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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England

Miranda Carter, Left Jab promotion.

On a Sunday afternoon, Miranda Carter put on a well matched card, that produced a couple of very exciting four and six rounders as you'll find out in this report, a few welcome additions to the pro ranks were Billy Slate and Tony Conquest who showed plenty of promise in there respective debuts.


Ryan Toms {Northolt} v Duncan Cotier {Chelmsford}
Result: Toms won points

In the show opener, Ryan Toms notched up another win as he outpointed over four rounds.
In a rather slow paced opener Toms seemed to edge the round but sustained a cut over his right eye in the second which ref Jeff Hinds inspected, the blood was coursing down the side of Toms face luckily and when the action resumed, it proved a wake up call of sorts as Ryan hurt Cottier {11st 7lbs} with a straight left, that sent the Essex man into the ropes.

It seemed Toms {11st 1lbs} patented body attack was proving the winning formula as over the last couple of rounds, he managed to get through again to the body where he noticeably was hurting his man, southpaw Ryan finished on top and took a well deserved 40-36 on Hinds card.

Ben Lawler {Skegness} v Tony Owen {Carlshalton}
Result: Tony Owen won points

Both got in close to begin with, but it was Lawler who began to circle, showing some nice work, Owen responded with a hard shot to the body, that had the desired effect as Lawler was backed up to the ropes, to his credit he fought back but took a nice looking uppercut as they got in close again.

Rounds two and three saw Owen take the iniative as he came forwards landing to Lawler's head a number of times, but Lawler {10st 1lbs} made things a little closer in the third as he stood his ground that bit moreso.

The final session saw Owen {9st 13lbs} continuosly back his man up as he seemed to be the more solid puncher, and this was reflected in the scorecard of 40-35.


Matt Jack {Newmarket} v Adam Wilcox {Wales}
Result: Draw

In a highly entertaining match at super middle, Matt Jack and Adam Wilcox put on a very competitive four rounds of boxing for the sunday afternoon faithfull, well if you could call it boxing as such, as both got involved in a crowd pleasing war.

Jack {12st 2lbs} got in close and had the stocky powerful, Wilcox backing away in the opener, and seemed to do enough to nick the opener. In the second however Wilcox {12st 4lbs} had much better success, in close himself repeatedly knocking back Jack's head with heavy shots, Matt did well to stay up after taking some big punches, and Wilcox took the round.

The last two rounds were fought at a very good pace as both seemingly had the upper hand in a to and fro session, Wilcox seemed to be hurting Jack more so and was the heavier puncher.

When the decision was announced, no one complained when the bout was declared a draw, and these two hopefully will fight again.


Tony Conquest {Romford} v Bobby Scott {Kennington}
Result:Conquest won on points

Making his debut at cruiser was Tony Conquest, who had little if any trouble with Kennington's Bobby Scott.

From the first round, Tony circled scoring with ease behind his left jab on his stockier opponent {13st 6lbs}, one big Conquest {13st 3lbs} right in the opener sent Scott in to the ropes, from there on the writing was on the wall, as Conquest continuosly piled up points behind his left hand and took a easy 40-36 points decision from Referee Davies, Conquest looks promising and is certainly one to watch, and a welcome addition to the pro ranks, his performance belied that of a man in his first paid outing!


Leon Williams {Streatham} v Mark Lewis {Nottingham}
Result: Williams won points

Leon Williams, whose ring attire resembles that of Mike Tyson, trys to fight like the former champ, but sadly lacks power it would seem, as he constantly kept the pressure on a rather hapless Lewis, who covered up for the best part of the session, as Williams {14st} nicknamed "solid" certainly showed it in the form of work rate as opposed to punch power, as he couldn't miss the target that was Lewis.

Lewis {14st 3lbs} did try and reinvent himself in the second, but still was on a hiding to nothing as he resembled little more than a human punchbag for the best part of the four rounds and not surprisingly it showed on the scorecard of Richie Davies who had it 40-36 in favour of the Londoner, who now moves to 3-0 with the one win inside schedule.


Billy Slate {Romford} v Jamie Ambler {Wales}
Result: Slate won points

Romford's Billy Slate made an impressive debut, and although I felt looked fortunate to get the nod over the oft beat, but under rated Ambler who despite his poor record is a better fighter than the mathematics may suggest.

It was a give and take session to begin with in this a four rounder, both men weighed 12st 3lbs, however Ambler much the taller got on his bike and tried to find his range, as Slate got through as he worked the body nicely.

Over the next couple of rounds Ambler mixed it up moreso and attacked as he got through with some solid shots himself, even managing to back up Slate at times, before reverting back to circling behind the jab, who to his credit was taking on a much more vastly experienced campaigner in Ambler, especially in his first pro start.
Slate did show some good movement and when it was his turn to back up Ambler, he did unload some nice combination's, landing mostly to the tall, gangly Welshman's midsection, however I felt Ambler landed the more punches and although he did'nt argue with the decision, I had the Welshman the winner by a single point, as opposed to the official score line of Richie Davies 39-37 in favour of the Romford man.


Pat Mcaleese {Newmarket} v Geraint Harvey {Mountain Ash}
Result: Mcaleese won points

In a six rounder Pat Mcaleese got off to a terrible start, as he was badly wobbled and cut over his right eye and could'nt seem to get off, however things took a turn for the better from the second onwards as Pat came into own as he got inside and started to prove the stronger as he dictated the pace and took control,
Harvey could'nt find a way back into the fight it seemed, and Mcaleese {11st 2lbs} went from strength to strength as he pressured the Welshman {10st 9lbs}, almost even flooring Harvey in the fourth, further more bursts of punches from the Newmarket man were visibly taking there toll on Geraint as he almost folded.

In the fifth amazingly Harvey looked rejuvenated but still it was'nt enough to ruffle Mcaleese as he finished strongly over the last two sessions and took a well deserved 59-56 decision, that I felt was a very accurate scoreline on referee Jeff Hinds official card.


John Wayne Hibbert {Stanford le hope} v Andrew Patterson {Birmingham}
Result: Hibbert won rsc 2nd

In the show closer Hibbert didn't waste any time sizing up Patterson as he got to work straight away, as he let "em" go with both hands as Patterson covered up, trying to survive the fusillade of leather coming in his direction.
However what Patterson {10st 10lbs} did offer in form of an attack, had very little power wise to unsettle his tormentor as he's punches lacked power and were devoid of any workrate as he threw single pot shots, however Hibbert replied in kind with big right hands and breezed through the opener winning it easily.

Round two saw Hibbert {10st 12lbs} begin to dissect Patterson as he went about business breaking his man up, a series of hooks from the Essex man made Patterson sink to the canvas for a count of four, getting up he was in for more punishment as he was on the end of right handers and left hooks, a big right staggered Patterson into the ropes which prompted ref Jeff Hinds to call a halt to proceedings at 34 seconds of the third saving Patterson from further punishment, Hibbert moves to 2-0.