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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England
October 4th 2009

So it was at the York Hall in London's Bethnal Green, that the Hayemaker promotions put on a six fight card, on a untelevised show.
Headlining was Hammersmith's George Groves a super middleweight prospect, and in attendance was David Haye cheering on his stablemate.


George Groves {Hammersmith} v Martins Kucals {Latvia}
Result: Groves won rsc 5th

It is rather easy to put this contest into perspective, Groves got off to a flying start hitting Kucals with everything plus the kitchen sink, only for Kucals to soak up enormous amounts of punishment and still come punching back, in essence almost making a mockery of Groves punching power.

Each round was in respect a carbon copy of each preceding session as Groves moved up the gears and resembled a man with a axe chopping away at a great oak, well Kucals was teak tough.
Even when it looked as if Groves {12st 2lbs} was on the verge of ending things Kucals just gritted his teeth and came punching back, when he decided to unleash from a crab like defence as he tucked up for the best part of the fight.

However it seemed Groves was not going to put a dent in the Latvian's chin, so naturally he went to the body, and with the accumulation of leather in ten ounce form to the visitors midsection, the body shots were beginning to take there toll, more so in the fifth when Groves sunk in a big left hook-right combination that made the Latvian go down on one knee for a count of "six".

Kuculs {12st} brave beyond the call of duty arose but was met by a big left hook to the body that made the Latvian buckle, with that his corner threw in the towel only for third man Ken Curtis to kick out the aforementioned piece of cloth, however Groves pinned his man on the ropes and let go with a combination and what with little coming back, Curtis finally stopped the slaughter at 2:50 of the fifth.

Groves certainly can fight and looks like he will be in title contention fairly in the coming year or so!


Robert Lloyd Taylor {Northolt} v Lee Noble {Barnsley}
Result: Taylor won points

Taylor a neat boxer showed good skills and no apparent ring rust as he returned from a two year hiatus, showing good movement in the opening couple of rounds, and notching up those rounds with good educated boxing, Taylor {11st 6lbs} noticeably tired as the contest wore on, enabling Noble {11st 8lbs} to nick the last round as he caught Taylor with some heavy shots, but it was Taylor who took ref Hinds tally of 40-37.


Nathan Weise {Thamesmead} v Matt Scriven {Nottingham}
Result: Weise won points

This was a surprisingly entertaining contest, in which Scriven battled hard in possibly due to the fact he felt that Weise {11st} was a little careless with his elbow, accidental though it was.
Weise and Scriven engaged into lively exchanges, and Scriven {11st 7lbs} cut under the right eye and over the left eye fought his heart out but it was the slimmer looking Weise whose greater accuracy was proving too much of a problem for the immensely game Scriven as the Thamesmead man took a 40-36 points decision on Hinds card, I did however have it a little closer myself.


Darryl Setterfield {Redhill} v Kevin Lilley {West Ham}
Result: Setterfield won points

Sussex light middle Setterfield had to settle for a well earned 40-37 points win as he for most of the fight backed up the tough as nails Lilley {11st 3lbs} from just down the road from neighboring West Ham.

Darryl {11st 1lbs} proved far too strong and kept whaling away as Lilley tried but was coming off the worse for wear throughout there four rounder, Ken Curtis officiated.

And afterwards Kevin Lilley announced his retirement from boxing, he was a brave uncompromising fighter who gave the fans more than there value for money!


Jamal Morrison {Kilburn} v Duncan Cottier {Romford}
Result: Morrison won points

Sadly before this fight got underway some so called fan in the crowd began getting into verbals with Cottier, after a exchange of words Cottier asked his assailant into the ring, obviously the troublemaker felt discretion was the better part of valor naturally!

Like George Foreman back in the seventies took on five opponents in succession in his infamous Toronto five line up, Cottier almost did manage two fights, thankfully the situation didn't get out of hand!

Now to the serious business of boxing and Morrison {10st 12lbs} seemed that bit too accurate for the come forward crowd pleasing Cottier {11st 6lbs} who gave it a go but couldn't negate the slick Morrison who took a easy 40-36 on Hinds card.

As for the troublemaker before hand, he made a hasty retreat and was no where to be seen, as Duncan left the ring, sensible man.


Caine Brodie {Peterborough} v Adam Wilcox {Cross Hands}
Result: Brodie won points

Brodie contented himself on a Sunday afternoon as he out boxed the bull like Wilcox {12st 4lbs}, one of the games true value for money fighters, as he continuously scored on the tough Welshman.
Wilcox bulled forwards but at times got tagged, causing him to back away before unleashing a salvo that for the best part missed.

Brodie {12st 3lbs} orchestrated a masterful performance and showed good ring generalship landing with hooks from both hands, that caused a swelling over Adam's left eye, at the bell Brodie was awarded a wide comfortable points win of 40-36 on Curtis card.


Later on I met up with David Haye and discussed tactics with him, talking of our to circle and get in and out with a couple of shots each time, I told him the way Michael Spinks beat Larry Holmes twice and Gerry Cooney, David's face took on a most interested look as if what I was telling him was the correct tactics to take in to his battle with Goliath, yep the penny dropped before his battle for the richest prize in sports!
Some two weeks after our little conversation, strangely David changes his tactics, I think I planted a seed that very day.....the rest they say is history.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting and giving out tactics to Mr Haye.