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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - The Troxy, Limehouse, East London, 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image November 5th 2009
The Troxy, Limehouse, East London, England

City Boxer promotions put on a four fight show at the Troxy in East London.

Billed as "fists of fury" that sounded more like a 1970's martial arts flick, however it was'nt Chuck Norris topping the bill, it was Jack "13" Morris who the fairer sex are beginning to call the "Beckham of boxing" and in the true tradition of both martial arts and soccer, Morris was out to kick arse!, the latter or so I was led to believe by the poster was the bill topper, in actual fact it was Bobby Gladman who topped the show eventually, strange as I believe he was drafted in at late notice as a replacement for Wayne Alwan Arab who had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury, and looks like he won't be in action for some time.

Jack "13" Morris had a series of opponents that fell before him, until finally Adam Wilcox took the job, firstly it was Martin Kuculs then Jamie Norkett, then in comes Paddy Ryan, then it's the aforementioned Wilcox who although comes from cross hands, will touch gloves with anyone!
As for Morris he was given the big screen treatment prior to the fight with Wilcox, and not surprisingly with his film star good looks, quietly spoken on the screen as he is off of it, Jack is not the type of guy to run down an opponent and lets his gloved fists do the talking once the bell rings, silence is golden as is this guy on both counts, boxing's latest golden boy.

And as I have mentioned in came Gladman who strangely was elevated to bill topper, I couldn't understand why, although he did box a six rounder, so on the strength of this, he's merits were awarded!


Jack Morris {Margate} v Adam Wilcox {Cross Hands}
Result: Morris won points

Jack had a last minute replacement in the shape of the broad shouldered, powerful Adam Wilcox a journeyman type who wears he's heart on the cuff of he's glove!

Morris sporting a smart pair of sequined red and white trunks, emblazoned with union jacks and st George flags and the "13" logo, was out to put on a show over four rounds against the immensely strong Welshman.

In the opener things were rather quiet and at times messy as there was on quite a number of occasions a lot of clinching as Morris boxed in spurts as Wilcox rushed him now and again, only to hit thin air and miss by the proverbial mile or two!

However Morris showed a good chin when the powerful Wilcox did land one off of Morris' chin but it hardly registered as Jack showed a good chin and composure as he shrugged it off with ease, moments later Jack landed with a decent right of his own to the Welshman's chin, also Jack was beginning to get inside more so and out fought his man with quick shots before moving to evade anything Wilcox could retaliate with.
Morris hardly missed and used his height and reach on Adam, who try as he did couldn't seem to find the intended target, Jack's handsome countenance!

Morris lean and in terrific shape moved nicely and although not particularly busy, knew exactly what he was doing and when he needed to as such, just moving out of arms length and harms way, Morris {12st 3lbs} countered with sharp precise jabs that scored, it was a masterful display at times and in terms Jack boxed a tonic.

Wilcox however when he did manage to get inside was quickly disarmed as Morris tied him up before he could unleash anything of note, as things continued Morris showed good power in the second as he looked as if he managed to stagger the normally rock jawed Wilcox, who was possibly a little off balance in fairness, but it was clear that Wilcox {12st 5lbs} was out of his league as he was beaten in every department by Morris whom punctuated his dominance just before the bell with a long left hook to Wilcox's chin.

Morris continuously moved and scored and a big right from the Margate man opened a nasty looking cut on Wilcox's , that was testament to his punching power, the third man Parris took a brief look before letting things resume, but a little later called a time out and the ringside doctor was called to inspect the laceration, however fortunately for Wilcox he was allowed to continue but was met by the same quick bursts that Morris was metering out on his brave but outgunned opponent, as this continued into the fourth and final session, Wilcox was always trying to win right up to the end but trying being the operative word as it was Jack who was winning without too much trying.

At the bell it was no surprise when Jack's hand was raised, although I didn't agree with the 39-37 scoreline in Jack's favour from Davies, I had it 40-37 myself for Morris, the Margate man moves to 5-1 with the one stoppage and looks like one to watch, mind you there's no need to tell the ladies!


Eder Kurti {Albania via Woolwich} v Matt Scriven {Nottingham}
Result: Kurti won points

No disrespect to either guy in there, but this fight resembled nothing more than a glorified sparring session for the best part of the twelve minutes of action, Kurti {12st 1lb}did at times showboat a little, but did show a lovely left jab as Scriven {12st} threw the odd shot that sailed past.

A nice touch from Eder was at the start of the fourth when he noticed that Scriven's bootlace had come undone and pointed to the respective boot for the third man Davies to get the aforementioned tied.

Kurti doubled his left hand almost in rapier fashion and at times when the mood took him dug in with some effective looking body shots, but Scriven took them with out any problems and survived to the finish in dropping a 40-36 points decision on Davies official card.


Bobby Gladman {Cheshunt} v Jimmy Briggs {Barnstaple}
Result: Gladman won points

In a fairly quietish opener in the main event that was the last fight on the show, both did very little other than use there respective left jabs, although taking a big right on the chin from Briggs, Gladman shrugged it off well before getting behind the left hand, as they both stood off with no fighter willing to come forward, it wasn't making for a particularly exciting spectacle, but it was one for the purists.

In the third there was a little more action as Briggs {10st 9lbs} was trying to bring the fight to Gladman who kept his composure nicely as he showed some nice head movement as he went nicely to Briggs body with the left hook.

In the fourth a good exchange from the two saw them get involved a little more so, however Gladman showed a lovely left hook to the body as he had done in the previous session.

Round five saw Briggs open up again but it was his undoing as Gladman {10st 12lbs} picked his man off as he got through landing effectively, before reverting back to using his left jab, it was nice watching Gladman as he showed nice tight defensive skills and good concentrated boxing as he scored with nice long straight punches.
In the final session the sixth, Briggs again tried to come in flailing away, but Gladman ducked making Briggs look raw as he neatly got into range, using his boxing skills to outbox Briggs and take Davies score of 59-57, I had it much wider in favour of Gladman, however Gladman despite his nickname being bad man looked pretty good!

Bobby moves to 3-0 and could be one along with his stablemate Phil Gill to watch.


Phil Gill {Cheshunt} v Kristain Laight {Nuneaton}
Result: Gill won points

Gill the shorter of the two, came out getting in close despite taking a solid southpaw jab from the Midlander, Gill took the initiative getting in close and working away, however to Laight's credit he did land now and again but missed with the majority he did throw.

In the second Laight came to life a little but Gill {10st 1lb} showed good head movement as he bobbed his way in as he landed with good accurate shots, as he maintained the pressure Laight fell to the canvas more so to early signs of exhaustion.

Gill continued the steady flow of pressure, although somewhat workman like in his performance, it ain't always how you win, it's that you win.

Gill's physical strength was evident almost every time the two got into a clinch, as the Cheshunt fighter tossed Laight around like a rag doll in the clinches, though Gill wasn't as polished as he was last time out against Karl Taylor, he was just as effective.

Laight was trying to make an argument of it through out, but it was Gill's never say die attitude that proved too much, twice in the final session Laight {10st 3lbs} visited the canvas more so due to tiredness as the fight wore on, the first visit was ruled a slip, and later on in the same session Gill seemed to throw Laight to the canvas and as Kristian was falling Gill landed a short right, Laight seemed to be heading south due to the judo style throw that Gill executed more so than the legitimacy of the actual punch, and was unfortunate referee Davies ruled it a knockdown, which it clearly wasn't.
Laight to his credit was game but it was the sheer pressure of Gill that won the day and although it wasn't as good as Phil's last performance, you can't look good every time out, Gill moves to 4-0 with the one stoppage and is next out at Watford.

Richie Davies scored 40-37 in favour of Gill who looks like he can certainly fight and is on the way up.


Also prior to the boxing beginning, we had the pleasure of the vocal skills of former undisputed World welterweight champion John H Stracey, who sung a few of the songs of the great Frank Sinatra.

Fly me to the moon, was one of the hits before the hits took there place in the roped square.
And also what with it being the inaugural promotion of CityBoxer, it was a very well organised even and I most certainly look forward to there future shows.

Fly me to the moon?, with great promotions like this, I'm there already, good bye Earthlings!

Michael Angelo Serra reporting