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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Watford Colliseum, Watford, Hertfordshire, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Watford Colliseum, Watford, Hertfordshire, England

September 5th, 2009

John O'Donnell {Shepherds Bush} v Tom Glover {Maldon}

Result: O'Donnell won rsc 6th

On a Mick Hennessey show. John O'Donnell was looking to notch up a defence of his newly won Commonwealth title, but O'Donnell's title wasn't on the line due to the fact that Ghana's Phil Kotey who is now scheduled to challenge O'Donnell in December objected as such, however it was still over the twelve round championship course.
Glover had been on a good run of wins as he notched up the Southern Area title and beat last time out comprehensively Jonathan Thaxton, in lining up this a supposed title chance against the transplanted Irishman, who resides in Shepherds Bush in West London.

It became all too evident from pretty much the opener, who had the skill factor of the two, O'Donnell {10st 7lbs} naturally had height and reach advantages over the seemingly much shorter Glover {10st 6lbs}, who seemed in too deep as he took a great deal of punishment from the outset as O'Donnell couldn't miss with his straight shots.

If fights were won on persistence as opposed to skill, Glover would have won easily but sadly this isn't always the case, try he did but Tom just couldn't manage to negate a way in and score, and when he did score a couple of times with rights to O'Donnell's chin, he seemed to lack the power required to dent the confidence or the champions chin, who just moved out of the way and speared the shorter man continuously as he kept circling as Glover tried to bridge the gap and get in close, and just before the bell he took a spiteful looking uppercut for his troubles after landing a flurry of shots, almost as a punctuation mark just before the bell to end the opener.

O'Donnell a southpaw, switched stances and continuously found a home for his punches in the second, it was becoming as early as this the second, we were witnessing a one sided fight, but due to the stubborn resistance Glover was showing against the sublime skills of the West Londoner, it was almost like Robinson-Lamotta revisited, though the two protagonists in question are no where near to that level, and really shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath, however it was just an observation on my part.

The third saw O'Donnell score to the body with some good shots, before reverting his attack to Glover's head where it was noticeable that Glover's nose was bleeding profusely, evidence of the seering punches coming from the more vastly skilled O'Donnell, who by this stage was as good as teeing off on the brave Glover who was as such beyond the call of duty, and amazingly by the next round the fourth seemed rejuvenated showing a never say die attitude.

It was in this round where Glover seemed to even get through a little more so, with his jab, however it was short lived as O'Donnell took control again although his almost beaten foe made things it seemed that bit more closer and possibly was finding his way back into the contest.

Round five saw Glover continue to try and bridge the gap in class and he seemed to have a little more success as he got in closer nullifying the taller O'Donnell's punches, it worked but not for long, only to be found again by O'Donnell's unnerving accuracy as Tom's nose continued to pour as O'Donnell's combination's met the target time and again.

The Sixth was no different as O'Donnell continued his teaching Glover the rules of our to box in a boxing lesson, he may not forget in a hurry, after landing with a string of long shots as Glover tried to fight back, it was Glover who was backed to the ropes where O'Donnell backed the Essex man to the ropes scoring with a short left jab and with that due to the extent of Glover's nose that was later confirmed as badly broken, Davies jumped in and saved the brave Glover from further punishment at 2:43 of the round, coincidentally didn't Lamotta lose to Robinson as he lay on the ropes, it seemed the coincidences didn't end with the styles of the two fighters.


Lee Purdy {Colchester} v Peter Mcdonagh {Bermondsey}
Result: Purdy won points
Vacant Southern Area welterweight championship

In a rematch of there clash from last December, Purdy was looking to exact revenge and make history also, by becoming the first man from Britain's oldest recorded town to become a professional boxing champion, and as Colchester was once a Roman town how fitting that there first champion would be crowned in the aptly named Coliseum!

It is believed that Roman dictator Julio Caesar once lived in Colchester, however it was Purdy who showed a work rate the other Julio Cesar would have been proud of, Chavez that is!
It was a hard fought affair throughout as both {10st 6lbs} got in close, this one could have been fought in a phone booth as opposed to a boxing ring, Purdy however figured out how to fathom out the Bermondsey man this time around and came out fast to begin with as Mcdonagh circled, body shots behind a flurry of pitty pat punches from the Colchester man got through.

At times Mcdonagh was looking methodical but at times effective moreso in the third round, things subsequently got a tad messy in the next round the fourth, but it was Mcdonagh who by the fifth looked the worse for wear as he noticeably tired as Purdy took control as he came on strongly, punctuating his dominance when he landed a nice right before the bell.

Round Six saw Purdy back up his man but Mcdonagh punched his way back, but it was Purdy's better work rate that notched up this particular session, however the Seventh was a bit closer with Mcdonagh making a better argument of it but still I gave the round to Purdy who by this stage was in a fairly conclusive lead in my opinion.

Round Eight saw Purdy get through hurting Mcdonagh with a big right, although not a big puncher, Purdy seemed to have enough power to command Mcdonagh's respect, Purdy winked at the bell at Mcdonagh, and in doing so his confidence grew as the rounds progressed.

The ninth saw Purdy score repeatedly with right hands though found himself backed up by the South London man, who showed the better work and nicked a round back, though he needed a stoppage in the final round to win as he seemed well behind going into the tenth and final round.

So to the final round and both men went for broke as they got stuck in, flailing away but it was Purdy who finished the stronger, as he showed better work rate and when the decision was announced in favour of Lee Purdy of 98-94 on referee Jeff Hinds card, it reflected an accurate assessment of the past thirty minutes championship boxing, so history was made Lee Purdy was the new Southern Area champion, at last Colchester had a champion boxer! hail caesar.


Steve O'Meara {Wembley} v Kevin Mcauley {Stourbridge}
Result:OMeara won points

O'Meara had to work hard for his victory over very tough, uncompromising type in Kevin Mcauley, throughout O'Meara was caught a number of times and was made to look like he had a lot of defensive deficiency's, in the opener O'Meara had a tough time of it and did just enough to take the opener with slightly better work rate as he did in the second, rounds three and four were in a similar vein as O'Meara outworked his man and proving that bit more accurate, still O'Meara was just shading these rounds for my liking, O'Meara sustained a bloody nose, testament to his lack of defense, the last couple of rounds saw O'Meara have to work and hard as Mcauley pushed him hard, however I disagreed with the landslide score of 60-54 on Ian John Lewis card, I had it much closer though in O'Meara's favour.


Bobby Ward {Romford} v Mariusz Bacek {Brentford via Poland}
Result: Ward won points

Ward making his pro debut against the Brentford based Pole Bacek, both weighing 9st 6lbs came out in a fairly well paced opener, Ward looked confident and in the opening two rounds seemed to get the better of things, even stunning Bacek and looked like he possibly was booked for a early victory.

In the third, Bacek cornered the Romford man, where a shot to Ward's temple had an almost devestating effect as he seemed to be badly stunned in a corner and visited the canvas as such in taking a count, however Ward came back and sustained a cut to his right eye for his troubles but took a well earned 38-37 decision on referee Hinds card.


Bradley Evans {Royston} v Karl Taylor {Birmingham}
Result: Evans won points

Bradley Evans seemed to easily cruise to a points victory over veteran Karl Taylor, Evans {9st 11lbs} was too fast and kept unloading fast combination's throughout even cutting the veteran under and over his right eye, Taylor {10st 7lbs} survived as he knows how, as Evan's took a easy 40-36 points decision on Hinds card.


Yassine El Maachi {Hackney} v Drew Campbell {Colchester via Scotland}
Result: El Maachi won rsc 3rd

El Maachi proved too fast and accurate for oft beat but game Drew Campbell, a Colchester based Scot, as the Essex based Scot took a series of uppercuts and body shots that were taking there toll.

In the Third El Maachi a pound lighter than Campbell at 11stone 1lbs, whacked a nice overhand left cum left uppercut that made Drew sink to his knees, although arising at "5" ref Ian John Lewis waved it off after just 54 seconds into the round in what proved a good stoppage.


Kid Galahad {Shefield via Yemen} v Delroy Spencer {Birmingham}
Result: Galahad won points

The imaginatively billed Kid Galahad made a impressive pro debut in easily outpointing vastly experienced Birmingham battler Delroy Spencer, both men weighed 8 stones 7lbs.

Galahad a tall, gangly type he hurt Spencer notably from a right in the second, as the Birmingham fighters frustrations grew as the rounds passed by, Galahad seemed to grow in confidence and proved too fast for Spencer who finished with a bloody nose, testament to the Sheffield man's accuracy in taking a wide points win of 40-36 on Hinds card.


Richard Towers {Sheffield} v Chris Woolas {Epworth}
Result: Towers won rsc 2nd

In a mismatch that was the show closer, Richard Towers did what was expected when he comprehensively bombed out pudgy looking Woolas in the second.

Towers almost arrogant in his mannerisms took the fight to Woolas {17st 5lbs}, who sported a flabby looking midsection, of which Towers {15st 11lbs} targeted with some hefty body shots, but it was a right to Woolas chin that dropped him for a count as early in the opener.

Doing well to survive Woolas was caught again in the second when two rights made the Epworth man stagger badly and a final punch forced Ian John Lewis to signal the end at 1:28 of the round.


Michael Angelo Serra reporting