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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - Millenium hotel, Mayfair, London 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Millenium hotel, Mayfair, London, England.

January 28th 2010

This was a three fight show, topping the bill was Wayne Alwan Arab, who was returning from a shoulder injury and was looking to impress his fans in the plush surroundings of the Millenium hotel in Mayfair.

Also in attendance was newly crowned English champion Ashley Sexton as was welterweight prospect Phil "the experience" Gill, Ashley and Phil posed for photos and made themselves available to everyone, a pair of gentlemen.

Lee Duncan {Sheffield} v Joe Smyth {St Alban's}

Result: Duncan won points

Hertfordshire's Joe Smyth lost his unbeaten record in a hard fought four rounder that was the show opener on this a Micky Helliet dinner show.
Smyth came out bulling his way in but was finding the Yorkshireman an elusive target, as Duncan kept on the move flicking out jabs, though at times falling a little short Lee found the target enough to take a fairly tame opener.

Round two saw the pace pick up and saw Duncan switch hitting, but Smyth seemed the busier and seemed to find the target more so to do enough to take the second, and three proved no different from the opener and in the third, Duncan looked a little tired but kept on the move outboxing Smyth {178lbs} who was missing with wild looking swings, however Smyth's excertions seem to take there toll as he tired badly and looked in trouble later in the round as he was backed up and was lucky to survive to the bell as Duncan pushed forwards.

The final session saw Duncan {176lbs} revert back to type and out box Smyth who was brave to the last, but it was a fairly accurate assesment of the previous four rounds of action when referee Bob Williams scored it 39-37 for Duncan.

John Fernandez {Southampton} v Delroy Spencer {Wolverhampton}

Result: Fernandes won points

Fernandez having only his second pro start took on a man with a wealth of ring know how in the Midlander Delroy Spencer who was having his 109th contest!

From the opening round Fernandez {125lbs} held the ring's centre and worked almost exclusively from there as he outboxed Spencer behind a rapier left jab proving a little too youthful for the forty something, one hundred something pro.
Spencer a half pound lighter proved a durable type as he doe's most of the time as he continuosly circled, now and again back ed up by right hands but showed a good chin, Ashley Sexton sitting ringside could vouch for that, having defeated Delroy twice respectively over the full course in the pro ranks.

After conceding the first three rounds, the Midlander upped his workrate in the fourth and seemed to be more busier and got through that bit more doing enough to shade the final session, but it was too little, too late as Fernandez was adjudged the winner by 40-36 on Bob Williams official scorecard.

Wayne Alwan Arab {Hackney} v Kevin Macauley {Stourbridge}

Result: Arab won points

In Arab's first ring outing since June 12th last year, Arab had a little rust to shake off and understandably so after a shoulder injury kept him out for the remainder of 2009.

Opposing Wayne was a tough looking hombre in Macauley, and look's did'nt decieve as Kevin came out fast, landing with fast shots, Arab responded himself and managed to gain a little pyschological edge as he got the better of the exchanges, and proving the more accurate to nick the opener.

Round two saw a reversal of fortunes as Macauley seemed to come back into the fight as he began to score on the transplanted Zimbabwean from Hackney, and continuosly backing up Arab {161 lbs} as the latter's workrate dropped and was made to pay by the busier and seemingly now stronger Macauley, who pulled a round back on my scorecard, unnoficial that it is naturally!
The third proved no different to the previous session as Arab fought in spurts and seemed to lack any imagination as he was outfought and outboxed by the tough looking Macauley {154lbs} who seemed to yet again comfortably take the round.

In the Fourth and final session Macauley went moreso to the body as he dug in some good body shots, as Arab dug in and tried as best he could to try and bridge the gap but he seemed to be flagging a little and it was Macauley who did possibly just enough to shade the round, unbelievably at the bell Arab's hand was raised and a chorus of boo's outweighed the cheers understandably, though Arab is'nt a cheating one it was that man Macauley who seemed as such from a well earned points victory as Williams scored it to Arab 39-38 and seemed fortunate to get the nod.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting