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Date: 1/29/2010

LIVE ROUND BY ROUND - Brinkley v Stevens 


image Live from the Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, United States

Super Middleweight

Jesse Brinkley v Curtis Stevens

Both guys are in the ring and we are ready to go

Round 1

Here we go, well it has lasted longer than the 15 seconds that Stevens predicted but Brinkley is eating heavy left hooks. Brinkley is on the back foot and Stevens is looking to put him to sleep but he is looking a little wild in the early stages. Better from Brinkley lands a good one two and two shots to the body of Stevens, but he takes another left hook for his trouble and he already has a nasty swelling below his right eye. Decent opening round with Stevens taking it.

Stevens 10 Brinkley 9

Round 2

Brinkley starts quickly with a running left hook, Stevens is quick to react and pushes Brinkley back onto the ropes and opens up with a few heavy shots. Brinkley is a little busier in this round Stevens is still landing the cleaner heaver shots. Good 1-2 from Brinkley who is counter punching well, right hand from Stevens, Brinkley rolls it and doesn't take it flush. Right hand left hook from Stevens and a closer round but Stevens edges it.

Stevens 10 (20) Brinkley 9 (18)

Round 3

Better here for Brinkley who gets Stevens on the back foot, the pair exchange jabs and both heads are snapped back. Good jabs from Stevens, Brinkley drops his hands and mocks Stevens, then goes on the attack. Another close round, nothing really big landing from either man but Brinkley may have stolen the round on work rate.

Stevens 9 (29) Brinkley 10 (28)

Round 4

Stevens is on the attack but Brinkley is moving well and little lands flush, wild left hook misses from Stevens and he takes a right hand, and again and again, bizarre event, Brinkley lands 3 right hands and Stevens misses 3 left hooks. Stevens is trying to line up the big shot but he is being caught by Brinkley too many times in this round, Stevens already looking a little desperate. A good round for Brinkley.

Stevens 9 (38) Brinkley 10 (38)

Round 5

Stevens is starting to look a little gassed and is missing with a lot of his punches, Brinkley is getting into his groove and it looks he is really getting into this fight, right hand from Stevens but Brinkley almost walks through it and unloads with a barrage of punches. Right hand to the body followed by a left hook from Brinkley, Stevens misses again with a left hook. Good exchange on the ropes both men throwing power shots. Another round for Brinkley.

Stevens 9 (47) Brinkley 10 (48)

Round 6

Stevens looks like he has got his second wind as he lands a solid 1-2 and goes on the attack on the inside. Right hand grazes the chin of Brinkley, left hook to the body from Stevens. Brinkley is working off the jab, big right hand rocks Stevens, and another Stevens is in trouble, Brinkley keeps coming and Stevens in a lot of trouble, another right hand and Stevens sinks to his knees. He beats the count but is badly hurt, the bell saves him from another Brinkley attacks as Brinkley starts to pull away in this fight.

Stevens 8 (55) Brinkley 10 (58)

Round 7

Stevens needs something to turn this fight around as it is slipping away and Brinkley is on the attack and Stevens is curling into a ball trying to avoid the right hand of Brinkley. Right upper cut from Brinkley and another straight right from Brinkley and Stevens rocks again. Stevens is in trouble again, Brinkley looks relaxed and in crontrol. Good exchange ends the round and another one in the bag for Brinkley.

Stevens 9 (64) Brinkley 10 (68)

Round 8

Good right hand from Stevens, a slower paced round in the opening minute, good left hook from Stevens, Brinkley fights back with interest, good jabs from Stevens snaps the head back of Brinkley, but again Brinkley fires back with 3-4 solid shots. Right hand from Brinkley, a closer round, Stevens looks to have finally recovered from the knock down and is having a much better round, a close round to call though.

Stevens 10 (74) Brinkley 9 (77)

Round 9

Brinkley is out quickly again and is on the attack, Stevens looks a little better and lands a couple of good left hooks. Brinkley is on the back foot and looks to be taking a rest in this round which may be a mistake as Stevens lands another left hook, two good left uppercuts from Stevens, a right hand almost lands from Stevens, Brinkley replies with a left hook. Right hand from Stevens looks to rock Brinkley on the bell.

Stevens 10 (84) Brinkley 9 (86)

Round 10

Solid left hook from Stevens, Brinkley is on the attack again and lands a few hurtful body shots. Good left hand work from Brinkley, annoys Stevens but stops him working. Big right hand from Brinkley, Stevens is jumping in with the left hook but he is not covering it and Brinkley can see it coming and covers up. A couple of solid right hands from Brinkley, a solid left hook from Brinkley ends the round and he pulls away again.

Stevens 9 (93) Brinkley 10 (96)

Round 11

Stevens needs a knockout now I would imagine to win this fight, Brinkley is winning well and is in his home town, but it looks more like Brinkley will be the one that gets the stoppage at the moment, he is landing the power shots and hurts Stevens again, Stevens looks on his last legs he needs a big shot. Right hand from Brinkley, left hook from Stevens he looks tired but he is still trying. Left hook lands from Stevens and it looks like it hurts Brinkley, but Brinkley fires back and rocks Stevens with another right hand. Good end to the round both guys landing bombs, but Brinkley takes the round.

Stevens 9 (102) Brinkley 10 (106)

Round 12

Stevens needs a KO and he is looking for it, but he is taking too many shots trying to get inside. Good exchange, Brinkley gets the better of it and Stevens looks a beaten man, Brinkley keeps a great work rate through the last round. Left hook from Brinkley, Stevens is swinging but gets caught with another right hand, only the ropes is holding him up, the referee steps in and gives him a count. Brinkley goes for the finish but Stevens survives but he has lost this fight.

Stevens 8 (110) Brinkley 10 (116)

A decent fight but from the 3rd round Brinkley dominated, the judges scorecards are in 117-109, 118-108. 119-107 a little wider than I had it but to the deseved winner Jesse Brinkley