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Date: 2/9/2010

Quotes from Hopkins and Jones Jr 


image Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. showed why they’re both world class trash-talkers during a NYC presser for their April 3 PPV rematch at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

BERNARD HOPKINS: “Roy Jones Jr. had nothing to do with my legacy and career up until now, but I will be the final chapter [of his]….everyone has it in their spirit to get somebody back. Whether it is justified or unjustified. This fight is redemption in a lot of ways – to finish him once and for all. I can’t speak for Roy, but my name is ‘The Executioner.’ I execute. I am going for his head. He (Jones) won that fight. I have watched that tape a million times. What Roy has to understand is that I got better. I have a resume to show that I have gotten better. That is the difference between then and now. Come April 3, Roy Jones Jr is going to realize that his worst nightmare has come true. It is important to get the knockout. There is a financial incentive. I want to finally close a chapter personally. This is a 17 year rivalry. I am going to kick his ass.”

ROY JONES: “Now, ‘Big Head’ (Hopkins) has got to get it in his mind. We both went on to do good things in this sport. Mine was great early. His was great late. The facts wont change I am still going to beat him. I only hit with one hand last time. I’ve got two hands now. With two hands, I’m going to beat the hell out of this old man. I never have dodged ‘Big Head’, and I never will….I have been trying to fight the bastard for five years. I know Bernard Hopkins. I know him very well. I have never taken anything lightly [and given him reason] to say he hopes I am ready. I don’t duck and dodge anyone. I was the test he had to pass to get out of high school. He didn’t pass that test. Now he wants to retake the test! Like I said I am still me. I can care less about how much better he has gotten. My job is to knock him out on April 3 and that is what I am going to do.”