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Questionable Decisions - Part 7 - Luis Collazo v Andre Berto 

Author: John Tandy


image On the 17th of January 2009 in one of the first real main events of the year Berto and Collazo put on a show that would already be a contender for fight of the year. This was Berto first real test despite already picking up the WBC title. Former WBA champion Luis Collazo was well known for coming to fight and was very unlucky not to have a win over Ricky Hatton in a very close encounter. Berto successfully defended his title here but there was a lot of controversy surrounding the decision as many at ringside including the broadcasting team saw Collazo as the winner of the fight. Lets have a closer look.

Round 1

Both men come out trying to esablish the centre of the ring, there is little action in the first minute as they jockey for position and push out harmless jabs, Collazo is the first to attack and a solid jab is quickly followed up with a hard left hand which catches Berto flush on the chin and he staggers back into the ropes almost going down. Collazo jumps on his but Berto is quick to recover and fights back. Berto comes back strongly in the last 40 seconds of the round and lands a couple of thumping right hands, but it is too little too late in this round and Collazo takes the opener.

Collazo 10 Berto 9

Round 2

Slow start to the round, both look like they are still trying to figure each other out, nice straight left hand to the body from Collazo, and again, Berto is countering well and although they are not power shots he is landing the cleaner shots in this round so far. Great right upper cut from berto looks to shake Collazo up a little and a good right hand to follow it, this is a better round here from Berto. Berto is snapping the jab nicly into the face of Collazo, good right hand again and a left hook on the bell as Berto pulls back level in this fight.

Collazo 9 (19) Berto 10 (19)

Round 3

A good combination from Collazo opens the round he is now esblishing himself in the centre of the ring and is keeping Berto on the back foot, Collazo goes in close and works well to the head and body, Berto is warned for holding. Left uppercut from Collazo, Berto is far too square and is walking in and taking clean shots, he needs to start boxing or he could find himself in ttrouble in this fight. Coupke of decent right hands from Berto but Collazo steps up the action and lands a solid right hook followed by some punishing shots to the body, again Berto fires back with a good combo this one looks like it is going to be a great fight. Collazo continues to work harder on the inside and this takes the round.

Collazo 10 (29) Berto 9 (28)

Round 4

Berto starts faster this round and although Collazo is trying to close the gap Berto is catching him on the way in, this is how he needs to fight if he is going to take control of this fight, unfortunatly for Berto it is short lived as Collazo starts to get some success with right hooks and left hands and drives Berto back, great body work on the inside from Collazo, Berto is fighting back but he is making this very difficult for himself. Collazo presses again, and Berto is deducted a point for excessive holding which looks a little harsh. Good right hook from Collazo and what should have been a fairly close round because of the point deduction Collazo takes a good lead.

Collazo 10 (39) Berto 8 (36)

Rouind 5

A good right hand opens the round for Berto and Collazo losses his mouth piece, after the slight delay Berto jumps straight back on Collazo with a solid 1-2, both guys are showing good movement and avoiding each others hard shots, good jabs from Collazo and a solid left to the body, this is a slower paced round but it is Collazo who is forcing the action, good jab and a right hook from Collazo, Berto replies with a solid right hand. A great round and it was fairly even but Collazo just did enough to take it.

Collazo 10 (49) Berto 9 (45)

Round 6

Good opening attack from Berto, and a 1-2 which lands flush, Collazo takes the shots well, better from Berto in this round he is boxing Collazo and landing some good shots, a left hook clatters against the side of Collazo's head, and a right hand follows it up, again Collazo takes the shots well, but he nows has a cut over his left eye. Collazo lands a good solid left hand and moves back inside where he is working well and letting hi shands go, a right uppercut from Berto snaps the head back of Collazo and Brto follows in with a good 1-2 combination, Berto keeps the pressure on and snaps Collazo's head back again with yet another right uppercut, this is better from Berto, Collazo fights back with great determination but a good round for Berto.

Collazo 9 (58) Berto 10 (55)

Round 7

Berto starts fast again, working well behind a fast jab and showing great handspeed, Collazo is quick to react and throws 3 right hooks and backs up Berto once again, good right hand from Berto on the retreat, Collazo is busier in this round but Berto is landing all of the noticable shots, good work to the body from Berto and finishes with a right hand, this is a good round for Berto, Collazo drops his hands and is tagged with a solid left uppercut and Berto takes a decent round.

Collazo 9 (67) Berto 10 (65)

Round 8

Again Berto is out of the blocks quickly, he is trying much harder to get back into this fight and is landing all the noticable punches in the last couple of rounds, Collazo is still in there but he is being out matched for hand speed and he needs to change his game plan before he lets too many of these rounds go and gives away his early lead. Good right hand from Berto, better movement from Collazo avoids a right hand, then Berto follows up and does catch him with a solid shot, Berto closes the gap again and works well on the inside, great combo from Berto he is certainly back in this fight. Collazo is not beaten yet and fires back with a good combo of his own and this time Collazo gets the better of the exchange inside, again Berto fights back pinning Collazo on the ropes and scores with a number of great shots to the head and body of Collazo, another round in the bank for Berto as he pulls closer to evening this fight up.

Collazo 9 (76) Berto 10 (75)

Round 9

Collazo is quickly out of the blocks in this round he must know he has let Berto back into this fight and he is looking to reastablish his lead, jab, jab left hand from Collazo and a stinging combo, this is much better from his, Berto is being pressed onto the back foot and is looking a little hand weary. Big left hand to the head followed by a right hook to the body from Collazo, he closes the gap and works well on the inside, Berto is doing very little in this round and Collazo is making sure he wins the round big, left hand and a right hook from Collazo, the bell sounds Collazo looks like he has swung this fight back into his favour.

Collazo 10 (86) Berto 9 (84)

Round 10

Berto comes out and is quickly tied up on the inside again, Collazo at this point is looking stronger and is landing the far cleaner shots, Berto again is looking tired but Collazo is relentless and will not allow Berto to catch his breath, great movement from Collazo as he changes the angles and punishes Berto with left and right hooks, a huge right hook rocks Berto he is in shape and recovers quickly but wow he felt that one, Collazo keeps the pressure on and lands a solid left hand, Berto fires back with a left hook, he is not out of this one but he will have to have a big finish starting now if he is going to get a decsion. Collazo works well to the body on the inside and pushes Berto to the canvas, the referee quickly indicates a no knockdown and Collazo is back on the attack a good right and left to the body followed by agreat uppercut on the inside ends another dominant round for Collazo.

Collazo 10 (96) Berto 9 (93)

Round 11

Berto's father is ringside he must know his son is on the verge of his first defeat and shouts instructions, they seem to have found the ears of Berto as he comes out with a little more drive and quickly the pair are back at it in the centre of the ring, Collazo lands with a jab and Berto comes back with a left hook, left hook back from Collazo this is great action neither man backing down and both desperate to win. Good right hand from Berto, both guys are giving it their all in this round, Berto misses with a big shot and Collazo makes him pay with a couple of hard shots again Berto fires back with a good right hand. One of the best rounds in the fight so far both men brought it and neither deserves to lose the round.

Collazo 10 (106) Berto 10 (103)

Round 12

Again Berto's father screams from ringside, on my card Berto needs a stoppage to win and I think that opinion is that of many at ringside including Berto's father. i think Berto also knows this is close as he rushes out with a good right hand then ties up Colloazo to avoid anything back from him, and right hand again from Berto he is going for it. Left hook from Berto shakes the legs of Collazo who now himself is looking desperatly tired, left hook from Berto, Collazo is soaking up a lot of punishment here and is starting to look in trouble. Collazo is trying to fight back but Berto is in the zone and going for the kill, left hook and a right hand lands flush, Collazo is on shakey legs, another right hand from Berto and Collazo is badly hurt, Collazo clings on and sees out the round, great round for Berto but it may be too little too late.

Collazo 9 (115) Berto 10 (113)

The judges scored this contest a rather bizarre 116-111, and 114-113, 114-113 all for the winner and still champion Andre Berto. I can understand the 114-113 but 116-111 is very unaccurate.