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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Brentwood International Centre, Brentwood, Essex, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Brentwood international centre, Brentwood, Essex, England
November 28th 2009

Darren Barker was looking to add the much presigous British title to he's Commonwealth crown, that said Barker had originally been scheduled to fight Birmingham's former British champion Wayne Elcock, but due to a stomach complaint Elcock withdrew and at just over 24 hours notice in comes Bristol's English champion Danny Butler.

Southern Area welterweight title

Lee Purdy {Colchester} v Mark Douglas {Wokingham}
Result: Purdy won rsc 4th

Colchester's Purdy making the first defence of he's newly won title, took on the talented Mark Douglas, who back in June gave my co writer Ashley Theophane a close fight at the York Hall in London's Bethnal Green.

It looked as though Purdy {146lbs as was Douglas} was planning an early finish as he caught Douglas early with a series of big punches from both hands that had Douglas in a lot of trouble as he fell into the ropes , as he floundered but eventually rode the storm and survived a hard fought opener, in the second session Douglas started to come back and push Purdy backwards nailing Lee with a succession of right hands, and got back into the fight, the third saw Purdy sustain a bad cut over he's left eye that was a good inch long and it was in a dangerous place on Purdy's eyelid, both took turns to back each man up, however Purdy came out in the fourth with he's title slipping away due to the severity of the cut, in desparation flailed away catching Douglas and seemed to be the stronger inside, when unfortunatley for Douglas he's shoulder popped out and to he's credit he tried to fight back brave beyond the call of duty, but ref Marcus Mcdonnell saw enough and called it off as Douglas was in a lot of pain, Purdy seemed in a sense a tad fortunate.

Purdy hopes to move to the next level in the new year.


Yassine El Maachi {Finsbury Park via Morrocco} v Alex Spitko {Latvia}
Result: El Maachi won rc 3rd

Finsbury Park based El Maachi showed why he's been avoided for a good time now, El Maachi comes across as a little arrogant I felt but was effective as he thuroughly outclassed Spitko, even throwing him around in the clinches in showing great physical strength, as well as some nice moves as he brought Spitko onto he's shots and by doing so was making the punches feel that bit harder.

In the fourth a nice double left hook under and over had the desired effect as the last shot smashed into Alex's nose that made he's snout bleed profusely, shaken by the effects of the double left hook prompting Hinds to jump in and call things off at the


Steve Barnes {Sheffield} v Ian Bailey {Slough}
Result: Bailey won points

Barnes the supposed next big thing out of the Ingle camp, however he was pushed back continuosly by Bailey who kept coming from the opener to the finish, always that bit busier and more determined and it was more than evident in the scoring as Bailey was awarded a close 39-38 points win.


Commonwealth and vacant British middleweight championship

Darren Barker {Barnet} Commonwealth champion v Danny Butler {Bristol}
Result: Barker won rsc 7th

Darren Barker seemed honoured to be fighting for the British title let alone hopefully becoming champion. Butler was drafted in at 24 hours notice and seemed up for it, and this certainly showed in the opener as any pre fight nerves had dispersed once the first bell went, as he continuosly bulled forwards knocking Darren out of he's stride and not allowing the Barnet man to settle, it seemed that Barker had conceded the opener.

However in the second session Barker {159lbs as was Butler} seemed to be using the opener just as a gauge to measure Butler against, as he began to get into a rythm looking relaxed but poised as he was starting to get through with a nice sharp jab that landed to both head and body, Butler just has he had in the opener was determined but could'nt seem to replicate the success from the opening stanza has Barker used he's range to evade the Bristol man's work before scoring himself.

From there on it was all Barker as he resembled at times a man chipping away at a rock, each punch, each combination was from here on taking it's effect, it was in effect the wearing down process that was as such taking it's toll on Butler!

Barker was now becoming the aggressor moreso as the rounds ticked by, beating the Bristol man in every department, the gulf in class was evident and Darren opened up a cut on the bridge of Butler's nose, it seemed it was however a bridge too far for Danny and Barker just took it from there sitting down more on he's punches and landing nicely with both hands as they cut the slack that was Butler's guard and it seemed like it was just a matter of time until Butler's challenge would prove unsuccessful.

Butler was determined and soaked up a huge amount of leather coming from Barker, though he did try he could'nt get through on the Londoner who seemed like a level above.

Barker was in control from the second onwards and the punches were begining to take there toll on Butler, in the seventh destiny was calling and Barker answered as such when he unleashed a lovely combination that got through again, Butler fighting a losing battle but brave to the end kept taking punches and one final fusilade of leather prompted Richie Davies to jump in and save the Bristol man from himself at of the seventh.

So Darren Barker is the new British champion and surely on this performance must be nearing World class, there could be a possible defence against original opponent Wayne Elcock, before a big fight domestically with European champion Matthew Macklin, and how fitting that such a fine fighter and gentleman like Darren Barker should be crowned the last British champion on the eve of the British boxing board of control's centenary celebrations the next day, then afterwards Darren dedicated the win and the title to he's late brother Gary.


Other action saw Phil Fury, Tyson's cousin held to a draw against Louis Byrne at welter and Bradley Evans decision John Baguley over four rounds at lightweight, plus also Daniel Cadman returning at super middle was outpointed over four by Lee Duncan.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting.