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Prizefighter - Light Welterweights - Great Odds  

Author: John Tandy


image Prizefighter narrowed down, lets have a look a how the best line up in Prizefighter in it's history could pan out.

Gavin Rees – 11/4
Colin Lynes – 10/3
David Barnes - 6/1
Micheal Grant - 8/1
Barrie Jones – 10/1
Ted Bami – 10/1
Jason Cook 12/1
Yung Mutley – 20/1

They are offering great odds on the latest Prizefighter series and it is a tough line up especially to pick a winner. It is the first time that anyone of the line up can win it, lets have a closer look and see if we can get rid of a few of the fighters and narrow it down to try and beat the bookies.

Quarter-final draw

1. Michael Grant v Jason Cook

Jason Cook retired back in 2005 but decided to give it another go and fought in September beating a limited Scott Jordan in a 4th round KO. Cook is not known as a fast starter and has been down early in a number of fights early only to turn things around, noticeably Stefano Zoff and Sandro Casamonica. Cook also had his success as a lightweight and although he has fought at a higher weight he will be one of the smaller guys in the tournament. Michael Grant is the unknown source, he has not been tested on a professional level and has been fairly easily matched in his 13 contests. A career best win last time out to the more experienced Christopher Sebire who is decent fighter allows Grant to come in full of confidence. I think you can rule out both of these guys winning the tournament, who wins this fight depends on a few things, how much Cook has left and how good Grant is.

2. Ted Bami v Gavin Rees

This potentially the fight many would have put forward as the final seeing the draw, unfortunately for both men it is a first round match instead. Bami the former European champion has not looked the same since a back injury forced him to relinquish his title. He has 2 losses in his last 4 fights and failed to make the 147lb limit last time out when being stopped by Matthew Hatton. I think Bami will have real issues making weight here and it might leave him drained, although if he does manage it he will have a good height and weight advantage over Rees who is very small for the weight. Rees is a former WBA champion, but he was fortunate to pick up the world title, and quickly lost it in his first defence. Rees is a very fast starter and hence why he is a worthy favourite to win this contest. He is small and allows his hands to flow and will be tough to beat over the 3 rounds. He does have lifestyle issues and this can affect his stamina but over 3 rounds it should not be an issue. I see Rees as a potential winner of this event, not only that I struggle to see either Cook or Grant beating him, hence giving the winner of this fight a nice semi final draw and potential route to the final.

3. Colin Lynes v David Barnes

Another tough fight to call the winner of Barnes has a great chance of winning this tournament and getting his career back on track. Good wins over both Bami and Barry Morrison in his last two fights put Barnes in line for a European title shot, unfortunately that was over a year ago and injury has kept him out of the ring since. Over 3 rounds he will not be able to show any ring rust especially over the man he was due to face for that European title another favourite to win the competition Colin Lynes. Lynes has lost his last 3 fights but two of which desperately close points decisions to Gianluca Branco and Souleymane M'baye both of which it has been rumored he should have won, the other was a 9th round retirement to unbeaten current European champion Paul McCloskey so he is another fighter that is looking to put himself back in the picture by winning this tournament. Can Barnes pick up where he left off, if he can he would be a great outside bet, but Lynes has to be the favourite here.

4. Young Muttley v Barrie Jones

Jones has potentially the easiest draw of the first round, Mutley is coming off a bad defeat to Mihaita Mutu in which he was stopped in 3 rounds. Jones was once thought of as one of the best domestic prospects, loses over Tony Doherty, Kell Brook and a very controversial loss to Soulemane M’Baye took him out of that picture but nevertheless he is still one of my outsiders to cause a shock in this competition, He will have a tough draw in the semi final though should he make it, Lynes and Barnes have all competed at a much higher level. Don’t rule out Mutley he is a fast starter and has competed at a higher level than Jones but he will need to come in a lot better shape than he did against Mutu.

Gavin Rees – 11/4 - Odds look good, he should be there in the final barring injury
Colin Lynes – 10/3 – Tough first round fight, should he come through it we should see him in the final, unless Jones can cause an upset.
David Barnes - 6/1 – Tough First Round fight but if he can shake of the ring rust quickly has a great chance of taking the tournament prize.
Micheal Grant - 8/1 – Is being tipped by some big names in the sport, but hasn’t shown me enough to figure at the end.
Barrie Jones – 10/1 – Big outside shot, unlucky in his two of his three losses, is tall and has a shot.
Ted Bami – 10/1 – Struggle to see Bami getting through the first round, if he does could be a big player
Jason Cook 12/1 – Cook been out for a long time, big ask
Yung Mutley – 20/1 – Coming off a career worst performance, still ability to cause shocks but deserved big ousider.

Semi-final draw

1. Michael Grant or Jason Cook v Ted Bami or Gavin Rees

The winner of Bami v Rees should win this one, unless Grant pulls off a career best performance or Cook can get some of his old form back and it still might not be enough.

2. Colin Lynes or David Barnes v Young Muttley or Barrie Jones

Should be winner of Lynes v Barnes progress, but don’t rule out a great performance from Jones.


I am going for a Rees v Lynes or a Rees v Barnes final

I think Rees is a good bet at 11/4 but 9 rounds in the same night may catch up with him, he is not a big puncher so is likely he will have to complete the rounds, as with all of the others.

Best Bets

Gavin Rees to win $5 would return $18.75
David Barnes $10 (5$ each way) would return - $40 win or $15 if 2nd place

Outside Bet

Barrie Jones $10 ($5 each way) would return - $76.67 for s win or $21.67 for 2nd place