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Date: 2/13/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Cleverly v Brancalion 


image Live from the Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, United Kingdom

European Light Heavyweight Title

Nathan Cleverly v Antonio Brancalion

Round 1

Here we go, Clevery is out fast working behind a solid jab, Brancalion looks fairly relaxed but there is little coming from him as he takes a couple of straight right hands. Again Cleverly can't miss with that right hand, Brancalion tries to tie him up on the inside. Another right hand and left hook from Cleverly, this time Brancalion does fight back and Cleverly holds. Great fast jab is working well for Cleverly but he is dropping the right when he throws it he will need to be careful if Brancalion notices it and counters with a left hook. Good opening round for Cleverly.

Cleverly 10 Brancalion 9

Round 2

Cleverly is out quickly again and a 3 punch combination lands flush. Brancalion is trying to press forward but Cleverly is the stronger of the two and is soon back on the front foot. Good right uppercut from Brancalion one of the few shots he has landed so far as in the opening few rounds it is all Cleverly. Good right hook to the body and then to the head from Cleverly, who takes another round.

Cleverly 10 (20) Brancalion 9 (18)

Round 3

Slower start to the 3rd round, Cleverly is still working behind the jab, he misses with a huge right hand, Brancalion is a little busier as Cleverly's work rate has dropped, good exchange of jabs, Good right hand from Cleverly, Brancalion fires back with a good right hand back. Huge right hand from Cleverly lands flush, Brancalion takes it well but what was a close firsat half of the round Cleverly took over and won it in the second half.

Cleverly 10 (30) Brancalion 9 (27)

Round 4

Right hand a left hook opens the account for Cleverly in this round and for the first time Brancalion looks a little hurt, 2 more huge right hands rock the legs of Brancalion again, somehow he manages to recover and is back on the attack but that is certainly money in the bank for Cleverly as Brancalion took some huge shots. Yet another right hand rocks Brancalion, Cleverly can't miss, and again Brancalion is down, the bell will save him as just as he hits the floor it sounds. Great round for Cleverly and he may well have this fight in the bag.

Cleverly 10 (40) Brancalion 8 (35)

Round 5

Cleverly is out quickly and once again raining huge right hands on the chin of Brancalion, Brancalion is still holding on but another right hand lands flush and Brancalion seems to freeze, Cleverly doesn't and follows up with another huge right hand and Brancalion is out on his feet and the referee steps in to save him, this fight is over. Great win for Cleverly as he picks up the European belt.