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Is Mayweather Now Number One Pound For Pound Once Again? 

Author: Aaron Screen


image After nearly two years out Floyd Mayweather on Saturday evening made his long anticipated return against fellow pound for pound great Juan Manuel Marquez and remained undefeated in impressive fashion. Whilst Marquez was game he simply has no answer to the speed and skill of Mayweather. What was surprising wasn’t the fact that Mayweather won, he was expected by many to beat the smaller man, it was the manner in which he defeated him.

Marquez has lost before but he has NEVER been beaten like this, the defeat to Mayweather was more decisive than any of his previous losses put together. It could be argued that Marquez is unlucky not to have been coming into the fight with Floyd with an undefeated record as each of his prior losses could be viewed as controversial.

Prior to his loss to Mayweather the only fighters to defeat the brilliant Mexican were Javier Duran (disqualification loss in his pro debut) Freddie Norwood, Chris John and Manny Pacquiao, all were close fights, close enough to be disputed. There was no disputing this decision Floyd was Judge, Jury and Executioner and Marquez (50-5-1) was gracious enough to accept this and acknowledged that despite his best efforts the man they call Money was just too good.

Whether you love or hate him and despite fighting a smaller man what cannot be argued is that his performance was outstanding considering that Floyd was coming off a two year layoff, which brings me to the purpose of this article. For the past two years, because of his absence due to premature retirement Mayweather has been absent from all Pound for Pound lists, even when he announced his return back to the squared ring, most critics refused to place him back on the list until he actually competed. I am not arguing whether this is right or wrong I am simply asking where does he now stand after returning to defeat the number two fighter on the list?

Floyd fans would argue that he has never been beaten, he retired as the best and came back as the best and his performance over Marquez merely emphasises this.

On the contrary Pacquiao fans would argue that since Mayweather retired, the Pacman has taken over the mantle as pound for pound best by stepping up and defeating stellar competition and until this impressive streak ceases to continue he should remain as number one.

Both have good points, when looking at their common foes, again both would have differing opinions, Pacquiao has remained active and beat De La Hoya and Hatton in more impressive fashion than Mayweather, who would argue that he beat Marquez in more impressive fashion than Pacquiao, beat Hatton when he was undefeated whilst fighting De La Hoya at a weight he has never fought at.

Pacquiao may have beat a faded Hatton and a weight drained De La Hoya, but Mayweather beat Marquez with a distinct weight advantage in a division that he has never fought at.

These are just a few of the many arguments that arise when these two great fighters are mentioned in the same breath. As I mentioned both have good points, but which has the greatest argument to claim the title as the world’s best. Fight fans which is it, Pacman or Pretty Boy?

Is the fact that Mayweather has returned and beat the man who gave Pacquiao so much trouble enough, or must he first beat Pacquiao to regain his title as boxing’s best?

The question is a difficult one to answer and will lead to many disagreements between boxing fans but what will be agreed is that to put the issue to bed Mayweather and Pacquiao MUST fight each other and soon this is the only way we will really know who is numero uno.