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Date: 3/13/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Duddy v Medina 


image Live from the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, United States

John Duddy v Michael Medina

Round 1

Duddy is trying to keep the centre of the ring early on, he is using the jab well. Both fighters are feeling each other out in the opening half of the 1st round, no solid shots being landed just yet. Duddy is landing well with the right hand to the body, putting money in the bank for the later rounds. Last 10 seconds Medina comes to life and flurries but Duddy lands a good left hook and takes the opening round.

Duddy 10 Medina 9

Round 2

Good left hook to the body and a right hand to the head from Medina, good jab from Duddy in responce. Good left hook from Medina who is picking things up better in this round, there is still not a great deal of action but Medina is landing the cleaner shots, another right hand lands flush, Duddy comes back with a left hook, good exchange a the end of the round as Medina levels the affair.

Duddy 9 (19) Medina 10 (19)

Round 3

A good left hook from Duddy opens the round, Medina comes back with a left hook, right uppercut and another left hook, nice combination that snaps the head of Duddy back. Good right hand from Duddy, and agian, he is pushing forwarded and pressing the action he just needs to be more careful with the getting caught walking in. Another right hand from Duddy, right hand back from Medina. A close round could have gone either way.

Duddy 10 (29) Medina 10 (29)

Round 4

Good right hand again from Medina, then he is warned for low blows as 3 out of 4 body shots land low. Right hand from Duddy, this fight still has not really picked up neither man really pressing the action, good jabs from Duddy. Left hook to the body and head from Duddy, another fairly dull close found, Duddy just took it for me.

Duddy 10 (39) Medina 9 (38)

Round 5

Duddy comes out a little faster in the 5th and is looking to pick up the pace finally, a couple of snapping jabs land flush but then goes back into his sheel and Medina is allowed back into the round using his jab. Medina misses with a right hand, double jab and a right hand from Duddy. Right hand and left hook from Duddy and a nice right hand ends the round in his favour.

Duddy 10 (49) Medina 9 (47)

Round 6

Good one two from Medina but Duddy fires back with a good left hook. Duddy suddenly bursts into life and unloads with a left hook, left hook right hand combo. Duddy is landing a lot more cleaner shots in this round and finally looks like he is trying to win this fight, Medina comes back with some good work to the body to end the round but Duddy takes another and starts to pull away.

Duddy 10 (59) Medina 9 (56)

Round 7

Medina tries a left hook to the body but takes a right hand for his trouble. The pace has slowed again, Medina is warned again for low blows, goo dleft uppercut from Duddy on the inside. A good left hook and a right hand from Duddy, Medina misses with a wild right upper cut duddy tries to follow up but Medina slips the shot and lands a huge right hand that rocks Duddy, lucky for him the round immediatly ends. Duddy wobbles towards his corner and looks in trouble.

Duddy 9 (68) Medina 10 (66)

Round 8

Medina starts slow it seems he was unaware that he hurt Duddy at the end of the last round, his corner certainly didn't point it out. Duddy is allowed to get back into the fight with softer more accurate shots, good left hook from Medina, Duddy replies. Right hand and a sharp left to the body from Medina, then the referee pulls him up again for low blows and this time actually takes a point that will hurt Medina, he was winning the round up until that point.

Duddy 9 (77) Medina 9 (75)

Round 9

Good left hook opens the round by Duddy, Medina comes back with the harder shot but Duddy is slightly busier, a good right hand from Duddy and now Medina is hurt, Duddy follows up with another right hand, Medina has blood coming from his nose but hangs on well. Duddy is following up and keeping the pressure on but there is no power in his punches as he takes the round.

Duddy 10 (87) Medina 9 (84)

Round 10

I think Medina needs a KO to win this fight, he is not looking like he is aware of that as he continues to fight the way he has throughout with a slow pace, Duddy is not going for the win either, and is on the run a little and probably knows this is his fight. Medina is making an effort in this final round with good work to the body of Duddy, huge finish in the last 10 seconds as both men stand toe to toe and fire big hooks all landing flush, Duddy got the better of the exchange but Medina takes the round.

Duddy 9 (96) Medina 10 (94)

The judges scorecards are in and they scored this contest 96-93 Duddy 96-93 Medina and 96-93 for the winner John Duddy. The 96-93 for Medina was a little strange for me as I feel Duddy won the fight although it was close ont he cards, I couldn't have score it in the favour of Medina.