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Dave Tenny [VIEW]

Dave Tenny Professional Cutman, Former Amateur Boxer, Boxing Trainer and N.F.P.T. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

A Cutman in 30 World Championship fights, Dave has worked the corners of...

Jose Rivera
Mike Oliver
Jake Rodriguez
Carl Johanneson
Kathy Collins
Jimmy Lange
Kevin Kelley
Enrique Palau
Dave is available for cutman services and personal fitness one-on-one boxing training (for those who live in the Westchester County, NY area).

Dave is also affiliated with Westchester Boxing Club located in White plains,NY

Sugar Ray's Boxing Store [VIEW]

Sugar Ray's boxing store, supplies boxing and fitness equipment nationwide at great prices. We are an online specialist boxing company, with a shop available to visit. Store opening times are Monday-Saturday 9.00am-6.00pm

We stock the major brands full ranges in Store as well as online and are the U.K's premium boxing store. Our ranges of boxing gloves, boxing boots, boxing headguards, boxing protection and accessories is unrivled. With a large range of fitness and training accessories to match.

As a bricks and morter company with an internet site, don't forget, if you need our help we are just a phone call away.

Sugar Ray's pound for pound......Undisputed.

The Ultimate Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing Workout [VIEW]

From the Publisher

Welcome to the 21st Century, where we have become a society of multi-taskers and can incorporate that mind set into our fitness training. Over the last few years boxing and kickboxing have become popular forms of fitness training in North America for those looking to progress beyond the Tae-Bo, aerobic-kickboxing and boxercise type format. This book details how to get a calorie burning cardiovascular & resistance workout combined with learning valuable self-defense skills. The routine is also a dynamite way to build self-confidence, agility, coordination, stamina and relieve stress.

Complete with a wide variety of topical information on both general and specific components of fitness, it is professionally detailed with over 300 photographs depicting every punch and kick technique combination. From the warm-up, strength exercises, abs routine and cool down stretches it is designed to ensure safety and efficiency in planning your fitness regiment.

The exercises are fully explained, and sample workouts are provided allowing you to determine the intensity of your workout based on your fitness and skill level. Tailored to your goals, it makes an ideal, fresh, innovative and personalized workout. The training can be structured into 2 or 3 minute rounds with 30-60 second rests to replicate actual boxing & kickboxing rounds. Concentrating on the various challenging and stress relieving kick & punch combinations enhances mental focus and discipline. It can also be implemented as the warm-up or cardio portion of your regular routine or as an additional alternate session format tailored to your goals and needs. All the equipment required, like boxing gloves, heavy bags and focus pads are portable and the initial expenditure is fairly modest compared to some elaborate home gyms. The additional strength and resistance exercises incorporating the stability ball, medicine ball, resistance tubing and free body exercises keeps the program unique, easy to modify and can be taken with you when traveling or at work.

So grab your wraps and gloves and get ready to rumble your way to fitness.

Fitness Kickboxing Canada [VIEW]

Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc;
Canada’s leading authority in Standardizing Certifications for Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing

Camp Kern [VIEW]

Established in 1996, Camp Kern is a 6,000 square foot, training camp facility in East Central Mississippi, designed for the use of professional boxers. It is rurally located on a 20-acre site to ensure maximum seclusion and privacy. Elevation: Approximately 385 feet Above Sea Level. The camp is home to a non-profit local amateur program, since that is where it all starts! Clients are kept confidential. E-mail Camp Kern for further information.


Fightmakers was originally created in 2004 as a matchmaking venture. Founders Jamie Rinehart and Jeff Zimmerman brought a modern day approach to the sport's most difficult line of work. Mass communication technology and software databases filled with hundreds of fighters replaced tattered notebooks, and cold calls to gyms. This concept allowed the Fightmakers team to quickly gain national exposure as a matchmaking firm. Since it's inception, Fightmakers has made tremendous strides in the formation, marketing, and overall growth of the company, and now seeks to compete in the promotions arena.

Al's Gym Muay Thai Store [VIEW]

Suppliers Thai Boxing Equipment, Thai Boxing Shorts (all hand made in Bangkok) and MMA Gear, FREE shipping for all UK customers and affordable world wide shipping. We also specialise in weight loss Sauna Suits, Twins, Windy, Fairtex, MTG Pro, Hanuthai brands and much more.

Total Aggression Fight Gear [VIEW]


MMA Sports Mag [VIEW]

MMA Sports...a Hi-Quality full colour Mixed Martial Arts magazine that has it all. The latest coverage of MMA events with high quality photos, interviews with the greatest MMA fighters, photo spreads of the most beautiful models in the world, training tips from the legendary coaches and FREE double page posters in every issue.

Spaniorum Farm Gym [VIEW]

A spacious gymnasium with water filled and traditional punchbags. 'Floor-to-ceiling' balls, speed balls and three boxing rings. A large weight training area with free weights, machines and treadmills.
Male and female saunas.

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