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Author: Mike Serra


image LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England

September 27th 2008

In the second show of her promoting career Miranda Carter, came up with the goods in this a fine promotion, Roy Hilder also did a great job with the matchmaking as there was seldom a bad fight other than the Shanee Martin bout which subsequently was a mismatch somewhat, other than that one blip the whole show was made up of exciting contests, there was no main event to speak of as such, in this a non televised show.

Kevin Lilley {Romford} v Duncan Cottier {Chingford}

Result: Kevin Lilley won points four rounds

In the show opener, Romford's Kevin Lilley made his professional debut against another local fighter in the form of Chingford's Duncan Cottier at light welter, Lilley a car dealer in his day job couldn't find a better vehicle to start off his career at the legendary East End venue, also in facing an opponent in the experienced, tough thou oft beaten Duncan Cottier who had plenty of mileage on the clock competing in this his forty eighth professional contest in only winning three out of forty seven paid contests.

Lilley got off to a good start scoring with his jab as Cottier fell short, the Romford man also scored with a nice right uppercut as he started to mix it more towards the latter part of a busy opening session to take the round. In the second both got stuck in as they fought in close but Lilley was getting the worst of it when Cottier started to unload and soon got on his bike and utilised his jab, however Cottier {11st 4lbs} seemed to shade the second to even things up as his better work rate dictated the session.

In the third and fourth rounds both started to get involved in a hard fought affair, however it was Lilley who seemed to be the more accurate scoring inside nicely again with the right uppercut, however Cottier gave ground in the exchanges finding himself on the ropes where Lilley was the fresher of the two as Cottier's work took on a ragged look as he was pushing his shots.

In one particular exchange Cottier gritted his teeth and was trying to out punch the far busier Lilley {11st} while backed to the ropes, and showed a great fighting heart in doing so, even landing a nice right hand off of the Romford man, however Lilley on my card won the last two rounds with his busier work rate and took referee Mark Green's official score of 39-37 to chalk up his first pro win.

However despite turning pro at thirty the car salesman will need to put his foot down on the pedal if he is going to make it in the pro ranks.

Shanee Martin {Colchester via Dagenham} v Elena Miftode {Romania}

Result:Shanee Martin won rsc 1

Now based in Dagenham but originally from down the road from myself in Colchester, Shanee Martin was taking on Romania's Elena Miftode over six two minute rounds in a womans match at fly, decked out in the claret and blue of West Ham, Martin sported one claret boot, and one blue boot, it reminded me of in this very arena way back in September 1994 when Garry Delaney wore similar footwear like Martin when he destroyed Zimbabwe's Arigoma Chiponda for the vacant Commonwealth title, Miftode got into the ring almost dwarfed by her gown and her corner man, looking apprehensive even before the introductions and arrival of the much more fancied Martin, when Shanee did get into the ring, looking vibrant and energetic she even came into the ring with the infamous West Ham tune playing, ala Delaney back in 1994.

Martin seemed to tower over the shorter auburn haired Romanian, who was also sporting Martin some several pounds, at the bell Martin followed the visitor around the ring as she landed long lefts and rights on the rather inept Miftode who didn't seem to want to be there, as she continuously turned her back on Martin {8st 1lb}, at one time looking like she was looking for the exit door at the back of the hall, Miftode{7st 8lbs} a pretty looking Romanian didn't seem to be able to evade any of the punches coming her way and Referee Mark Green showed her the exit door she was looking for, after only a little over one minute in to the opener as he waved it off and saved Miftode from further punishment, Martin needs to be matched with better opposition if she is to get back in there for a World title again, however she improves to 9 wins 4 losses with 4 kos and 1 draw, she reportedly was unlucky in her initial World title challenge, for the record the fight lasted a mere seventy nine seconds!

Michael Grant {Tottenham} v Jay Morris {Isle Of Wight}

Result: Michael Grant won 6th round disqualification

Unbeaten Michael Grant was making a comeback of sorts when he returned against the extremely tough Jay Morris after an absence of almost two years at welter, however it was 3 months to the day since Morris had last fought, at this very venue, In the opener Morris came out looking for a punch up, Grant countered the Islander, even knocking Morris head back in a spitefully fought opener.

Grant seemed to have shaken any apparent ring rust off and shaded the opener before he got engaged in a staring match at the bell with Morris, unfortunately it was to be a sign of things to come.

The second saw Grant {10st 6lbs} trade with Morris as the North Londoner was landing some heavy punches on his game, durable foe, both got a ticking off from ref Parris for roughhouse tactics, however Morris did manage to score on the inside at times, but it wasn't enough as Michael took yet another round, just a second after the bell, Morris caught Grant on the back of the head, angering ref Parris whom warned Morris he would be disqualified if he should infringe the rule book one more time.

It was becoming somewhat of an ill tempered affair sadly, and things were getting progressively worse not better, the third saw some explosive exchanges, despite getting involved Grant seemed to have greater success when he used his better boxing skills to pick off the aggressive Morris {10st 12lbs}, however what with the obvious bad feeling evident, Grant found himself getting involved in toe to toe exchanges with Jay, yet again Parris gave them a ticking off again for infringing the rules, as things were getting a little dirty on the inside, it was as if Parris pleas were falling on deaf ears as Morris cuffed Grant just after the bell around the head, again Parris, his patience wearing thin gave him another final warning as he warned Morris this was his very last warning.

The fourth saw Grant unload a big left that shook Morris, Grant started to let go with both hands as Morris proudly fought back, however Grant was using his superior boxing skills and this was the key to beating Morris tactically speaking, it was just the nature of the beast and contest that made Grant show his better honed skills and get involved, but when he used the jab, it was a different story as he outboxed Morris who sustained a cut over his left eye, the blood luckily was coursing down the side of his face thus not obscuring his vision, at the bell Morris went over to congratulate Grant, however the fight was slated for six and not four rounds as prior to the show.

Morris had been scheduled to box Badra Lusambya over four, and Grant was scheduled to box debutant Karl Ozimkowski over four also, thing was Lusambya and Ozimkowski boxed against each other later on, despite the change of opponent Morris thought he was still fighting over four rounds not six, the fifth saw Grant box nicely as he took the session despite some spirited attacks from Morris, Parris had to show Jay to the corner at the bell, such was the determination of the Islander, Grant was in huge lead on my unofficial log, at times I felt bad not to give Morris a round or two, but fights are won on punches landed in my book not on aggression, if they were scored via the latter Morris would have been pitching a shutout, if this was on American soil possibly that is.

The final session saw Grant continue boxing the hard as nails, game Morris who was taking some hefty wallops from Grant's right hand, as they fell into a clinch Morris used the shoulder on Grant, finally breaking ref Dave Parris patience and in doing so was duly disqualified as Parris pushed Morris to his corner and told him he was disqualified, however despite the bad temperament exhibited through out this lively encounter, Morris congratulated Grant, shaking his hand, however on the way back to his corner shaked his hand at the referee in a gesture that lets just say was far from complimentary!

Morris is a warrior and despite his sometimes roughhouse tactics comes to win, surely a promoters dream, Grant moves on and improved to 10-0 {1 ko} with 1 draw in eleven fights, Morris drops to 9-10 and the solitary draw in twenty outings as a pro!

Ben Jones {Brighton} v Cristian Nicolae {Romania}

Result: Ben Jones won rsc 4th round

Ben Jones a super feather from the South coast took on Romania's Cristian Nicolae who's credentials were far from impressive only sporting two victories from some fifty one contest's, despite his rather poor ring resume, his ability defied his poor credentials.

Nicolae sprung out at the bell trying to take the initiative but despite his anticipation was falling short with his shots as he was outreached by the taller Jones, at times the Brighton man was outfighting the Romanian also, in the second Nicolae came out fast but was soon fast getting beaten to the jab as he missed wildly with his hooks, Jones was hooking off the left jab and also landing with some nice right hands, one of which noticably had the visitor hurt, despite his shortcomings Cristian{8st 13lbs} was determined as he kept trying but to no avail.

The third saw Jones{9st 3lbs} using his jab to pile up the points behind his right hand, in one instance there was a break in the action as Nicolae needed his boot lace tied up as it came loose, however it wasn't the only thing loose as he could have tightened up his guard somewhat, when the action resumed, Nicolae decided to get on his bike, but was still found out by Jones left jab, the fourth and final session saw Nicolae take a big right uppercut had the visitor in trouble, Jones also cut the Romanian over his right eye before forcing Nicolae to take a standing count, soon after Jones landed again forcing the third man to jump in and save the visitor from further punishment at 2:42 of the final session.

Jones moves to five wins against the one loss and the solitary draw with four inside schedule, meanwhile Nicolae drops to two wins with fifty losses and ten inside the distance, like I said before his ability belies his record as he is not that bad a boxer.

Badru Lusambya {Scotland} v Karl Ozimkowski {London}

Result: Badru Lusambya won points

In a match up that was as advertised in the program as the following two boxers having something of a reschedule of prospective opponents, Lusambya was supposedly boxing Jay Morris, and making his debut Karl Ozimkowski was to be having his first paid outing against Michael Grant, as you have read elsewhere in this report, you'll know that Grant and Morris fought each other earlier on in the evening.

Lusambya a Ugandan based in Scotland had considerable pro experience in an unbeaten log 17 wins, 16 ko's and a draw, the second coming of John Mugabi, I will pass on that one for now, obviously a puncher, and favorably compared to that of a relative novice who was making his debut, the Londoner managed a big right but got on the back foot, a tall rangy type Karl decided to try and box his far more experienced opponent, however the Ugandan threw a nice right jab from his the southpaw stance and landed some nice big left hooks on Ozimkowski, it seemed that the latter was far too sparing with his punches as he was outworked, but he tried to get busier but it was too little too late as the Scottish based African {11st} had been far the busier.

In the second Ozimkowski started to assert himself, although at times there were some scrappy exchanges with hardly a noteworthy punch landed, the Londoner had regrouped and landed enough to take a somewhat scrappy second stanza, the third and fourth rounds saw the Ugandan get the better of the exchanges as Ozimkowski {10st 11lbs} got on his bike as he was followed around by the much stronger African whom managed to bloody the debutants nose, also appeared the fresher in the final session unloading with both hands thus finishing strong down the stretch to take a more than well deserved 40-37 points win on Dave Parris card.

Pat McAleese {Newmarket} v John-Paul Temple {Brighton}

Result: Pat McAleese won points four rounds

Having his second pro start, the Newmarket man was looking to impress his army of fans, who made thereselves vocal in the nicest possible sense as they made the York Hall erupt as McAleese entered the roped square, Mcaleese came forwards for pretty much of the first couple of rounds, using his jab to get inside of Temple and open up with his hooks, despite taking a couple of shots from temple, his earlier excursions had done enough to take the round, the second saw the pace pick up as McAleese came forward taking a double left hook for his troubles, but did more than enough work has he kept hooking away to take the round.

It was noticable that Pat was open to Temple's left hook, in the third McAleese{11st 9lbs} showed nice head movement as he bobbed and weaved his way in under Temple's jab unleashing his hooks, Temple was doing his best to fight his tormentor off but was getting the worst of it by the busier Newmarket man.

The fourth round saw the pace pick up some more as McAleese had Temple{10st 12lbs} backing away but landing right hands on Pat, however Temple took some big shots downstairs mixing in his shots well and at times using an educated jab to win all four completed rounds on my card, however the official score was 40-38 in McAleese and sending his fanbase home content in the knowledge there man had chalked up his second win.

Franklin Egobi {Tooting} v Lukas Kuznowicz {London}

Result: Franklin Egobi won points four rounds

Many fans in the York Hall could have been forgiven for getting there hopes up when reading in the programme that Egobi had been sparring none other than former champ Lennox Lewis, is the old champ planning a comeback, who knows then again what with Vitali Klitscko fighting next month for his old WBC title against Nigeria's Sam Peter, you never know in boxing whats around the corner, maybe Lennox still despite beating Vitali still thinks he needs to beat the Ukraine more comprehensively.

Anyway back to Egobi's latest effort and opposing him was debutant Lukas Kuznowicz.

Franklin a South London based Nigerian came out and elected to use his left jab, but missed at times with his right hand as Lukas tried the same punch missing also, because of there styles when they did attack they seemed to fall into a countless number of clinches but Egobi scored on the inside with some viscous looking right hands to take the opener, in the second Lukas {16st 8lbs} scored a big right but was chased by the Nigerian who for his valour took some body shots, Egobi {16st 3lbs} tried a hayemaker but nearly fell over more off balance than anything, however later on Franklon did score with a big right, but Lukas took it with no noticable effect and a share of the spoils as he scored in close on Egobi, the Nigerian followed Kuznowicz around landing two big rights on his chin.

Lukas countered with his left jab and managed to even rock Egobi in one explosive exchange, at times there was quite a considerable amount of clinching from Lukas and for his crime was deducted a point as Egobi won the round big, the fourth and final session Lukas got inside and was in and out and seemed to finally work out his best strategy as Egobi missed as he found himself being counterpunched and outboxed in the final session, what with the deduction of the point in the previous round, the third Lukas cause was'nt helped that much and dropped a 39-37 points decision to Franklin, in losing Lukas came out a winner because he showed he has ability and in future could prove a force domestically speaking.

Peter Haymer {Enfield} v Shon Davies {Llanelli}

Result: Shon Davies won points six rounds

A surprise happened in the show closer as North London's Peter Haymer was outfought comprehensively and couldn't seem to figure out how to cope with such a buzzsaw of a fighter, the opener was basically a carbon copy of the very next round as Davies bundled forwards landing a succession of hooks on the inside, bullying Haymer to the ropes where he would unleash attack after attack, however Haymer{12st 12lbs} cracked a big left hook on Davies.....but nothing happened, the Welshman brushed it off and kept coming.

One occasion Haymer did use his ability to take a step backwards and landed nicely on the Welshman's rushes and in doing so looked better technically, but lost the round albeit to the busy, bustling Llanelli man, Haymer in the second landed a big right that sent sweat spraying from Davies, how very Rocky, but it was apparent Haymer had problems with Davies, who was here to win, the Welshman did start to get inside with his jab doubling it up before letting rip with his various attacks that were sustained at the best of times, as he continuosly outworked Peter, who just wasn't throwing enough to make a fight of it, manly and mathematically Haymer was falling short, and needed to start upping his workrate.

Davies looked the business as he threw a lovely body shot that landed ala Hatton but in return took a fight ending right on his chin with no problems ala Lamotta, Davies kept pushing forward pinning Haymer to the ropes and landing with his rat a tat combinations backing up Haymer to the ropes and sent perspiration flying over the Cameramen below on the ring apron as they covered there selves along with Haymer.

In the fourth Haymer tried to stave off the tear away Davies who hadn't read the script, who kept bulling his man to the ropes and kept punching away, hardly letting Haymer rest, in the fifth Haymer landed sparingly one time with an uppercut, but it didn't deter the tough as nails Welshman who did get warned for landing a punch to the back of the Londoners neck, Haymer landed some big bombs off the Welshman but couldn't even hurt the Iron chinned Welshman.

In the final session both got inside but Haymer didn't need to be there as the World and its brother knew he couldn't cope with the strength of the Welshman, Peter did land a big uppercut on the inside but the Welshman with victory in sight had Haymer's number as the Enfield mans nose started to bleed, as Davies took a thoroughly deserved 59-57 points victory.

Haymer can regroup from this, as for Davies he could hopefully go on to fight another couple of names, although his performance was workman like, he throws enough punches and has a sturdy chin to give a lot of top quality operators a rather stern time, one things for certain, Davies is a promoters dream.