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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Watford Colliseum, Watford, Herfordshire, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image September 25th 2009
Watford Colliseum, Watford, Herfordshire, England

On a Micky Helliet show, J.J Ojuederie took on the stubborn Michael Banbula for the vacant British masters cruiserweight title.
It was interesting to see Ojuederie's nemesis Joey Vegas in attendance, a mooted rubber match perhaps?

J.J Ojuederie {Walthamstow} v Michael Banbula {Staines}
Result: J.J Ojuederie won points

Ojuederie a Southern Area light heavyweight champion, also a British masters at the lighter poundage was moving up in weight for this one, Banbula the only man also to have beaten Helliet's other prospect Jack Morris back in 2007.
Ojuederie came out with a high guard as he utilised his jab, as did Banbula {12st 11lbs}, each round both men took turns backing the other man up with there respective jabs, it was one for the purists as the fight was devoid of any real excitement, Banbula who has a reputation as a spoiler did very little in this fight to prove otherwise but was determined to make an impact as he seemed to shade the majority of the first five or six rounds, many of the rounds were close.
Ojuederie sustained some bad facial damage later on with swellings over both eyes, but kept in there jabbing away even cutting Banbula's lip, although Ojuederie {12st 12lbs} seemed to fall short a lot of the time.

It wasn't the most exciting of match ups, but Ojuederie possibly did enough in the latter rounds but in a fight that was hardly action packed, as he took the decision of 97-96 on Marcus Mcdonnell's card and annexed the vacant British masters title, as I have mentioned before former nemesis Joey Vegas was in attendance, so don't be surprised if a third meeting of Ojuerderie-Vegas is on the horizon or possibly a rematch with Banbula.


Sam Rukundo {Uganda via Sweden} v Jimmy Briggs {Barnstaple}
Result: Sam Rukundo won points

Rukundo came forwards taking the fight to, from his southpaw stance Sam landed also with straight lefts as he doubled up his southpaw jab, Briggs {10st 10lbs} covered up, gloves high and Rukundo {10st 9lbs} had no trouble whatsoever as he hardly was put in a position of danger, what did land had hardly any power behind and the rounds were a carbon copy of the previous session to take all four rounds in a fairly tame affair on the scorecard of 40-37


Bobby Gladman {Cheshunt} v Kristain Laight {Nuneaton}
Result: Bobby Gladman won points

It was a fairly uninspiring performance from Gladman{10st 7lbs} , both took turns to push forwards but it was for the majority of the contest Gladman who was doing the scoring, although he seemed to have problems tracking Laight {10st 6lbs} and getting into range, but he did enough though it was a rather uninspiring performance as he took a comfortable 40-37 points decision.


Phil Gill {Cheshunt} v Karl Taylor {Birmingham}
Result: Phil Gill won retirement third round.

Phil Gill came out asserting himself from the opener, using a left jab to find his way on the inside before landing with right hands, and also began to land with nice fast two handed attacks a little later that had Taylor backing away, however when Taylor did try and punch back, Gill showing a nice defense mearly moving a couple of inches out of arms length, before unleashing a salvo of punches that met Taylor's rugged countenance!

Gill showed a maturity that belied that of a guy having his third paid outing, he looked more like the veteran the way he moved than Taylor did, as he showed patience and pace in dismantling his much more experienced foe, who try that he may was missing most of the time, and what he did land with seemed to have any, if little effect on the Hertfordshire man.

In Gill's last fight against Craig Dyer, it was a very much impatient kind of performance that was great to watch, but Gill showed a much different aproach this time around, as he patiently stalked his prey landing with nice sharp accurate shots, that seemed to find the target time and again, mixing in short uppercuts from both hands on the inside for good measure that knocked back Taylor's head.

Taylor backing off earlier was now backed onto the ropes where Gill could'nt seem to miss with his right hands, each succesive shot thudded against the Birmingham man's head, knocking it back as if it was on a swivel, and it looked that the end was'nt far away as Taylor was eating an alarming amount of leather as Gill also scored nicely to Karl's body, as the veteran threw shots, that Gill was ducking under before scoring with his own shots!

Gill dominated Taylor far more than former British champion and one time World title challenger Graham Earl did back in June, as he backed up Taylor continuosly, something Earl could'nt do and if this performance was anything to gauge Gill's progress by as a pro so far, then he most certainly will do as such, and that's go far.

It seems that Gill can adapt as such to certain opponents and at this early stage in his career, it's evident the better the opponent that much better the performance, I await the next installment of "the experience" in anticipation!


Joe Smyth {St Albans} v Jevgenis Andreevs {Latvia}
Joe Smyth won points

Hertfordshire's Joe Smyth had little to beat in, as he easily outpointed a fighter who continuously clowned from start to finish and did very little else.

Smyth {12st 13lbs} did as he pleased as he got behind a nice left jab to rack up points, as Andreevs {12st 8lbs} continuously dropped his hands and made fun of the St Albans man.
Smythe kept to the job in hand and kept piling up the points with effective boxing, but the Latvian kept showboating and was losing every round on McDonnell's scorecard that finally read 40-36.


Ervis Jergeni {Derby} v Marco Stevenson {Luton}
Result: Ervis Jergeni won rsc 1st round

It was a nightmare start to the pro career of Luton's Marco Stevenson as his debut lasted a mere 40 seconds of the opener as he was floored by a short, powerful right hand from Jergeni that sent the much taller Stevenson crashing to the canvas, before hand Stevenson {12st 9lbs} moved nicely as he circled as he tried to mix it now and again against the much shorter stocky looking Jergeni.

As Stevenson moved, Jergeni {12st 8lbs} got inside and landed the finisher, as Stevenson got up, he look unsteady and referee Marcus Mcdonnel's stoppage was a good one.


Kenroy Lambert {Luton} v Luke Osman {Treharris}
Result: Luke Osman won rsc 4th round

Kenroy Lambert was making a comeback at middle after being stopped at the higher poundage against prospect Jack "13" Morris last time out, funnily enough Morris next opponent Martin Kucals was the opponent for Kenroy but Kucals was replaced by Luke Osman.

Osman to his credit, had a car accident earlier in the day and he must be applauded for not pulling out, however the fight was a fairly well paced one as both got in close banging away, but Osman {12st} seemed to get the better of things, as he soon took the iniative as he did the better work throughout although Kenroy tried he was coming off second best and he was shaken by combinations by Osman, Lambert {11st 13lbs} in the final session got caught and referee Mark Green saw enough halting the fight after just 27 seconds of the final session in favour of Osman.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting