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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Kensington Town Hall, Kensington, West London, London, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Kensington Town Hall, Kensington, West London, London, England

July 11th 2009

At the Kensington Town Hall, Spencer Fearon put on a well matched five fight show, Spencer yet again despite only being in his second promotion under his Hard Knocks promotion showed yet again some imaginative promoting as this time he incorporated Steve Bunce's boxing hour as part of the intermission, {Mssrs Bunce and Kerr were in attendance} obviously with Spencer it's not just about the boxing, its about a little more imagination then your average boxing promoter, and if all boxing promotions were done in a similar vein to that of Spencer's, boxing would'nt have any competition whatsoever from the UFC brigade.

Spencer may be the new kid on the block in some respects, but it's clear that he's found the right place at the right time with the right fighter in Qato, other promoters should follow suit and take a leaf out of Fearon's book, as not only were there five competitive fights for the paying fan, but also with the surprise intermission, the fan seems to get more than there moneys worth with Spencer's kind of promotion, and if anyone out there suggest's that boxing is DEAD!!!, then they should come along to the Kensington town hall when Kreshniq Qato is exchanging leather in ten ounce form, I guarantee they would come away with a different opinion, in some respect's Fearon may well be British boxing's saviour due to the tremendous atmosphere that is generated by the frenzy that the Albanian contingent show to there man Qato, I normally don't put in a write up about the nature of a boxing promotion, but I felt compelled as both a writer and a fan to tell you the boxing fan, the difference between a normal boxing promotion and an Hard Knocks one, if you don't or can't attend this kind of promotion then it's your loss, it seriously is, and while on the subject of seriousness, now to the serious subject of boxing.


Nathan Graham {Aylesbury} v Tomas Grublys {Lithuania via Canning town}
Result: Graham won rsc 3rd

In a thrilling fight at welter, Tomas Grublys lost his unbeaten record to part time footballer cum boxer Nathan Graham, Grublys tried to get in close to begin with, as Graham kept things at arms length trying to outbox his aggressive opponent, but was dragged into a fight with the Canning town based Lituanian.

In the second Graham {10st 8lbs} seemed to get his counters off as he started to get through and one shot opened a cut to Grublys left eye, at times there were some exciting exchanges between the two protaganists, and Grublys looked like time was running out, his eye was inspected by the ringside physician, this spurred on Tomas {10st 11lbs} who managed to shake Graham, but unfortunatley for him the cut worsened and referee Mcdonnel called a halt to proceeding at 2:25 of the third round.

A mooted rematch may well happen due to the nature of the finish.


Mene Edwards {Crayford} v Jamie Ambler {Swansea}
Result: Edwards won points.

Mene did'nt live up to his pre fight boast, saying he would do what many of the country's super middles and light heavy's fail to do most of the time and that's stop the tall, gangly but seemingly durable Welshman.

Edwards {12st 10lbs} got the better of things and clearly seemed superior to his Welsh adversary, but despite coming off worse for the best part of the contest Ambler {12st 9lbs} proved a durable task for the Crayford man, as he invariably kept up the pressure and kept trying to get on the inside, however Edwards proved much more accurate and matched Ambler, even causing a small bump under Amblers left eye before taking a thorough 40-36 points victory, now making it two out of two in as many weeks, with the one victory inside schedule, Mene could be one to watch.


Junior Saheed {Lewisham} v Yanis Lakrout {France}
Result: Saheed won points

In his first fight, Junior Saheed used his height and reach advantages by out scoring Frenchman Lakrout.

Lakrout {8st 11lbs} could'nt find the target as he continuosly fell short and was made to pay by Saheed {9st}, and it was a lack of accuracy that caused the rout for the aptly named Lakrout, excuse the pun if you will.

Saheed even managed to make the Frenchman go a little weak at the knees with a big right in the second, merely punctuating his dominance through out the scheduled four rounder, the 40-36 score was an accurate assessment of the previous four rounds action.


Choi Tseveenpurev {Mongolia} v Lubos Priehradnik {Slovakia}
Result: Tseveenpurev won rsc 3rd

The show was billed as the return, here you have Choi Tseveenpurev whom last time out destroyed Derry Matthews in a one sided fight to annexe the latters WBU bauble, for what that's worth.
Thing was poor old Choi went into that place that no fighter wants to venture into, yes the great boxing wilderness never to be seen or heard of again, okay it was Mongolia, it could have been outer mongolia but the show's promoter Spencer Fearon went on a mission to get Choi back, see I liken this a little to the recent resurgence of Amir Khan, he get's blasted out in 60 or so seconds by someone called Briedis Prescott who like Choi goes to that most terrible of places, you know the one I just mentioned, has a couple of fights but instead of being in line to challenge for a major World title, finds himself back to square one as an almost unknown fighter, all through bad management and a poor promotional team, Khan with Frank Warren's backing is matched against a fairly good fighter in my co writer Oisan Fagan, then takes on a marquee name in Barrera who proves to be past his best, but the blame doesn't lie with anyone, Warren gets Khan the World title shot and show's some excellent promotional skills in doing so, Prescott that very weekend gets beaten on points and is almost booked for a one way ticket to palookaville!
See that's the difference between a well promoted guy and a not so well promoted guy, I rest my case........

Now back to what I was saying, this is what happened to Choi, disillusioned with the sport he goes back to Mongolia.....until that is Fearon finds him and talks him back into fighting again.......the rest they say is history!

So to the fight, Choi got off to a very good start showing no ring rust whatsoever in his year or so lay off, as he came forwards continuously, it reminded me a little of the way Julio Cesar Chavez took opponents apart the way Choi {9st 7lbs} was effectively breaking his man down, though he tried to fight back Priehradnik {9st 4lbs} was simply a few leagues below Tseveenpurev who simply had that bit too in his artillery, the third and ultimately the conclusive round was where Choi finished things, an effective body attack was getting through as he wore Lubos down, a big right to the Slovakian's head sent him to the canvas for a count, getting up almost straight away, third man Mcdonnell administered a eight count to Priehradnik, Choi sensing the finish went in unloading both hands, as Lubos offered little back and Mcdonnell had seen enough and made a timely intervention at the 1-05 mark, Choi afterwards happily posed for photographs and Spencer now is trying to get Choi a shot at one of the World titles, possibly in Choi's homeland of Mongolia.


Kreshin Qato {Albania via Wembley} v Zoltan Surman {Hungary}
Result: Qato won rsc 3rd

Kensington turned into Albania yet again, as Albanian Kreshnik Qato turned in a decent performance to halt Hungary's Surman,
Both got in close to begin with, as the game Surman {11st 7lbs} showed a willingness to trade against the bigger looking Qato {11st 12lbs,
Qato started to get into range nicely scoring with his left jab before unloading some hard rights, the next round the second saw Surman try and make a fight of it, but to no avail as Qato soon regained his composure and continued to dictate, this was more than evident in the third when the game Hungarian took a two fisted barrage from Qato that he had no reply to, finding himself on the ropes and under more pressure he turned away from Qato in almost a sign of surrender, and with this Marcus Mcdonnell signaled the fight over at 2-29 of the third round, strangely Surman protested McDonnell's decision.

Qato moves on and up and was mobbed by his army of Albanian supporters as several got into the ring to mob there idol, however security did an effective job in sorting out those responsible, afterwards outside the dressing rooms Qato was mobbed continuously by a large number of his adoring followers, as I stated before it's a special kind of atmosphere that I haven't experienced at a show before.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting

Any views are welcome to Mickyserra@aol.com