschko 10 Chambers 9

Round 2

3 strong jabs from Klitschko opens the round, Chambers waaits for a lull and then fires with a right hand, then tries to frustrare Klitschko by throwing him to the canvas. Chambers is warned, he shakes it off and lands a good jab to the mid section of Klitshcko. Klitschko still dominating behind the jab and a huge right hand lands flush and rocks Chambers and his legs buckle, he does everything he can to avoid falling to the canvas and holds on. Klitschko jumps on him and Chambers manages to survive but a tough round for him.

Klitschko 10 (20) Chambers 9 (18)

Round 3

Solid jabs from Klitschko who looks like he has upped his workrate and another right hand almost gets through. Less coming from Chambers in this round he was obviously still effected by the right hand in the previous round. Chambers is still looking for a way inside but he can't get past that hard left jab of Klitschko. Finally he does get inside but is unable to do much other than wrestle Klitschko around the ring. Another round for Klitschko.

Klitschko 10 (30) Chambers (27)

Round 4

Klitschko comes out aggressively in the round with jabs and straight right hands, Chambers is soaking them up well but there is little coming back from him, as he misses with a left and a right hook. Klitschko pushes chambers of with the long left as Chambers tries to get inside again. Another right hand misses by a whisker from Klitschko, this is getting a little one sided now as Chambers is just not able to to get inside him.

Klitschko 10 (40) Chambers 9 (36)

Round 5

Chambers needs to land something big soon to even just get the respect of Klitschko who is stalking him with the solid jab and still little coming from Chambers. Another right hand bounces off the gloves of Chambers, a right hand over the top gets through from Chambers but there is nothing on it. Chambers dives in and holds he is now the one that looks a little frustrated. Good defence from Chambers as he blocks 4 shots, Chambers loads up with a right hand but it misses wildly, another round in the bag for Klitschko.

Klitschko 10 (50) Chambers 9 (45)

Round 6

Chambers corner are trying to encourage their man to take some risks and fight this guy, at the moment it is not happening, Klitschko is able to keep to his own pace and dominate behind the jab. Chambers misses again, another dominate round from Klitschko, Chambers is looking for the one power shot but as of yet it has not come close. Right hand from Klitschko ends another round and this fight is slipping away from Chambers.

Klitschko 10 (60) Chambers (54)

Round 7

Chambers corner are getting frustrated with their man, they want him to fight, but he seems content to sit in a defensive position and throw little back. Klitschko is fighting at his usual pace working a constant jab and mixing it with the occassional right hand. Left hook and a right hand rains in on Chambers. Jab snaps the head back of Chambers, and a 1-2 nothing coming back from Chambers. This is starting to look like the Pacquiao v Clottey fight, Chambers needs to do something this fight is quickly slipping away from him.

Klitschko 10 (70) Chambers (63)

Round 8

Manny Stewart has asked Klitschko to step up his work rate, and he does just that, firing in jabs, left hooks and right hands. Chambers holds on, Klitschko continues to attack and Chambers is sitting on the ropes and he looks like he is looking for the gaps but by the time he is prepared to throw it the gap has gone. Chambers looks like he is starting to tire now as more of Klitschko's shots are getting through and yet another round in the bag for him, it is looking like Chambers will need a knockout.

Klitschko 10 (80) Chambers 9 (72)

Round 9

Klitschko comes out fast again following his corners instructions. Chambers lands a glancing right hand, good 1-2 combo from Klitschko, Chambers looks to have little left and still has not been able to find his range in this fight, even the shots that do get through have very little on them. Straight from klitschko puts Chambers on his heals again and yet another round in the back for Klitschko.

Klitschko 10 (90) Chambers 9 (81)

Round 10

A long delay between rounds as Chambers needed a damaged glove replaced. Klitschko stalks in the neutral corner, maybe this was the break Chambers needed and we might see him go for it now. Chambers comes out a little faster and throws a double jab the the body of Klitschko. Klitschko is still dominant with the jab but Chambers is looking a little fresher from his break but a 1-2 from Klitschko slows him down again and another straight right, sees Chambers on his heels again. The final minute of the round goes exactly how the rest of the fight has and another round for Klitschko.

Klitschko 10 (100) Chambers 9 (90)

Round 11

Manny Stewart is now frustrated with Klitschko he wants his man to step it up and get Chambers out of there. Klitschko starts the round with a bounce in his step but there is not much more coming from him than in any other round, and Chambers is still doing nothing. Size has been the key in this fight, Chambers has just not been able to get inside and Klitschko has used his height, reach and the solid jab to win this fight in 1st gear. Yet another round in the bag for Klitschko but it is another fight that hasn't made the TV screens of America and that is just because it is just too one sided, and boring to watch.

Klitschko 10 (110) Chambers 9 (99)

Round 12

Final round Chambers needs a knockout, will he go for it, from the opening few seconds of the round I would say no, Chambers is on the run and now looks like a survival mission for Chambers, he has lost the fight but it seems he wangt to go the distance. Klitschko stalks and lands a good right hand but there is not much of a follow up and he allows Chambers to recover. Klitschko is going for the stoppage but he is only throwing single shots he needs to put his shots together. Chambers looks like he is going to survive but no Klitschko lands a huge left hook and Chambers is down, there is no way he is getting up, what a great finish from Klitschko.

Klitscko wins by 12th round KO and retains his titles