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SUPPORT OUR UBR WRITER - Fighting Talk! How about a boxing hour on radio? 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Boxing needs a new face, a new voice!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the lack of boxing on our tv screens over here in Britain that prompts me to write this. thanks to a good chap I know Freddie Osei a personal trainer in London's Holborn {check out his web site} who if you like kind of got me introduced to the people at Talksport radio.

They said they'd be interested in getting me in the studio, they hadn't even got a taster of if i had any if little knowledge of boxing.

So after taking my details, they said they'd be in touch, walking around a bootsale one morning looking for bargains, lets just say I got something more than I had bargained for, my phone rang I did'nt recognise the number, it could have been destiny calling for all I knew, so I answered it and it was, well a guy named Dan, lets call him destiny Dan shall we!

He asks me if I'm available for comments concerning David Haye's forthcoming title challenges with the famous Klitschko's and also Amir Khan's title challenge for the W.B.A light welter title, one problem I had was that I was reporting that very afternoon at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, but I would need to try get the interview done while the show was going on but obviuosly what with the background noise I needed to make a hasty exit and find somewhere peaceful and quiet, a back road just around the corner.

Dan seemed pleased with me after the interview was done, a month later the phone rang again it was the boys from Talksport, they wanted some more words with myself, sadly I had to do the obituary of Arturo Gatti, was I fit enough to even speak of such a great fighter and man as Gatti?, I sure felt honoured to do so!

Afterwards came the promise of the studio interview again and how they loved my in depth detail and the way I spoke about boxing. {I'm a big head I know}

I told them about a boxing hour, especially now Setanta had taken the count, and though Bunce was doing he's thing on BBC radio live, why not have there own talk sport radio show!

He seemed to be interested, but then they came back to me, telling me they were'nt interested as Talk sport is just mostly a football station period and they did'nt have the budget for a show like this, I told him I'd do it for nothing, thing is as I told a certain James Dodd "you might as well call it talk football mate!".

Why won't someone give boxing more airtime on the radio as opposed to tv, sure we have Bunce but surely we need another boxing radio show.
I would like it if you could email me your views and then I can forward them onto the relative people at Talksport radio and see if something can develop.
Boxing needs a voice and you can be that very voice, so come on email me your views and I'll forward them to Talksport, who might hopefully talk boxing!

Keep tuned!!!!!!!!!

Please send your support to help Mike get his spot, all of your voices are important, please e-mail Mike direct or go through the site with your thoughts. Click Here to Contact Us

my email is mickyserra@aol.com