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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Watford Colliseum, Watford, Hertfordshire 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Watford Colliseum, Watford, Hertfordshire

November 29th 2009

So on a Micky Helliet promotion on a Sunday evening that produced a couple of upsets along the way, one such result did upset myself.
J.J Ojuederie was show topper as Danny Williams was due to appear, but had to pull out due to injury, so in stepped the Watford man.

Bobby Gladman {Cheshunt} v Andrew Patterson {Birmingham}
Result: Gladman won points

Cheshunt's Bobby Gladman {148lbs} had to work for he's victory, as he set a good pace throughout getting off first despite taking the odd couple, he got the better of things and boxed nicely, showing good composure and got off the faster with he's shots, as Patterson {150lbs} tried as he swung wildly missing with the majority of he's swings as Gladman countered nicely to take Parris official score of 59-56.


Michael Devine {Luton} v John Vanemminis {Devon}
Result: Devine won points

Devine got off to a fast start as he tore into Vanemminis {135lbs}, as he got through most of the time to take the opener, taking one or two for he's troubles, however in the second the Luton man upped the pace significantly, one short right to the body felled the Birmingham man who on arising was still in obvious pain, looking winded in all fairness but gritted he's teeth and tried to fight back, pain etched on he's face he showed great heart but Devine {132lbs} showed little mercy for he's wounded prey as he landed another series of punches that bundled Vanemmenis over a second time, this time Vanemminis grabbed and held and survived to the bell that must have sounded like an orchestra to he's ears!

Devine intervention seemed to be the order of the day as Vanemminis seemed rejuvenated coming out for the next round and strangely Devine showed as such, devine intervention as he seemed to spare he's oponent as the pace noticably dropped as Michael contented himself not looking for the stoppage and carried Vanemminis, rather more shockingly was when Vanemminis went over to ref Parris to have he's hand raised, when clearly there was only one winner and rightfully so as Devine took a 38-36 points decision, I had it by a much wider margin.


Phil Gill {Cheshunt} v Yousef Al Hamidi {Syria}
Result: a draw

If I ever saw a robbery in a prize ring, this was it as I could'nt believe my ears let alone my eyes as ref Ken Curtis raised both boxers hands at the end of four rounds of a rather one sided fight.

Let's put this contest into some kind of perspective shall we, Gill came out in the opener and chased a guy who basically did'nt want to know, and what punches the visitor did throw were scarce, Gill flooded he's opponent with non stop attacks that were carefully being metered out, Gill possibly was workmanlike at times in he's aproach but it was him who was doing all the work as he swarmed all over Al Hamidi{137lbs}.
I gave Gill the round easily and the next two rounds were no different as Al Hamidi came to survive against Gill, who reminds me with he's physical strength and tenacity of the former World middleweight champion Vito Antuofermo, best known over in Britain for losing to Alan Minter twice but holding Marvin Hagler to a draw the 30th anniversary of that battle would be the very next day on the 30th naturally!

Round's two and three followed the same pattern, Gill had to go looking for he's opponent who as I have already mentioned rarely threw much back, but Gill {142lbs} kept ploughing forwards getting inside and flailing away with combinations, he did'nt always connect but the bulk of what he did throw did, simple as!

In the fourth admittedly Al Hamidi came alive at last and mixed it a lot more to begin the round, as he considerably upped he's work rate, and did get the better of some of the exchanges, however this was rather short lived as Phil soon got the better of things and any future exchanges, Gill seemed to have a slight nick over he's left eye but it did'nt trouble him whatsoever as he possibly did concede the last stanza but only just losing the respective round, when Ken Curtis did raise both boxers hands I was more surprised when hardly anyone seemed to dispute such a decision, Phil Gill nicknamed as the Phil Gill experience, sure will want to put this one behind him thanks to poor judgment sadly, Stevie Wonder would have voted for Gill, and never mind Ken Curtis if Jamie Lee Curtis was refereeing she would have given Gill the verdict also, well now that would have been an experience!


Gavin Putney {Luton} v Danny Donchev {Bulgaria}
Result: Dontchev won points

If there was ever a candidate for celebration of the year, then this was it as Donchev celebrated as no other fighter as this year, to the fight if you could call it that and Putney showed little defence as he took right hands on the money for the best part of this four rounder, it was a scrappy fought affair devoid of any skill factor and this showed more so as Putney attacked recklessy from the opener, even in the second the Luton man wrestled Donchev to the canvas, it seemed that the third man was the more busier as he gave warning after warning to both protaganists {148lbs} for various infringments in a fairly forgettable encounter, but it was Donchev who was doing what little scoring there was and he could'nt miss with he's right hand, twice in succession he scored with the afforementioned punch that met Putney's unprotected chin, it seemed almost as if Putney was trying to prove his toughness, but was very fortunate that Donchev could'nt punch!

At the start of the fourth, ref Curtis gave both a lecture before letting the round commence, as Putney showed little in the form of an attack let alone a defence as he was caught easily by the more determined Donchev who was awarded the decision, and when he did he jumped on the ropes in he's corner before using the ring ropes as a ladder of sorts, even standing on the top rope, security tried to stop him but he did it none the less before going over to the ring anouncer and hugging him also and also he's vanquished foe Putney, then women and children in the audience, it was more enjoyable than the fight itself!


Jon Fernandes {Southampton} v Soyan Serbezov {Bulgaria}
Result: Fernandes won points

Southampton's Fernandes in he's first start as a pro, showed good boxing skills as he seemed too quick and skilled for Serbezov {123lbs} as he's confidence grew by the minute, easily outboxing he's man, however in the third Soyan exploded a right off of Fernandes {124lbs} chin that felled him, getting up Fernandes seemed very wary of Soyan's power and got on he's bike for the remainder of the round as he did the last round boxing very cautiously before taking Parris decision.


J.J Ojuderie {Watford} v Hastings Rasani {Birmingham}
Result: Rasani won points

In a light heavyweight six rounder that was promoted to main event, Watford's very own J.J Ojuederie took on much travelled Birmingham battler Hasting's Rasani, though really a transplanted Zimbabwean.

From the opener J.J showed nice movement but seemed unsettled whenever Hastings was ready for a battle!

Both men {189lbs} worked in close as Rasani scored repeatedly with right hands as he scored to Ojuederie's chin time and again, the Watford man was sloppy throughout and fell short a number of times with he's shots and showed little skill as he threw a lazy jab that missed the target, Rasani fresh off of a upset points win over Billy Boyle, seemed more rejuvenated and up for it than J.J who just could'nt seem to get it right.
Rasani kept it in close and banged away showing the better work inside moreso to the body and basically bullied Ojuederie out of the fight as Ojuederie conceded ground every time Rasani bulled forwards and ultimately took Ken Curtis decision although I had it a little closer myself, so what now for Ojuederie, well prior to this he's promoter Mick Helliet stated if he won this one, it would keep him on track for a possible shot at Nathan Cleverly's British title, obviously now that looks as if that plan has now been shelved, however possibly a rematch could be a option with Rasani!

On this form he should'nt be in the same arena let alone the same ring as Cleverly!


Danny Murphy {St Albans} v Juris Ivanovs {Latvia}
Result: Murphy won points

In the show closer Danny Murphy, the son of former British featherweight champion Sean who was at ringside cheering on he's sibling looked himself as if he could make feather easily!
From the off Murphy came out showing iniative as he worked over Ivanovs {146lbs} with both hands, looking exceptional for a guy having he's first paid start, as he showed good handspeed and good movement, all could do was soak up whatever was coming he's way as he seemed out of he's league, but when he did throw anything back Murphy {149lbs} showed a nice defence as he outworked to earn a well deserved points decision of
Murphy is one to watch!

Also opening the show was making he's debut at super middle Mark Atkins as he outpointed Jamie Norkett over four rounds, Ken Curtis refereed

Michael Angelo Serra reporting