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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England

Topping the bill was Lenny Daws who was defending his British light welterweight title against Welsh man Jason Cook, who was fresh off of defeat in Prizefighter last December but did well to get to the semi final.


British champion
Lenny Daws {Morden} v Jason Cook {Wales}
Result: a draw

In the opener both {139lbs} felt each other out with there respective left jabs, after a minute or two, Cook landed backing up Daws with a big left hook that visibly had the champion staggered, and in doing so gaining an edge mathematically and physiologically.

Things got a little messy in the second at times with clinching, however when both freed themselves from there entwined arms it was Cook who seemed to be getting the better of things behind his left jab which he hooked off now and again, Daws was boxing nicely himself but seemed to lose the second as he had done the opener.

Round three saw Daws come out scoring nicely with the left jab, as Cook seemed to have more success to the champion's midsection, whose approach though methodical proved successful in this particular session, as he did also in the fourth showing plenty of left jabs just seemingly meeting the intended target before Cook did.

Daws in the fifth mealy picked up from where he left off, utilising his left hand before throwing the odd right in a fairly slow paced fight, that was more one for the purists than anything, it was turning almost into a chess match as Daws rather upright in stance continuously scored with his left hand, though Cook did score now and again it was the champion who seemed to have the upper hand, Cook's nose was bloodied, evidence of the left hand that Cook had been eating for the past three rounds, Daws was it appeared to be getting into a rhythm and it was Cook who was being made to dance to Daw's tune, Jim Morrison was nowhere to be seen!

Daws controlled things from the center of the ring and continuously scored behind the left hand where he controlled the tempo of the bout, even beginning to back up Cook by this time.

However rounds Seven and eight were seemingly closely contested as Cook seemed to get through a little more so and possibly shaded these rounds with more accurate body shots, it seemed in the ninth when Cook opened up more that he possibly was saving something for the later rounds, his body punching was effective though not necessarily strength sapping, they were fast effective punches as Cook seemingly notched up another round, but only just dong enough.

Daws in the tenth reverted back to boxing behind the left hand and it seemed to prove the right tactic has it had done earlier, Daws easily took the tenth with much better boxing, but it seemed a fight that flowed both ways at times, still Daws did more than enough to take the tenth decisively as blood was flowing slightly from a gash under his left eye that was caused several rounds earlier, still it was leather that was flowing more easily than the aforementioned cut, this dominance continued into the penultimate round as Daws was again backing up the Welshman and seemed to be in the lead going into the final round.

Daws kept up the good work, showing continued success behind his left hand that was primarily his key punch, even more so due to tiredness than anything Cook was bundled over but rightfully no count was administered, however Daws took command from the ring center and seemed to outwork and out jab his man, and seemingly took a well earned though at times close decision.

The judges obviously had other ideas though as scores were 115-114 in favour of either man, then finally the last score of 114-114 ruled the fight a draw, and so Lenny Daws retained his title, although I thought Lenny won fairly comfortably by two rounds.


Vacant English light welterweight title

Michael Grant {Tottenham} v Steve Williams {Liverpool}
Result: Williams won points

In a clash for the vacant English light welterweight title, it was a little like the hare and tortoise race as you'll find out in this report.

In the opener things were very close to begin with as both {139lbs} put in the required effort, though I felt Williams did enough to shade the session, however in the second Williams seemed to pick things up a little in a fairly well paced round as Williams was the aggressor for the best part.

From the third round onwards Grant seemed to get back into it, as he boxed exclusively on the back foot, Williams a determined type did manage to get through a couple of times with right hands and has early as the third sported a swelling on his left eye, evidence of the Liverpool man's right hands, despite the swelling Grant maintained the rhythm for the next four rounds as he countered Williams with nice boxing, but Grant with a swelling over his left eye was now cut over his right eye, and it seemed Grant was looking a little tired in the sixth, as Williams seemed to be taking over as he continuously got through on Grant whose energy levels were depleting as the fight wore on, Grant conceded the last five rounds although he did seem to suck it up now and again to try and make an argument of it by standing and trading every now and again, but however it seemed Williams continuous pressure in the final five sessions not only bridged the gap from the early points deficit but sealed the victory along with the title as Grant was flagging, scores for Williams were 97-94 twice and 96-95, I had Williams a winner by two rounds.


Chris Evangelou {Wood Green} v Johnny Greaves {East Ham}
Result: Evangelou won points

Evangelou having just his second paid outing took on the vastly experienced Johnny Greaves over four rounds.

In the opener Evangelou {142lbs} came out of the blocks fast as he unleashed a series of combinations on the East Londoner who found himself backed up, also making Greaves knee's dip from one big left hook, however Greaves managed to survive the round.
In the second the pace dropped as Evangelou was looking to outbox his man, however in the third Greaves showboated after a lively exchange when he imitated an Ali shuffle even beckoning Evangelou to "come on" but it was Evangelou who did enough to take the first three sessions.

In the fourth Greaves {143lbs} ploughed forwards and possibly did enough to take the session, but the deficit was too great mathematically speaking and Evangelou ran out a deserved 40-37 points winner from Ken Curtis which I felt was an accurate assessment of the previous four rounds of pugilism.


Paul Bowen {West Ham} v James Tucker {Doncaster}
Result {Bowen won points}

In a comeback after a four year lay off, Paul Bowen from nearby West Ham took on James Tucker at super middle over four rounds.

Tucker in reality nothing more than a blown up light middle, had only last year been outclassed by two fight novice Billy Slate last December and was the designated victim for Bowen.

Bowen who last time out blasted out one Gary Thompson in a round at cruiser back in 2005, was actually meant to have made this comeback the very first time I had reported for U.B.R on the Matthew Marsh-Esham Pickering show back in June 2008, with as many sightings as Lord Lucan, he had finally turned up, Bowen that is not Lucan!!!!

Bowen once a promising fighter who could have as his tattoo suggests 'me against the World' possibly could have, had he been more active instead of an on-off career due to more bouts with inactivity than in the confines of a boxing ring!
Cheered on from the ring side by his brother Michael, once another promising pro whom was a former stalemate of yours truly back in 1990 at the Fairbairn house A.B.C, along with friend Sabie Montieth another pro {and another former stable mate of mine at the Gator A.B.C, I know I've been about guys} seemed more busier than both the fighters as he shouted instructions to big brother.

Bowen showed a good pace but seemed so rusty through out, though Bowen seemed to win the rounds, Tucker made a good argument through out, in the third Bowen {168lbs} got tagged a few times and seemed easy to hit, as did Tucker {176lbs} although Bowen was that bit busier, he nearly came unstuck in the final session when Tucker connected with a big left hook that everyone saw except him and was in trouble for a split second, however Bowen returned the dose and had Tucker in dire straights himself, Bowen's busier and better boxing won the day but only just as this was reflected on Mark Green's card of 39-38, Paul looked relieved to get the decision afterwards as he looked up to Heaven as if to give thanks.

Bowen now 36, will have to consider seriously if he is going to continue after a rather disappointing performance it must be said, Bowen's punch resistance looked questionable and he must think seriously if he is to continue.


Ben Jones {Crawley} v James Ancliff {Aberdeen}
Result: Jones won points

Ben Jones of Crawley and Scotsman Ancliff {129lbs} looked interesting in the early going as both got in close to begin with, though Jones began to get through more so with a nice left jab, and seemed to just shade the opener.

The second saw Jones {130lbs} open a cut over Ancliff's left eye with a big right, as the blood coursed down the side of Ancliff's face, time running out this seemed to spurn the Aberdeen man on who produced some spirited attacks, before being led to the corner by the third man to have the aforementioned laceration inspected before ref Mark Green halted the bout in favour of the Crawley man at the 1:46 mark of the second round.


Carl Frampton {Belfast} v Yoan Boyeaux {France}
Result: Frampton won

Frampton {122lbs} cheered on by mentor Barry Mcguigan looked like one to watch as he applied pressure from the opener, as Boyeaux {120lbs} got on the move and was outfought through out, though in the second stanza Yoan tried to make a fight of it, it was to no avail as he soon reverted back to type as Frampton seemed that much too strong for the Frenchman, whom maintained the pressure to win a fairly easy conclusive decision of 40-37 on ref Mark Green's card.


Stuart Hall {Darlington} v Richard Szebeledi {Hungary}
Result: Hall won points

In a fairly scrappily fought opener, the second was more competitive fought in a series of give and take exchanges, however from the third round on Hall began countering more so and this proved effective as he staved off Szebeledi with the much greater accuracy via his left jab.

Later on Hall {123lbs} began to fancy the job and started unloading a little more, even staggering Szelebedi {125lbs} with a big right, bravely the Hungarian fought back with dogged resistance but Hall reverted back to type and boxed nicely on the move to notch up a well deserved points decision on Ken Curtis card of 59-57 against an immensely brave opponent in Szelebedi who sustained a bloody nose and cut to his forehead for his troubles, however try as he might found himself out boxed but boy did he try!


Freddie Turner {Canning Town} v Jason Nesbitt {Birmingham}
Result: Turner won points

In his first paid start that was the show closer, Canning Town's Freddie Turner, real name Luke for the record showed early promise with some neat fast combinations on the seasoned Birmingham man who seemed he was here just to make up the numbers, and talking of numbers it was Freddie who was piling up the points with nice flashy flurries that had Nesbitt bewildered.

Later on a combination had Nesbitt {148lbs} over for a count, but he got up and saw out the fight to the final gong, and not surprisingly lost clearly to Turner {147lbs} who turned in a decent performance in front of his enthusiastic fans who wore t shirts threatening 'Freddie's gonna get ya!' say no more, unlike the film Freddie v Jason this was rather more one sided as Ken Curtis 40-36 points verdict was decided in favour of the Canning Town man.


Other results on the show were as follows

Gregorsz Proksa {Poland} won tko 5 over Tyan Booth {Nottingham} for the European Union Middleweight title. Proksa weighed 158lbs, while Booth scaled 159lbs
Proksa proved too strong as he floored Booth, on arising Booth found himself out punched and outclassed by the strong Polish fighter prompting the ref to step in and award the Proksa victory by way of tko in the fifth.


Mark Ward {Newcastle} won second round stoppage of Csaba Toth {Hungary} at feather, Toth weighed 126lbs and Ward 125lbs

Ward bloodied Toth's nose, whose nicknamed 'little Tyson', however what's in a name, Curtis officiating stopped the bout due to the aforementioned nosebleed.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting