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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England

British light welterweight title

In a rematch for this very same title, Morden's Lenny Daws was out to exact revenge over Motherwell's Barry Morrison for this the now vacant title, that Ajose Olusegun had vacated as he is now expected to be fighting in an official eliminator for the WBC title in the not too distant future.

In there first fight Morrison seemed to win handily taking a unanimous decision over Daws, and with only two weeks notice Morrison stepped in, as Daws was originally slated to challenge the then champion Olusegun for this title.

In the opener Morrison went well to the body, as both weighing the same {9st 13lbs} utilised there respective jabs, however it was Morrison who got inside and seemed the more powerful of the two, Daws at times mearly claimed his man as he tied him up in the clinches, Daws better jab seemed to tip the round in his favour.

The next four rounds saw both get inside, but Daws despite taking a big left hook on the button countered nicely picking off Morrison at times, but it was the Motherwell man who got the better of things inside as he got through to the body, also managing to cause a small mousse under Daws left eye, Morrison continued to get the better of the Morden man, with better work rate and accuracy.

The sixth and seventh saw a changing of the guard as Daws came back into the reckoning as he started to get his shots off better, scoring nicely with his left jab, Morrison did score well to the body with some heavy shots, but it was Daws who got the better of things.

Daws in the Eighth slipped over, and it was rightfully ruled as, Lenny picked himself up and continued to pick off Morrison as it was the Morden man who started to look the fresher, and surprisingly it was Daws who despite earlier losing the war on the inside was winning it as such as he got back in on the inside, Daws landed a right that floored Morrison and although it looked a genuine knockdown it was ruled a slip, as the third man helped the tough Scot to his feet as the bell rang to end the round that Daws dominated.

The ninth saw Morrison intentionally spit his gumshield out to buy some time, when action resumed both locked horns, as Daws was'nt going to let up or let Morrison back into the fight, as he bounced left hooks off of Barry's head, and despite tiring badly Morrison gritted his teeth and fought back bravely but it now apeared a losing battle as he constantly found himself picked off yet again, yet again Morrison's mouthpiece flopped out, again it was a sign of tiredness, almost surrender in a sense, he sucked up after th afforementioned guard was replaced and threw a burst, but despite the guard in his mouth, it was the one in front of him that he could'nt get through as Daws looked that bit technically better as Daw's fans chanted "Lenny Daws, Lenny Daws, Lenny Daws" as the man they were cheering notched up another round.
In the tenth and what would prove ultimately the end of Morrison's challenge, Daws carried on from where he left off, Morrison's right eye was swelling up, as Daws corner kept the mousse under his left eye under control, as Daws had the Scotsman in the pugilistic sense.

Morrison looked a spent force, mouth a little open, Daws got through with a left-right that floored the brave tough Scot, who sat out the ten administered by, and thus was counted out at 1:30 of the tenth, Daws had regained the British title and also gained revenge from the man who relieved him of such status over two and a half years earlier.


English super bantamweight title

Matthew Marsh {West Ham} v Josh Wale {Brampton}
Result: Marsh won points

In another vacant title fight Matthew Marsh took on Josh Wale over ten rounds.

Marsh who had been inactive since last November, was forced to give up his British title at this very weight due to wieght problems before a defence of his British bauble and did'nt have enough time to shed the extra pounds ahead of the weigh in, Marsh better prepared made the wieght okay, and the lay off was a little evident to begin with.

In the opener Wale backed up Marsh {8st 10lbs} continuosly and appeared to be a lot stronger on the inside as he basically bullied the Londoner, taking him out of his stride and his gameplan, constantly pressuring Marsh who found himself either cornered or on the ropes taking punishment, despite getting the worst of it, Marsh possibly had a little rust to shed from the lay off, he did fight his way off the ropes now and again,and did manage to turn the tables on Wale, but it was the Brampton man who easily took the opener with better workrate and aggression.
Wale's early success proved to be short lived, as Marsh began to let Wale rush in as he had the previous round, only to make Josh miss with his shots and punish him with short counters off of the ropes, circling Marsh kept finding the target as Wale { 8st 8lbs} showed a lot of patience, never giving up hope.

From there on it was all Marsh as he showed a masterful display, almost text book to dominate Wale, whose success rate was scarce, one combo that did land from Wale knocked out Marsh's gum shield in the third and amazingly Marsh boxed the rest of the round with out it!

Round four saw Marsh pick off Wale again and again, body and head, Wale could'nt quite find out how to deal with Marsh who repeatedly got through time and again, however when Marsh was trapped on the ropes he showed excellent head movement in evading Wales punches in the fifth.
Wale seemed to have more success in the sixth as he got through as Marsh seemed to take a breather, but when Matthew decided to work it was one way traffic, the flow of punches coming from the West Ham fighter were far too accurate for the Brampton man in the following round the seventh, Marsh caught the come forwards Wale with a big right that sent him in the opposite direction into the ropes.

Round eight was a quietly fought round as Marsh picked his shots, landing single punches again taking the round, the next round the ninth things picked up, as Marsh opened up on Wale, who by now had a cut over his left eye that was worsening as it bled profusely as he covered up, Marsh was continuosly worked all the way through to the final bell and took a well earned wide points decison of 97-94 which seemed to replicate my scorecard, and in doing so picked up the vacant English title.


Terry Dunstan {Vauxhall} v Krisztian Jaksi {Hungary}
Result: Dunstan won points

Dunstan fresh off his failure in prizefighter, returned against an almost candidate for the nobel peace prize in Hungarian Krisztian Jaksi a blubbery looking fighter, though both weighed in at 14st 8lbs and Terry looked better shape wise.
From the opener to the finish Dunstan did pretty much what he wanted, it was too one sided and Jaksi was lucky he was'nt on his, with the ammount of punches he took!

Jaksi came to lose and didn't even put up a effort to do otherwise, Dunstan should be looking at himself after this lame effort and see what really is left for him in the game, possibly Terry was just looking to get rounds under his belt, who knows and on this performance who cares.
Dunstan who originally was due to fight Mickey Steeds also from the prizefighter, it would have been better than this and surely could'nt have been any worse than this offering.

Dunstan went to the body in the opener, Jaksi landed with a clumsy looking right, a punch Dunstan should'nt have even taken, even Terry took a left hook from the amateurish Jaksi.
Round two played out as did round one, Dunstan dominated in a slow paced boring affair.
The third saw Dunstan land a neat right to the visitor's head that sent spray from his head, another big right later had Jaksi stumbling away from Dunstan, but Jaksi held and survived, really it should have ended there and then, but it did'nt unfortunately!

Just before the bell to his credit Jaksi threw a desparation right that missed, not surprisingly!
Rounds four and five were no different to each other, and the sixth saw Jaksi noticabley marked around his left eye, plod on as Dunstan landed again with a right that almost proved a wake up call for the limited Hungarian, who even beckoned on Dunstan who did'nt answer the call he had given the portly Eastern European, however Dunstan did land a right-left to Jaksi's chin and took a easy one sided points verdict over six tedious rounds, Dunstan was lacklustre and needs better opposition than this to see how much he has left in the game, Referee Hines scored the contest 60-54, guess who won?

Could I do better than Jaksi? no I couldn't, but I'm a writer not a fighter!


Ben Jones {Crawley} v Gavin Reid {Redcar}
Result: Jones won points

At super feather Crawley's Ben Jones had to work hard to take a hard fought points verdict over Middlesborough's Gavin Reid.

Jones picked off Reid at times, as he gave ground to the busy Redcar fighter, Jones scored with a nice left jab also mixing his shots well in the form of a sneaky right and a series of uppercuts.
In the fifth Jones {9st 1lbs} had sustained a nose bleed, and it was Reid {8st 10lbs} who seemed to get the better of things as he proved more accurate.

In the sixth both got inside and worked away with a busy pace, as the action was too and throw, the final round seemed to reflect it as such in the scorecards as ref Parris who scored it all even after six rounds at 58-58 to each man, although I felt Jones did enough.


John Dennard {Chelmsford} v Arturs Selaves {Coventry via Latvia}
Result: Selaves won points

Chelmsford's John Dennard beared a slight facial resemblence to Joe Calzaghe, the similarities ended there.

Dennard almost statue like in his upright stance came forwards most of the time but his timing was less than effective as he was picked off by fast bursts of punches from the Coventry based Latvian, who let his shots go when cornered, one burst managed to cut Dennard {11st 4lbs} over his right eye.

In the second Dennard did land with a decent left hook, but that was it as he couldn't get near his tormentor and wasn't busy enough to make any impression it seemed.

Arturs got through time and again, with some very impressive bursts, his hand speed was very effective and Dennard wasn't up to the task in front of him, Seleves {11st 3lbs} continuously scored with his much quicker punches and also cut Dennard on the scalp, that bled profusely, however he tried but failed miserably to make things close, and when the score of 39-38 was announced in favour of Seleves by a single point, I wondered what fight Hinds was watching.

Also in undercard action debutant Chris Keane made short work of Viktor Szalai of Hungary at cruiser, Hinds stopping the fight in Keane's favour, while Troy James floored Elimir Rafael twice in the second round, before again flooring him in the third to bring about the stoppage, as Dave Parris had seen enough.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting