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Date: 3/13/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Castillo v Gomez 


image Live from the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, United States

Jose Luis Castillo v Afonso Gomez

Round 1

A slow start, both men land decent jabs, a very slow opening round with very little happening baring a few lunging jabs. Good left hook from Gomez, and a right hand that ends the round, could have gone either way but I think the late flurry from Gomez pinched the round.

Castillo 9 Gomez 10

Round 2

Jab right hand from Gomez opens his account in the round, Castillo is looking a little shot at this stage, this might be one too many for him he looks a shadow of his former self. 1-2 from Gomez, at the moment this is a very poor fight, neither man is making hardly any effort to get the pace going. Gomez pulls 2 rounds up.

Castillo 9 (18) Gomez 10 (20)

Round 3

Gomez is warned for using his head as he lands a nice straight head butt, probably the hardest shot of this fight so far. Finally a right hand lands from Castillo. Left hook lands from Gomez but it is more of a slap, Gomez is still the busier of the two but there is nothing coming from Castillo, so it is not a hard fight for Gomez to be winning.

Castillo 9 (27) Gomez 10 (30)

Round 4

The start of the 4th is all Gomez, Castillo is doing nothing, he is walking forward and just taking punches, 4 good right hands from Gomez Castillo takes them, Gomez is taking over this fight at the moment as Castillo is doing nothing.

Castillo 9 (36) Gomez 10 (40)

Round 5

Castillo needs to do something soon as this fight is slipping away from him, whether he can or not is debatable as he continues to just walk forward into punch after punch as Gomez lands a good right uppercut. A little burst from Castillo in the final minute of the round but it is not enough to win the round as Gomez pulls further ahead.

Castillo 9 (45) Gomez 10 (50)

Between the 5th and 6th round Castillo pulls out of the fight, he needs to retire as that was a horrible performance from a guy that was once world class.