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LIVE FROM RINGSIDE - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England

Left jab promotions put on a good show, and Miranda served up yet again another decent fight card, despite one or two early finishes, explosive they certainly were!


Leon Williams {Streatham} v Hastings Rasani {Birmingham via Zimbabwe}
Result: Rasani won points

In a hard fought fight over four rounds, Streatham's Williams saw him lose he's unbeaten record to Birmingham's much travelled Hastings Rasani, whom is enjoying a run of wins.

Williams came out fast backing Rasani {13st 9lbs} up on the ropes as the Birmingham man contented himself countering the strong bull like Williams, the second however saw Rasani take the iniative moreso as he upped he's workrate considerably.
In the third saw a wildly fought affair as Rasani found himself backed into a corner where Williams began to unload on the wily journeyman, but Rasani has been around and showed some ring savvy to the three fight novice when he cutely turned he's man and it was Williams {13st 12lbs} whom found himself backed himself in the very corner and under pressure as he was given a taste of he's own medicine but it was Rasani who seemed that little bit more busier and more accurate throughout and although I disagreed with the huge 40-36 in favour of Rasani, I had him a winner by a more narrow margin.


Tony Conquest {Dagenham} v Nick Okoth {Battersea}
Result: Conquest won retirement 1st round

Cruiser hopeTony Conquest back after a bout with swine flu, was having he's second paid start after he did impress here in he's debut back in September, taking on Battersea's Okoth.
Conquest wasted no time getting to work has he dug in some heavy body shots with both hands to Okoth's midsection, who seemed to be in survival mode as he looked very aprehensive and possibly weary of the Dagenham man's power, who showed good punch variation to head and body where one attack backed up Okoth before a fusilade of leather left the Battersea man looking battered and at sea!

Conquest connected with some hefty wallops especially with he's left hook, and with one that landed just before the bell that badly shook Okoth who drunkenly staggered back to he's corner as Parris followed him and rightfully deemed him no longer fit to continue as he waved it over.
Conquest certainly look one to watch in the future, and I think this will more of a love affair than just a conquest on this form!


Michael Maguire {Peterborough} v Sergey Rozhakmens {Latvia}
Result: Maguire won rsc 1st

At super bantam Peterborough's improving Michael Maguire back after a short layoff, came out punching and asserted himself from the off, as he stalked the Latvian from the opener as all the visitor could offer was a feeble jab as he got on the move circling the perimeter of the ring, Maguire landed with authority as he followed Rozhakmens before trapping him on the ropes where a flurry of shots had Sergey in trouble, a further fusilade of shots had the Latvian in trouble as he staggered across the ring looking badly hurt and in the momentum of throwing the finishing shots Maguire fell over as the ref stopped the one way traffic after just 85 seconds of the opener in Maguires favour.


John Wayne Hibbert {Stanford Le Hope} v Bheki Moyo {Earls Court}
Result: Hibbert won rsc 2

It looked all too easy for Essex light welter Hibbert, however I seem to remember back in 1994 that Henry Wharton fought some guy named Supho Moyo, Wharton brushed aside he's challenger inside of sixty seconds, and like he's namesake Bheki proved to have not much more in the resistance department as Hibbert came forwards against the Londoner who looked out of he's depth as he was in survival mode from the start, and only managed once to throw a combination that did little to deter the Essex man who punctuated he's dominance when he floored the transplanted South African with a big left, Moyo got up and survived
In the second it was no different and for the best part Moyo danced around looking rather crude as he's mouth was agape, possibly poor stamina before taking this time a big right on the chin that sent him to the mat a second time where ref Davies waved it over at 2:36 of the session.


Billy Slate {Romford} v James Tucker {Doncaster}
Result: Slate won points

Romford light heavyweight Slate {12st 11lbs} making he's second appearance as a pro showed tenacity as he chased the elusive Tucker for the most of there four rounder, and threw all manner of punches as he kept on the pressure on a man who basically came to survive, Tucker {12st 9lbs} looking no more than a blown up middle showed very little in the shape of workrate and subsequently was outpointed by the Romford man who took


Ali Adams {Hammersmith} v Tyrone Wright {Nottingham}
Result: a draw

Heavyweight hope Ali Adams, topping the show had to work throughout he's four rounder and I felt seemed unfortunate to have what I thought was a fairly clear cut decison win snatched from him via poor judging from Ken Curtis, admitedly it was a scrappy and at times fairly closely fought fight with a great deal of clinching that did'nt make for particualy good viewing, but although workmanlike Adams seemed to be in control for the majority of the contest, however Curtis made himself heard as he warned them for hitting on the back of the head and though Wright tried in the closing session I felt he clearly had'nt done enough to warrant a draw.


Martin Welsh {Swanley} v Steve Spence {Scunthorpe}
Result: Welsh won rsc 3rd

In a light middle bout, both came out feeling the other out, and seemed to take turns as the aggressor but it was'nt long before Welsh took control getting he's shots off and taking the fight to Spence who try as he did could'nt negate the advances of Welsh, whom landed some heavy shots in the third had the Scunthorpe man in trouble and prompted to save him from further punishment at the 2:38 mark


Also undercard action saw Nathan Weise outpoint over four Duncan Cottier at light middle, and Ryan Toms outpointed Ryan Clark in another light middleweight fight also over four rounds.

Michael Angelo Serra reporting