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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge, West London, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image August 10th 2009

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge, West London, England

On a Chris Sanigar promotion at the plush Jumeirah Carlton hotel, a four fight show took place, topping the show was Eisah Al Dah, from the United Arab Emirates in a six rounder, a fight that was actually televised live via satellite back to the Dah's country of origin.


Ian Bailey {Slough} v Lee Selby {Barry}
Result: Selby won points

In the show opener, Wales Lee Selby took a well earned wide points decision over Berkshire's Ian Bailey.

Selby {9st 5lbs} seemed too skillful for the shorter Bailey {9st 4lbs} who did connect from time to time and put up a game effort through out there six rounder, but was out boxed for the best part of this, a six rounder as Selby continuously found the intended target with a series of solid jabs as he countered his aggressive foe time and again.

In the second Bailey due to his overagerness to get close came in dangerously with the head and was warned for his crime as was Selby later on for holding, one notable punch that did land was a nice uppercut from Selby that landed in the fourth, but the Slough man shrugged it off and kept coming forwards, but Selby's far better honed skills took the points decision of 60-56.


Eisa Al Dah {United Arab Emirates} v Matt Seawright {Tamworth}
Result: Al Dah won points

It was almost like being in the United Arab Emirates as a huge contingent were in attendance to support Al Dah, as I mentioned earlier it was due to Al Dah appearing that the show was beamed live back to the United Arab Emirates, it was a hero worship similar to the kind Albania's Kreshnik Qato enjoys, but on a much smaller scale than that of the popular Qato.

The fight was devoid of any real action in the early rounds as both weighing 11st, seemed to pitty pat most of the time, when they did elect to throw any punches, and what were thrown were of any little note, however when Al Dah did offer any kind of attack, it was met with a roar of approval by Al Dah's adoring fans, poor Seabright's punches were booed as both took turns to attack as they mostly moved around each other in an almost display of pacifism.

After a very quiet couple of rounds, referee Ken Curtis asked both protagonists for more action in the third, and Al Dah answered Curtis plea and Seabright with a solid right that backed up the Midlander, before unloading a burst of punches on Matt, as the Al Dah faithful roared there approval.

The last couple of rounds saw Seawright try his best but falling short as Al Dah took over with better work rate and the better accuracy to snatch a 60-55 points decision on Curtis official scorecard, I had it a little closer but in Al Dah's favour, after the decision was announced Al Dah took the microphone and spoke to his adoring followers in Arabic, before getting out of the ring to be greeted and mobbed by his followers.
If Al Dah could put on a few more pounds, could you imagine a match with Albania's Kreshnik Qato, the venue? Kensington town hall naturally!


Johnny Greaves {East Ham} v Ali Wyatt {Iran}
Result: Greaves won points

It was nice to see East Ham's unsung journeyman Johnny Greaves notch up a rare win as he outscored Iran's Ali Wyatt over six competitive rounds.

Wyatt seemed to be the more solid of the two power wise and was much busier than the East Londoner in the early going, the power seemed evident when Ali {10st 7lbs} connected flush on Greaves who unceremoniously wobbled a couple of times and did well in taking the shots with out going over, Greaves did fire back with sharp combination's as he switch hit at times.

In the Third Greaves had some success when a big right opened a cut by Wyatt's left eye that luckily for him coarsed down the side of his face, it was the latter who tired later on as did Greaves {10st 5lbs} as both men's work took on a ragged look, it was Greaves however who seemed to catch his second wind and began to look sharp again as he scored with good straight shots, even clowning throughout the contest even chucking in a Ali shuffle against Ali, wyatt that is fortunately for him, though he almost tripped over in doing so, but it was Greaves despite his clowning that showed the much fluent better boxing skills and rightfully took the decision, and deservedly so on Ken Curtis card of 59-55 which I felt was a little bit charitable to the Londoner, I had Greaves a winner by two points for what it's worth.


Rocky Chakir {Turkey} v Jimmy Briggs {Barnstaple}
Result: Chakir won points

In the show closer Turkey's Chakir looked like one as such as most of the punches he threw in the direction of Barnstaple's Briggs were taken on Jimmy's elbows or gloves, as the latter did very little but block Rocky's punches, but amazingly Briggs {11st} with the very little work rate he showed did manage to get through at times especially to the body and for me won the opener just doing enough.

The second began in a similar vein to the opener, but later on Chakir {11st 2lbs} started to get through with to Jimmy's midsection with some hefty whacks and notched up a round to even the score.

The final couple of rounds saw Chakir take the initiative and continue the earlier success to the Barnstaple man's body, however Jimmy did mount a comeback of sorts in the final stanza but it was too little, too late as Chakir took a well deserved 40-36 on Curtis card, I had things closer as I did with the previous contest but certainly had Chakir a pretty comfortable winner.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting

any views on this report to Mickyserra@aol.com