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An evening with Mike Tyson 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image An evening with Mike Tyson
November 7th 2009
Five Lakes hotel and country club, Maldon, Essex, England

So from the land of Sharon, Tracey, Kev and Dave, those whom wear there mini skirts, fluffy dice and white socks with pride {please don't take offence if your from Essex, I am actually myself!}
It made a nice change for myself to take the short drive just down the road where I live to go see the once proclaimed baddest man on the planet.
Mike over here doing a tour of the United Kingdom, under the Jimmy Clyne promotional set up from nearby Braintree in Essex.

Mike had appeared at one venue, the civic hall in Wolverhampton, {who said there wasn't any life north of Watford!}.

Sadly the other night scheduled for Belfast had to be canceled for security reasons, so it was this the second night of Mike's official tour, at the luxurious setting of the Five Lakes hotel, a five star hotel in the Essex countryside.
Tyson revered as one of the greatest boxers ever, from the seven seas to this the Five Lakes, however to the show and due to the huge gathering the actual show took place in a huge sports hall, adjacent to the luxurious settings of the aforementioned hotel.

As myself and my partner Denise arrived at the hotel, we walked in and had some of the food that was on offer, as we tucked in, on the stage was an old face Dave "Boy" Green, the fen tiger, however the one time king of the boxing jungle would be on stage a little later, and when he did it was with the roar of a lion, he was welcomed as such, and a roar of approval.

Misunderstood performed a couple of songs just before one of the most misunderstood took his place, and when he did he it was done in such a way, no one expected it as such, while compere Mark Peters talked away to the crowd, a one time Essex heavyweight champion himself back in 1980, was met by the former Heavyweight champion of the whole wide World!

Mike seemed to be pleased to be here, and was through out polite and a good interview, as he at times got up from his seat and was at times a little animated as he was clearly enjoying the evening, the questions were good, {take note Dermot, I think that's your name} and unlike the interview he had done on Sky tv, he was made to feel comfortable by the interviewer.

Some interesting things Mike said when he was asked the following.

Mark Peters: So Mike, who was the hardest puncher you ever faced?

Mike Tyson: Razor Ruddock I would say, he broke two ribs in my back, and until I fought him I never realised I had ribs in my back, that guy could punch like a mule kick!"

Mark Peters: So was there any fighter who you never fought, that you wished you had?
Mike Tyson: I'd say Michael Moorer, that would have been entertaining

Given a mention was a former security guy simply known as Mick, as Mark bought up his name, Mike remembered him, so did I actually I met him at an Essex boys wedding, funnily the grooms name was Kev strangley!

And those lucky V I P ticket holders, got to meet Mike afterwards.

All in all a great evening, and Jimmy Clyne is really making a name for himself in the promoting game, with only a year and half behind him and only two promotions, he pulled off a major coup in having Mike come over to Britain.

Jimmy also is hopefully lining up more big names from boxing next year and hopes to bring them over to these shores.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting