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Boxing Memorabilia show 2009 

Author: Michael Angelo Serra


image Boxing Memorabilia show 2009

So it was a Saturday afternoon I made the trip down from Colchester where I live, to Mile End where my Mum lives, then onto the train to Euston where the annual boxing memorabilia fair took place.

On reaching my destination I was almost wetting myself in anticipation as I paid my admission of 2 which goes to the boxers benevolent fund. As I made my way in I saw the organiser Chas Taylor who as well as working for the Lonsdale international sporting club runs the fair and it's thanks to Chas that this fair takes place each year! With him was Lennie Lee, my good friend and Frank Warren cornerman and second who himself had two carrier bags full of items, Lennie is a seasoned collector and is a true boxing man through and through, and when Len's about you better be quick if you see any Joe Louis related items as this is one of the main focal points in Len's extensive boxing collection!

The premises give a good atmosphere to what it's actually housing I feel, the sheer decor which is very 1970's and what with the 60's music playing away in the background, you'd easily forget you were in the year 2009! It gives it a special kind of intro, and although the hall might be a little on the small side, size is no guarantee of strength as is the considerable bulk of memorabilia on offer, trust me if you arrived here at the opening time of 1:30 pm you would need the allotted four hours that the fair was open for, to look through everything, the amount of memorabilia on offer is absolutely amazing as it was last year, the very first time I visited this show, you have both quantity and moreso quality! I dread to think if it were'nt for Chas Taylor that a fair like this would'nt take place. Now to the kind of stuff that was for sale, well on Chas Taylor's pitch was a number of old 1980's posters and much older memorabilia that certainly took my eye, and many fascinating pieces were the apple of my eye!

On other stalls the floors were littered with old boxing videocassettes, post cards of championship fights past and many fine pieces of artwork that the talented artist Patrick J Killian had for sale.

Along by Chas was Mike O'Leary a very friendly person who had some nice peices for sale, for example Ring magazines from the 1980's in very good condition from just 25p each, an obvious steal. Also various publications littered Mr O'Leary's stall, old issues of Box on, a publication from the ex boxers of London that were priced at a pound a go.

Also next to Mike, was another Michael, this one being Michael Jones who also had a vast amount of boxing memorabilia that boasted boxing news magazines from as early as 1910 in amazing condition considering there age and also reasonably priced, also as well as a small library of boxing books, Michael Jones also had some lovely full sized fight posters for sale from the 1980s for a measly sum of just two pounds each, flyers were a paltry pound!

And then possibly what is the trade book with it's author Barry J Hugman whom had his latest version of the British boxing yearbook up for sale, then sitting next to him was a face from the past, in former welterweight champion of the World John H Stracey who had some very interesting pieces for sale, a poster framed of his triumph over Jose Napoles and also a lovely piece featuring a framed poster featuring Joe Bugner's fight with Muhammad Ali back in 73 in there first battle in Vegas! Stracey boxed on the undercard against Danny Mcaloon! I know I'm only 39 but hey I got a good memory!!!!!!!

As I made my way around books, programmes, videos, posters galore were on display for sale, an aladdin's cave, a treasure trove for both the casual and more so, the serious collector.
An interesting chap I also had the pleasure of meeting was a chap by the name of Mark Taha, whom I conversed with for a good while, another serious collector who was selling some of his collection on he's stall as he had a series of interesting pieces for sale, we had something in common as we both got turned down for a job with the so called trade paper Boxing News, in my opinion there lack of nostalgia shows when they don't even cover this fair, and it's basically not fair!

They mentioned in there centenary issue the last time a show took place in Hackney was in 1969 when Joe Bugner had the ill fated fight with Ulric Regis, when in actual fact it was 2005 when our own writer fighter Ashley Theophane boxed on the show, it seems they would'nt know Bugner-Regis from Bognor Regis!!!!! And with that not only doe's there lack of knowledge fail them miserably as doe's there lack of nostalgia!

In actual fact I feel honoured that I was able to do the preview and also this review for the show and that I am sadly the only one doing so!
So I could only find one fault with the show, it's only on once a year!

Michael Angelo Serra reporting from the 2009 boxing memorabilia fair in Euston, London, England.

Please send any comments to myself at mickyserra@aol.com