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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Millenium Hotel, Mayfair, West London, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image April 23rd 2009

Millenium Hotel, Mayfair, West London, England

On St George's day in Mayfair, Mick Helliet staged a three fight card on a dinner show in conjunction with the Mayfair Sporting Club.

Bobby Gladman {Cheshunt} v Karl Taylor {Birmingham}
Result: Gladman won points

In the first start of his pro career, Bobby Gladman could'nt have wished to have met a more experienced campaigner in Karl Taylor over six rounds in the main event at welter, which also was the showcloser.

Taylor's record is like a who's who of the British lightweight division, having fought the very best the division could muster over the years, thus Bobby was going to learn more in this one fight, than most learn in there first five, which is a good thing obviously.

Round One

Gladman came out claiming the ring's centre as he boxed against the much shorter Taylor, as he picked off the veteran with nice sharp counters, though Karl did work well in close, he was constantly outboxed.

Round Two

Gladman landed with some pitty pat punches, with his left jab as Taylor {10st 5lbs} did have some success to the body of Bobby, though it was rather short lived as he yet again as he was in the opener, constantly outboxed.

Round Three

Taylor was competent enough having better success on the inside, as the two protaganist's got into some rather nice exchanges, though it was Gladman whose faster hands started to pile up the points, also scoring a nice right to Karl's chin, again taking another session as he had done in the previous two sessions.

Round Four

Taylor upped his workrate moreso, even scoring as Gladman {10st 9lbs} seemed to take a breather, scoring sparingly on the rejuvenated Midlander who continuosly worked away on the inside, and in doing so I gave Taylor this session.

Round Five

Both opened up in a torrid session, Taylor's rugged countenance was starting to show the effects of Gladman's more accurate work, as the veteran was bleeding, a couple of small nicks, over his left eye and one under his right eye.
Taylor doggedly battled forwards but Gladman figured out his man, as he had done in the first three sessions and seemed to just do enough to edge this, the fifth.

Round Six

Taylor took a few as he bulled forwards, but did manage to land a nice right to Bobby's chin, who himself landed with a left hook to Taylor's chin a little later on, in a good paced session that Gladman shaded, and the mathematics on Jeff Hinds card gave Gladman a 60-54 verdict, although I thought Taylor won the fourth handily.


Eder Kurti {Woolwich} v Mark Phillips {Wales}
Result: Kurti won points

In the openeing contest of the evening, Woolwich based Albanian, Eder Kurti took on tough, game Welshman Mark Philips over six rounds at super middle.

Kurti scored with a long left hook and rights early on to Philips head, before Philips {12st 11lbs} got on the inside and started to work away busily with a burst of punches every now and again, kurti seemed to take stock of the situation as he landed well, but seemed to do enough to take the opener.

Kurti shook up Philips in the second with a left hook, and started to pick things up pace wise, as he started to score well to the Welshman's midsection, as Philips gamely fought back in spurts, but Kurti {12st 2lbs} was far the busier as he was for the concluding rounds of the fight, always that much more the accurate also than the game Philips, who soaked up some big punches along the way to dropping a 60-54 points decision to Kurti, on referee Jeff Hines official scorecard.


Wayne Alwan Arab {Hackney} v Paul Royston {Sheffield}
Result: Arab won points

Wayne Alwan Arab was looking to extend his unbeaten run as he took on Sheffield's slippery Paul Royston over six rounds at middle.

Arab used a nice jab to pile up the points as the Sheffield man looked as if he was content with just surviving, as he continuosly moved around the ring, falling short for the best part with his counters.

In the third Royston {11st 13lbs} finally landed a punch of any note, a left hook to Arab's head, though it was rather short lived as Wayne {11st 6lbs} began to score with his rapier like jab, also doubling up his left hook, one such punch landing on the Yorkshireman.

Arab boxed nicely and was winning everything through sheer work rate, as Royston kept moving though at times moving inside and unloading, before you guessed it, moving around the ring out of arms length.

Arab upped the pace more so as he seemed to be going through the gears, this was more than evident in the final session as he came out unloading with his big punches, one left hook that did land merely punctuated the dominance of the Hackney man, and this showed in Jeff Hines log of 60-54 in favour of the Zimbabwean born Hackney fighter.