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Prizefighter - Light Middleweight Results 

Author: John Tandy


image The judges were given a tough nights work as every fight went to a decision in the Prizefighter light middleweight tournamnet. The surprise winner Prince Arron was a little fortunate but over the 3 rounds the judges were given a tough job, he did tajke out the tournament favourite former commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce in the semi final so he certainly desrved the title.

Round 1

Prince Arron v George Hillyard

A quick start from Hillyard had Arron on the back foot and saw him soak up some heavy right hands, the second was closer but Arron started to take control in the sencond half of the round and finally started using his superior height and reach, the third round was all Arron and he took a rather surprising 30-27 decision, I think he deserved the fight but it was much closer than that.

Bradley Pryce v Neil Sinclair

The most highly anticipated fight of the tournament, many thought it was worthy of being the events final and if they hadn't faced each other in the 1st round it may well have been. Sinclair took the opening round with a high workrate, Pryce warmed up in the second and started picking off Sinclair with hard accurate shots, Sinclair started to fade but battled on bravely as once again in the 3rd round Pryce peppered him with solid shots, the result was again a little surprising as one of the judges scored the fight in the favour of Sinclair 29-29, the other two had Pryce winning 29-28.

Danny Butler v Brett Flourney

For the duration of this fight Bulter was the aggressor, Flourney was happy to box of the backfoot from the southpaw stance and counter punch Bulter, Butler was rushing in a little rather than working in and his game plan was questionable, but he was the buiser of the two and for me seemed to land the better shots, the judges however diagreed and scored the contest for Flourney, however I though Butler had done enough to take it.

Steve O'Meara v Martin Concepcion

Tournament outsider unbeaten O'Meara impressed against veteran Concepcion, he showed great control and some good boxing skills as he delived Concepcion a boxing lesson for the 3 rounds, Concepcion looked one dimensional and seemed only to be looking for the big punch, but the only big punches landed were from O'Meara as he took a clear points decsion.

Semi Final

Prince Arron v Bradley Pryce

Underdog Arron took full advantage of the fact Pryce had a tough opening fight and may not have come into this fight 100%. Arron used his height and reach well as he landed all of the noticable punches in the opening round with Pryce chasing him around the ring trying desperatly to land a big shot. In the second Pryce gave everything he had left and did catch Arron with a couple of good right hands and actually rocked Arron but was unable to capitalise. In the 3rd round Pryce had very little left and was outboxed by the taller Arron who claimed a career best win.

Brett Flourney v Steve O'Meara

O'Meara started where he had left off against Concepcion in the opening round and looked great outboxing slick southpaw Flourney for the opening round, the second round was close and the third but this one could have gone either way, once again the judges sided with Flourney who picked his 2nd rather fortunate decision of the night and progressed to the final.


Prince Arron v Brett Flourney

Arron looked a little tired from the opening bell and for me lost the opening two rounds, a Flourney looked as good as he has in this tornament so far, it appreared he had saved a little of himself for the final and it was paying off. In the 3rd Arron came back with a barrage of punches and bundled Flourney to the ground and was credited with a knockdown, which was a little debatable. Flourney got up and fought on in a fairly close 3rd, but the knockdown had obviously swung it in the favour of Arron. Even with the knockdown I think Flourney had done enough to deserve the win, but for the first time of the night the judges went against him crowning Arron the Prizefighter champion 29-28, 29-28 and 28-27.