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Date: 3/13/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Pacquiao v Clottey 


image Live from the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, United States

WBO Welterweight Title

Both guys are in the ring and we are moments away from this fight getting underway.

Manny Pacquiao v Joshua Clottey

Round 1

Clottey opens the round with a wild left hook but misses by miles, Pacquiao goes on the attack and Clottey keeps a very defensive style with tight hands, Pacquiao picks his shots well to the body of Clottey and finishes a one sided round with Clottry bearly throwing a punch.

Pacquiao 10 Clottey 9

Round 2

Clottey starts the second as he ended the first in a very tight defensive mode, Pacquiao continues to pick away at Clottey who is throwing the occassional hard single but it is a very one sided contest so far

Pacquiao 10 (20) Clottey 9 (18)

Round 3

Clottey again comes out with a tight guard but he needs to start doing something or this fight is going to slip away from him. Good left uppercut from Clottey, good combo back from Pacquiao but a lot of the shot are being blocked. Pacquiao is working mainly the body of Clottey, big right hand from Clottey from his defence and snaps the head back of Pacquiao, Pacquiao again fires back and is far busier than Clottey and takes another round Clottey is not going to win rounds by throwing 1 or 2 punches.

Pacquiao 10 (30) Clottey 9 (27)

Round 4

Clottey again is just not throwing enough punches to have a chance of winning this fight, it seems he is on a survival mission. Pacquiao just continues to bang away at the body of Clottey and his work rate is excellent but Clottey is averaging about 10 punches a round, a lot of them are landing but Manny's work rate takes another round.

Pacquiao 10 (40) Clottey 9 (36)

Round 5

These rounds are starting to blur into one, Clottey is still doing very little, he is just being battered by Pacquiao, he is blocking a lot but he is just not throwing many shots, Clottey needs to start to fighting back as this fight is slipping away from him.

Pacquiao 10 (50) Clottey 9 (45)

Round 6

Coming into the half way mark, Clottey needs to start punching, Pacquaio is getting a little frustrated he lays on the ropes and and waives Clottey in, Clottey accepts the challenge and throws a 3-4 punch combo landing a couple of good shots but then goes back into his shell. Another round in the bag for Pacquiao as he finishes strong.

Pacquiao 10 (60) Clottey 9 (54)

Round 7

Again Clottey comes out in his shell and does very little, Pacquaio is throwing a 100 punches a round and is winning this fight in first gear, if these are tactics from Clottey surely he needs to change it up pretty soon as this is ridiculous. Another round in the bag for Pacquiao this is looking like a sparring session.

Pacquiao 10 (70) Clottey 9 (63)

Round 8

Clottey again comes out negative maybe these are not tactics maybe he is just on a survival mission. Pacquiao is just rolling off combination after combination, again a lot are not landing but Clottey is doing nothing. Good attack from Pacquiao in the final minute picking Clottey off, another one sided round.

Pacquiao 10 (80) Clottey 9 (72)

Round 9

As like all the other rounds Pacquiao is the only man fighting, Clottey is trying to block everypunch without doing anything on the offense. Clottey is falling apart he just lays on the ropes and allows Pacquaio just work his covered up head and body. If I was in CLottey's corner I would be threatening to pull him out of he did want to even try to fight. This is a terrible one sided fight.

Pacquiao 10 (90) Clottey 9 (81)

Round 10

What a surprise the 10th round is heading the same way as all the others, Clottey doesn't want to take any risks he doesn't want to fight, Pacquiao is fighting on his own here, he might as well be hitting the heavy bag, finally Pacquaio stops punching and Clottey for a moment throws a few punches, but again it is short lived and Pacquiao takes yet another round.

Pacquiao 10 (100) Clottey 9 (90)

Round 11

Cotteys corner are pleading with him to take a chance and start taking some risks, it looks like the instructions have fallen on deaf ears as apart from two left uppercuts on the inside it is another totally one sided round, 3 left uppercuts from Clottey on the inside again but Pacquiao punishes him for it, and wins yet another round.

Pacquiao 10 (110) Clottey 9 (99)

Round 12

Good left hook opens the round for Clottey maybe he will go for broke, Pacquiao is going for the stoppage as he bangs in hard punches. Clottey fights back a little but his punches are few and far between. The time is running out for Clottey he has been very negative and has not competed in this fight, Pacquiao has cruised at his own pace and won the fight in 1st gear.

Pacquiao 10 (120) Clottey 9 (108)

The judges scored this joke 120-108, 119-109, and 119-109, to be honest they were being very generous giving Clottey a round.