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Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Lloyd Honeyghan {Bermondsey, South London, England} v Gene Hatcher {Fort worth. Texas, U.S.A}

England's 's Lloyd Honeyghan shared a bull ring in an outdoor arena in Marbella, Spain under the moon and stars above in the Spanish sky, however sounding all rather romantic, war was what was on the Jamaican born Honeyghan's mind, as back in England, Hatcher had stirred up some rather bad feeling with Honeyghan, the usual pre fight hype of how he was going to knock the champion out, but it ran somewhat deeper and more personal than that when he started saying things about how it would be nice to have a white champion, obviously this annoyed Lloyd who like the bull saw red literally and who trained that bit harder for this his third defence of his W.B.C and I.B.F World welterweight titles.

Lloyd who was born in Kensington, Jamaica in April 1960 moved to England as a child with his family and settled in Bermondsey, a South London suburb.

However Lloyd took up boxing and was a fairly good amateur with the Fisher club in South London, winning a few National schoolboy titles, however in 1980 he turned pro in Kensington, South West London that is, the namesake of his birth place in Jamaica funnily enough, at the Royal Albert Hall, after racking up a series of wins he cleaned up domestically winning everything in sight, the Southern Area title, then the British in an absolute war in April 1983 against Cliff Gilpin, Lloyd maintains to this day that was his hardest fight, then after comprehensively beating Gilpin in a rematch, he won the European title knocking out Gianfranco Rosi in Italy, Rosi going on to be an established two time World light middleweight champ himself.

Lloyd then won the Commonwealth title before then challenging the almost invincible Donald Curry in Atlantic city in the best ever victory from a British boxer ever stopping Curry inside schedule, I would say it was a better victory than Randolph Turpin's in 1951 over Sugar Ray Robinson, as Turpin could only outpoint the Sugar man in Earls court, for sure it certainly is the greatest victory from a British boxer overseas, Lloyd had succesfully demolished Johnny Bumphus, in his first defence before having problems in figuring out Maurice Blocker just doing enough to hold on to his crowns the previous April.

Lloyd just after winning the title dumped his W.B.A belt in a stand against apartheid as he didn't want any association with a governing body that endorsed such beliefs, however Gene Hatcher had beaten a Honeyghan victim himself in lifting the W.B.A light welterweight title some years earlier in 1984 when he took Johnny Bumphus title in Buffalo, however Hatcher would lose it to Argentina's Ubaldo Sacco, Hatcher had since then rebuilt his career to earn this the chance at Honeyghan.

The day before, the fight was postponed due to heavy rain fall, the rain in Spain! so the next day the Heaven's opened and on a starry night in a outdoor stadium, Lloyd Honeyghan took on the moustached Hatcher who was trying to prize Lloyd's cherished belts away from the Londoner.

In the first round Honeyghan whose nickname was the Ragamuffin man came out hell bent on destruction, both got in close to begin with as Hatcher missed with a uppercut, Lloyd stood a few inches away from Hatcher as Gene did manage to score with a couple of harmless jabs, however it was Lloyd who let go with two crunching punches, a left hook and then a swinging right hand that detonated off Hatcher's chin sending him spinning around and almost face first to the canvas, Hatcher surprisingly got up at , but was met by a onslaught of punches, as he tried to cover up, Lloyd threw some twenty unanswered punches, one right that backed Gene to the ropes, Honeyghan let go with a left hook that had Hatcher out in an almost sitting position on the ropes before a final right and left hook made him sink in a delayed reaction to the canvas for the final time, the referee waved it over as Lloyd honeyghan created boxing history scoring the quickest ko in the history, Hatcher was on the canvas for several minutes the stars in the Spanish night, now spinning around his head, Hatcher soon regained conciousness before gladly getting up

Honeyghan was jubilent afterwards " I wanted to put on a good show for the fans who came over" also adding "Hatcher said it would be nice to have a white champion, it upset me" Lloyd dismissed it as his best win, saying the ko was one of his best, also adding he had been cooped up in his room for some 10 weeks getting himself ready for Hatcher, a World record time had just been achieved by Honeyghan in dismantling Hatcher in all of forty eight seconds!, talking of records, just for the record I myself have sent Lloyd the film of this very fight along with the films of his infamous win over Curry and the Gilpin match on dvds, as he possesses nothing on his career whatsoever sadly be it on film or any posters of his fights, until now that is!